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BRITAIN - THE KEY TO WORLD HISTORY Paperback By Comyns Beaumont
Paperback: $54.35
Prints in 3-5 business days
THE WONDER IN THE LAND! That 2012 ISLES OF WONDER Olympic Opening Ceremony will never look the same again! In this volume Comyns Beaumont links the British survivors of the Northern European... More > Atlantis to significant mysteries of conventional history. He relates the mass extinction brought about by the coming of a 'comet' some 3,500 years ago, during the war between the 'gods' and the giants; re-identifies the Jews; relocates many important historical events, and re-identifies many historical and biblical characters, always backing his assertions with ample and convincing historical, geographical and astronomical evidence. The world turned upside down!< Less
THE MYSTERIOUS COMET Paperback By Comyns Beaumont
Paperback: $54.36
Prints in 3-5 business days
Comyns Beaumont on the connection between volcanoes and heavenly bodies, in which he connects the disciplines of Geography, Geology, Astronomy, History and Meteorology to give a comprehensive... More > explanation of the systems by which the earth operates in the solar system and beyond. He gives many examples of the interconnectedness of astronomical and atmospheric phenomena.< Less
Paperback: $53.36
Prints in 3-5 business days
Comyns Beaumont's autobiography gives a wonderfully clear picture of early twentieth century diplomacy and politics, showing up the corrupt machinations of government and the power of the press. He... More > also intimates some of his groundbreaking theories on meteorism, the origins of religion, hidden history and revised geography. Reading his accounts of the war years, it is easy to see how he arrived at his conclusions regarding the ancient operation of the arms trade from Britain.< Less
THE GREAT DECEPTION Hardback By Comyns Beaumont
Hardcover: $89.18
Prints in 3-5 business days
The final title by William Comyns Beaumont, lost for almost sixty years, tells of the conspiracy to hide the true history of Britain and the world, perpetrated by Emperor Constantine and perpetuated... More > ever since by the leaders of the Roman Church and those who support them. The author explains how not only the history but also the geography of the ancient world was altered for political and military gain. A global catastrophe and the context in which it occurred was covered up to protect the new Roman religion - an almost perfect control mechanism for humanity. Was it an act of gods, or men? Syria was moved from Britain to the Middle East and the ancient conflict is carried on there by proxy. Arguments over Palestine and Jerusalem, Damascus and Babylon need to be reviewed in the light of the apocalyptic truths revealed in this earth-changing book.< Less
BRITAIN - THE KEY TO WORLD HISTORY Hardback By Comyns Beaumont
Hardcover: $89.19
Prints in 3-5 business days
This volume describes the events of the Bible as taking place in Britain, with the Jews identified as the Silures and Moses as an arms dealer fomenting conflict and touting serpent rods and golden... More > apples. Sophisticated weapons are manufactured in underground bases and great wars take place causing a refugee crisis. Temples are burned and the war culminates in a catastrophe, but is it an act of gods or men?< Less
A Rebel In Fleet Street By Comyns Beaumont
Hardcover: $56.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
Comyns Beaumont was the greatest iconoclast of his age: There was no idea so sacred that he dared not challenge it. He struck out at the prudery of his age and made a roaring success of The... More > Bystander, he struck at the received notions of geology and meteorology putting forward his own theory of meteorism, he challenged history as it is widely believed asserting that a great deception had been worked by Constantine the Great, he challenged William Shakespeare as the author of the plays we associate with is name and he even challenged the virginity of the Virgin Queen! These were not the beginning nor the end of his rebellion as his colourful and informative autobiography shows. He may have been a Rebel in Fleet Street but he was an ardent defender of its freedom to the very end, not only that but some of the heresies he was most mocked for in his life are mainstream views in our own time. Many of us still haven't accepted that Britain is Atlantis but perhaps in time...< Less

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