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An Honourable Man By Janet Kinrade Dethick
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According to the former mayor of a small town in Umbria, in a daring escapade carried out on a June night in 1944 in German-occupied Italy, he and a group of fellow partisans rescued some Jews from a... More > concentration camp on a small island in the middle of Lake Trasimeno, thus saving them from deportation to the gas chambers of the Third Reich. But history is always written by the victors, and the son of the Fascist camp commander, who knows what really happened, is determined to make his voice heard before he dies. His political opponents have always shrugged off his testimony and it is only after an enquiry sparked off by the chance discovery of an early Jewish manuscript in the University of Perugia that they are finally forced to face up to the truth.< Less
The Arezzo Massacres A TuscanTragedy By Janet Kinrade Dethick
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This book examines the relationship between partisan activities and Nazi-fascist massacres (during which over one thousand civilians were killed ) in the Italian province of Arezzo during the spring... More > and summer of 1944. It traces the growth of the partisan movement and the widening of its activities, beginning with the disarming of the Carabinieri and the cutting of telegraph wires and ending not only with attacks on German convoys but with actual battles with the German troops and their fascist supporters The clamorous massacres of Vallucciole, Partina, Civitella in Valdichiana, San Pancrazio, Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni, San Giustino and San Polo are described as are all other instances when smaller numbers of civilians were killed in reprisals Sources include partisans' and survivors' individual testimonies, memorial tablets and monuments,accounts written by village priests, local historians and British soldiers, and German and Allied War Diaries< Less
The Liberation of Lake Trasimeno By Janet Kinrade Dethick
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The Advance of the British 8 Army after the fall of Rome on 6 June 1944 was brought to an abrupt halt along the Trasimene or Albert Line. This short volume uses the War Diaries of the units who... More > fought along the lake shore, and of those units which were sent to the lake for rest and respite later on in the Italian Campaign, to tell the story of what happened on one section of the line.< Less
A Line of Shirts By Janet Kinrade Dethick
Paperback: $16.64
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The story of a Derbyshire family from the mid-eighteenth century to the present day
A History of the Dethick Family of Dethick 1200-1918 Revised Version By Janet Kinrade Dethick
Paperback: $16.64
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The book traces the history of the Dethick family from its beginnings in the hamlet of Dethick in Derbyshire in the 13th Century to its expansion into Norfolk, Ireland, London, Staffordshire,... More > Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire and also into the New World and Australia< Less
The Long Trail Home By Janet Kinrade Dethick
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During the Second World War the small landlocked Italian region of Umbria was crossed by thousands of Allied servicemen. There were those entrained for camps in Northern Italy, in Germany or in... More > German-controlled territories. There were those belonging to work parties who came in open trucks from Campo PG 54 at Fara in Sabina to construct a new camp, Campo PG 77 at Pissignano, or to swell the much-depleted indigenous labour force in a cement factory and brickworks and were interned in PG 115 (Morgnano) and PG 115/3 (Marsciano). There were men from the Special Air Services (SAS) who had been parachuted in to carry out special missions. There were the American airmen whose planes had been shot down from the Umbrian skies. There were the escapers and evaders who in trying to reach the Allied Lines or neutral Switzerland walked the Appenines. There were two submariners from HM Submarine Saracen who were held in Perugia gaol before being sent to Dachau. This is their story.< Less
The Liberation of Vaiano and La Villa By Janet Kinrade Dethick
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When old enemies from Cassino 4 British Infantry Division and 1 German Parachute Division met up again on the Trasimene Line at Vaiano the result was a bloody battle in which 61 Allied servicemen... More > lost their lives. This booklet tells the story of what happened using the War Diaries< Less
The Bridge at Allerona By Janet Kinrade Dethick
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In this book the survivors of one of the worst cases of friendly fire in World War 2 tell their story. On 28 January 1944 twenty-seven B-26 bombers from 441, 442, 443 and 444 squadrons, 320 Bomb... More > Group, United States Army Air Force, bombed a bridge over the river Paglia at Allerona to the north of Orvieto, Italy. At the time a Prisoner of War train carrying Allied servicemen from PG Camp 54 Fara in Sabina to Germany was crossing the bridge. The exact composition of the train, and the number of persons aboard, is still open to conjecture: the majority of the card-indices and transfer documents were destroyed with the train. The British authorities learned about what happened through the interception of German communications, and on 14 February British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, in passing on the information to President Roosvelt via a special ULTRA message, was insistent that the bombing should remain top secret as a leak would point directly to British control of the German code.< Less
Il Trasimeno Liberato By Janet Kinrade Dethick
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L'opuscolo descrive una lotta sanguinosa che durò per quattordici giorni combattuta dalla 78 British ‘Battleaxe’ Division e la 6 British Armoured Division per liberare le sponde... More > del lago che erano sotto l’occupazione della 334 Infanterie-division e la 15 Panzergrenadier-division tedesche. Fa riferimento ai Diari di Guerra britannici ufficiali e le memorie pubblicate per descrivere gli eventi che si svolsero in una delle battaglie dimenticate della Guerra di Liberazione in Italia.< Less
Gli Ebrei di Isola Maggiore By Janet Kinrade Dethick
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In seguito alle nuove leggi razziali emesse dalla Repubblica di Salò il 30 novembre 1943 un gruppo di ebrei della Provincia di Perugia fu detenuto al Castello Guglielmi all’Isola... More > Maggiore sul Lago Trasimeno, Umbria. Le fonti resistenziali attribuiscono la loro liberazione ad opera delle forze partigiane, asserendo che questo sia un caso praticamente unico in Italia. Inoltre si prendono il merito di aver impedito all’ultimo momento il loro trasferimento ai campi di sterminio. Però i fatti venuti alla luce dopo sessantacinque anni rivelano che il loro rilascio non andò esattamente così. La raccolta delle testimonianze orali e scritte e il ritrovamento dei documenti nell’Archivio diocesano di Perugia e negli Archivi di stato di Perugia e Roma da parte di tre investigatori, fra i quali l’autrice, ha stabilito definitivamente lo svolgersi degli avvenimenti.< Less

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