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Mission Rhinegeld By Stu Ready
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This is a fictional story of actual events. 1945 - Hitler's armies had spent years looting the treasuries and museums of the countries they had conquered. The Nazi high command, realising that... More > defeat was inevitable, decided to ensure that the looted treasures would not fall into the hands of the rapidly advancing Allies or Soviets and hid the gold and art treasures. The general orders to the men of Mission Rhinegeld were:- To parachute behind enemy lines and seize as much of the Nazi SS stolen loot as they could and bring it back to the UK. They were not to know that amongst their number were two smart and determined enemy agents. Neither would they know that ten years after the mission, the ramifications of what happened and the treachery of one of the German agents in particular, would still be felt. It would be down to Alex Crombie of Military Intelligence to risk his life to sort out the mess.< Less
Rhinegold By Stu Ready
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Hitler's armies had spent years looting the treasuries and museums of the countries they had conquered. Wealthy Jews had their possessions, property and art collections confiscated. The Nazi high... More > command, realising that defeat was inevitable, decided to ensure that the looted treasures would not fall into the hands of the rapidly advancing Allies or Soviets and hid the gold and art treasures in the tunnels of the National Redoubt. As the saying goes, "don't put all of your eggs in one basket." The treasures were split up and hidden in many tunnel systems in the mountains. As world war two drew to a close, Hitler ordered his elite soldiers, the notorious elite Schutzstaffel (the SS), to make a last stand in the mountains of Austria, the impenetrable Alps being the perfect base from which to fight a prolonged guerrilla war. It would be known as the "National Redoubt" the mountainous area from which the SS and the 'Werewolves would mount their guerrilla war.< Less
All in a Golden Afternoon By Stu Ready
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A couples struggle against the odds. The true story of life at Walnut Tree Cottage during 1981 to 1988. The animals tell this story, which is both humourous and sad.
The Badger Diaries By Stu Ready
eBook (PDF): $3.11
This book is a celebration of the badger. These wonderful animals create homes which they work hard to make, extend and modify as family circumstances demand. They adopt parental responsibilities in... More > raising their families in a home and territory which they mark, protect and defend. They teach their youngsters the skills of life in a supervised setting which allows them to discover who is acceptable as a friend within the social hierarchy established where they are known, understood and recognised. This view of badger life and its reflection in our own is distilled from over forty years of fascination which has led to interest in everything from geology to bones: from ancient monuments to garden sheds; bovine tuberculosis to road kills; birdsong to berries & nuts....... its all here< Less
Thirteenth Apostle By Stu Ready
eBook (PDF): $8.31
Suitcase nukes, or atomic demolition devices (ADMs), are actually small nuclear bombs. Both the Soviets and the US had such devices during the "Cold War." They were designed to be carried... More > by Special Operations Forces. These ADMs can be no larger than a king size suitcase. Some were designed for a large backpack. However, if we expand the menu of mininuke delivery systems to include, say, a bowling-ball bag or, better yet, a wheeled suitcase, nothing can be ruled out. Also if we conjure up what in my opinion is an entirely plausible scenario, with a man disguised as a street cleaner, pushing a standard dust cart through busy streets at rush hour--well, strictly from the standpoint of design feasibility, it would be a piece of cake.< Less
Lethal Intent By Stu Ready
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Terry Raxon a middle ranking British Intelligence Officer is working on a case involving high class forgeries of American ten dollar bills. By chance he uncovers a deadly plot to import, construct... More > and plant a number of dirty bombs, some to be laced with anthrax. Raxon must find where the materials are coming in and who the bomb maker is. There is a race against time as to who retrieves the case first; would it be Raxon or Taylor? He discovers that the targets will be London and Washington. London trembles and he is given the order to stop it at all costs. He is given the order to have lethal intent and to kill if necessary.< Less
Unfinished Business By Stu Ready
eBook (PDF): $7.82
"On the morning of September 11, 2001, four planes were hijacked. Two were flown into the twin towers of New York's World Trade Centre, which later collapsed, and a third into the side of the... More > Pentagon in Washington. The fourth crashed in a field in Pennsylvania after passengers took on the hijackers. In an hour and 42 minutes, terrorists had murdered 2,973 people."< Less
The Sixth Door By Stu Ready
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If you know where to look there is still evidence today of Aryan led Nazism. Certainly meetings of The Grand Order of Teutonic Knights regularly take place, more often on Hitler’s birthday and... More > other dates significant to the original Nazis. It is true to say now that the tradition is carried on by their descendants. Very recently New Nazis paraded openly wearing uniforms adorned with the swastika and other Nazi emblems. At a recent election in Germany many of the far right parliamentary candidates openly canvassed as old style Nazis. Many of the candidates still indirectly believe in Aryan style Eugenics. Looking back at events over the past 20 years or so, one can see clearly examples of Ethnic Cleansing and moves towards Eugenics. An example might be China were families are restricted to one child. The mother is also freely given pill abortions if the fetes is not of the required sex.< Less
The Rhinegeld Files By Stu Ready
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Feeling the effects of his previous mission, agent Terry Raxon is considering retirement. The forged Krugerrands, made from stolen Nazi gold, are again making a serious impact on the financial... More > situation and this is an obvious concern to British Intelligence, forcing Raxon to return. Confusion is caused when department head Crombie receives a sinister letter from someone calling himself Count Ory. Something in the contents of the letter reminds him of the unexplained failures of Mission Rhinegeld, a Second World War mission to prevent several truckloads of stolen Nazi gold being smuggled out of Germany. The Krugerrands, the letter and parts of the Rhinegeld Files set Raxon off on a train of events that will eventually lead him into the very heart of Count Ory’s delusional world. This will become his most dangerous and bizarre case ever.< Less
Going That Extra Mile By Stu Ready
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To Russia by bike for charity twice.Having decided on the journey and its goal, I write to the two charities for their approval and assistance. MIND immediately write back and offer whatever support... More > I need. To my great disappointment CLIC International pass my letter to CLIC South West, who write to me acknowledging my letter, but offering only negative support. All my draft posters and plans are immediately scrapped. A new poster and I write again to CLIC with suggestions and requests for yet more help. Once again a negative reply, which causes me to give up on them and approach the Forest of Dean Branch for approval of my fund-raising marathon journey.< Less