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Outer Frontier: Two Stories By Sean Munger
eBook (ePub): $0.00
The line between fantasy and reality gets a work-over with a metaphysical eraser in this duo of stories about the existential and philosophical dimensions of entertainment and pop culture. In... More > “The Collection of X,oraan,” a nerdy teenager’s innocent purchase of a mysterious plastic monster figure in a comic book shop ignites a 30-year obsession with a collection of toys that only one other person in the world seems to have heard of...and which may not be as benign and playful as they seem. Meanwhile, “Outer Frontier” asks you to imagine yourself in distress: laid up in your apartment with a broken leg during a ferocious heat wave, your supply of painkillers dwindling, what price are you willing to pay for a momentary escape? Binge-watching a cheesy 1960s science fiction TV series may seem a harmless enough diversion, but be warned...the series finale involves you losing your mind!< Less
President in the Bathroom By Sean Munger
eBook (ePub): $0.00
The boundaries of time and space--and the dignity of the highest elected office in the land--get irreverently bent in two whimsical short stories by Sean Munger. In "The Stranger of Mt.... More > Vernon," it's Virginia in 1797 and you'll find the welcome mat out and a hot meal waiting for you at the cozy plantation home of George Washington, recently retired as the nation's first president. But you'd better keep an eye on the other guests in residence. One of them is not what he seems. Is he an assassin intent on rubbing out the father of our country--or just a kid trying to pass his history class? What would you do if you saw a dead president in your bathroom? Well, not dead exactly--he seems to be breathing, occasionally swigs from a flask and offers depressing advice to troubled married couples--but that doesn't change the fact that history records he died in 1869. Don't feel on the spot if you don't know exactly how to react in this situation. The characters in "President in the Bathroom" don't either.< Less
Romantic, Memoirs of a Great Liner By Sean Munger
eBook (PDF): $2.19
Born in a shipyard in Germany before the First World War, BAVARIA is an innocent creature with no conception of what she is to become: a floating palace, one of the great liners that have since... More > sailed into legend. Through war and peace, boom and bust, Depression and hope, in her own words she tells of her transformation into the ship aptly named ROMANTIC--and her fall from grace, together with mankind.< Less
The Antimeridian By Sean Munger
eBook (ePub): $0.00
From Switzerland to Spain to a remote island in the South Pacific that straddles the International Date Line, Dale is being chased all around the world--or at least he thinks he is. His pursuer, a... More > creature called Hieroglyphus, is trying to control the space-time continuum by means of something called the Ideal Clock. There's just one problem: at any given moment Dale can never be sure where--or who--Hieroglyphus is. This short story by Sean Munger, author of "Life Without Giamotti," explores the boundaries of human conceptions of time, and why time may not always be as straightforward as it seems.< Less
Giamotti In Winter By Sean Munger
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Entombed forever in a custom-built world he cannot escape, Steven Giamotti is finally retired from the business of conquering universes. But while he’s happily spending his winter years as... More > Napoleon in Tolstoy’s War and Peace, elsewhere strange things are happening. Queen Victoria is brutally murdered. Abraham Lincoln drops dead at a world peace conference. A Russian time travel experiment goes disastrously awry. A map of wormholes in the space-time continuum suddenly materializes in the mind of an autistic teenager. As the havoc that Giamotti wrought in an eternity of mischief begins to threaten existence itself, a few random survivors begin to wonder if the disasters rippling across time and space are really the aftermath of Giamotti’s reign of terror…or just the beginning!< Less
Life Without Giamotti By Sean Munger
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Who is Steven Giamotti? A teenage psychopath stalking a swank Eastern prep school? A self-proclaimed messiah with the power to raise the dead, racing toward a desolate Pacific island aboard a... More > hijacked submarine? A suave and charming Manhattan financier who may or may not be secretly building the world’s ultimate weapon? A traveler from another universe on a mission to expand human consciousness—or destroy it? Or is he just a character in a book, a figment of someone else’s imagination… ...or your own?< Less
Beowulf Is Boring By Sean Munger
eBook (PDF): $5.00
This is not your English teacher's Beowulf. This is Beowulf with sex. Fire. Boobs. Battle scenes. Explosions. Human sacrifice. Ninjas. Hot chicks. Stuff blowing up. Cannibalism. Drinking. Did we... More > mention boobs? Oh, there's still the requisite crap with Grendel, his mother, the dragon and ancient Anglo-Saxon legends. But this is Beowulf the way it should have been from the beginning. Which is to say, not boring. You have our word on that. Because if it is boring, the author and 32 totally innocent people will burn in Hell for the rest of eternity, and the Devil is waiting to take their souls. And maybe yours too. Don't say you weren't warned!< Less

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