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There are so many crooks running Oregon that it is pathetic. And I have tried to turn away from facing up to it. But when they lock up and murder innocent people, when they conspire to steal money... More > from injured workers, when they allow workers to drink poisoned water, when they allow slave labor on the railroads, when a man loses his job for reporting all of this, and nobody will help him, it is time to take it to somebody higher up. This book was written for Senators, the U.S. Attorney General, and Congressmen. Let those people now say that they did not know that any of this was going on. I was fired for blowing the whistle. The government swore they would protect me. I expect them to do that and nothing more. By God, protect me. Protect all of us. We paid for that protection and we demand it! ...and free Frank Gable!< Less
Domestic Violence Handbook for Abused Women By John Hildreth Atkins
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This is the book that tells how to spot an abuser and how to avoid those kinds of things. This book also tells you why you are so easily fooled and what you need to change in order to stay away from... More > abusive people. Someday, this book will be required reading in all schools and will save lives. Who's life will it save next? Yours? If you are reading this, you need this book. Seriously. It is the best one you will ever any price.< Less
Domestic Violence Handbook for Abused Women By John Hildreth Atkins
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Are you tired of being afraid? Are you , or is someone you know, involved with a women beater? Have you ever wondered why you, or a person you know, male or female, always seem to pick the wrong... More > people to be with? This book is a game changer. Your life is yours to do with as you see fit; not your abusers! Granted, this book is short. I wrote it that way so that the actual book can be affordable for those who so desperately need it. And it really doesn't take 600 pages of boring rhetoric to teach you the things you should know about both your abuser and yourself. There are reasons why you are the perfect patsy. As I said, this book is a game changer; your life will forever change for the better. I know what it is like to be abused, to be scared all of the time. I've seen it a million times. And, in every instance, I was able to predict it. The next time someone tells you they did not see it coming, hand them a copy of this book. It's really not that complicated...once you know the rules they play by!< Less
Domestic Violence Handbook By John Hildreth Atkins
eBook (ePub): $1.99
This is the handbook that tells you how to identify violent people. It tells you who they are, how they were do it, and why you are susceptible to them. How to prevent crime, how to raise your kids... More > not to be predatory, and how to get away from an abuser. This is a must-read for all women. And many men.< Less
1951 Luzon, Corregidor, and the Philippines By John Hildreth Atkins
eBook (PDF): $2.49
Maps and statistics for the Philippines during the Korean War. This is the official annual report for 1951 submitted to the brass regarding progress of the 29th Engineers based at Camp Cavite, Luzon.... More > Contains roster of various men. Lists injuries and deaths, as well as Unit Citation. Interesting material for both the Korean conflict and the Philippines.< Less
UNIFIED FIELD THEORY: Extreme Physics By John Hildreth Atkins
eBook (PDF): $3.75
This was his early work and is 10 yrs old. See U.F.T II for recent work. Atkins set out to prove that Einstein was wrong. What he ended up doing was showing that Isaac Newton was wrong, too (Wrong... More > because the force of attraction does not exist). Science has been in a boondoggle of misdirection. Atkins is going to turn Physics, as we know it, on its collective ear by defining gravity, showing that the Ether exists, redefining black holes, showing that the speed of light is nearly infinite, redefining how the solar system works, and much, much more. This is science fact...not science fiction! WOW!!!< Less
UNIFIED FIELD THEORY: Extreme Physics By John Hildreth Atkins
eBook (PDF): $3.49
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This was John's early work 10 yrs ago. For recent work see U.F.T. II. Albert Einstein spent the largest portion of his life searching for the answers within these pages. Newton said gravity was a... More > force of attraction and Atkins says no such force as attraction exists. Atkins also explains why light is faster than 186,000mps, Atkins explains how to test for the "Ether," he lists speed limits for dimensions, he explains the hows and whys of the solar system (including why the Earth's poles are going to reverse), he explains Mercury's abnormality at aphelion (scientists really missed this one!), on and on. These revolutionary new theories are going to turn Physics, as we currently know it, on its head. All I can say is WOW!!!This contains the Unified Field theory...or, at least, a healthy foundation. Honestly. M(a)+M(b)=M(c)+M(d). Explanation inside:< Less
NO FORCE OF ATTRACTION By John Hildreth Atkins
eBook (PDF): $2.49
(2 Ratings)
This book takes up where Unified Field left off (some of that book is included here). Newton was wrong! Gravity is not a force of attraction. But knowing that is only the beginning to understanding... More > our universe! Among other things in this book, Mr. Atkins gives us: -a more accurate depiction of the atom; -a theory of planetary pairing; -the formulas for Unified Field; -an explanation for blackholes; -the speed of light is near infinite; -a formula for gravity; -an exact explanation of gravity; -an amazing explanation for the solar system! Read the preview. It includes the formula for gravity and a little math. Then decide if John is a crackpot or someone worthy of listening to.< Less
Our Universe Explained II By John Hildreth Atkins
eBook (PDF): $2.49
Most advanced theories about planetary motion, gravity, unified field, and infinite speed of light. Expose on government corruption. The mafia and government are one and the same. Frame people.... More > Murdering unarmed citizens who refuse to work for them. If you do not hate the U.S. government now, you will. You should. Includes the truth about the 12-21-2012 prediction. It, too, is real!< Less
Just For Fun By Lorin Hildreth Atkins & John Hildreth Atkins
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This is a book of a collection of short stories written by my now deceased father. He called them humorous. I call them a great example of the inner workings of a sociopath and sexual deviant. Though... More > he went out of his way not to use a swear word, he did write a lot about sexual things. My father was abusive and considered himself the center of the universe. Everybody else was stupid and did not deserve to share the same air as him. The idea that he wa special was something he was taught by his mother. Because of that, he believed that he was above the law and absolutely above the rules; those were for lesser mortals. There are some funny stories in here. For that reason, I recommend that everybody should read it. You get the best of both worlds. One, you get to be entertained. Second, you get schooled on how these degenerates think. That is a huge advantage in a world gone amuck. Oh, and did I say that it was also entertaining? Sometimes, even funny.< Less

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Shattering the Wall: Imagine Health Care without Preventable Harm Shattering the Wall:... By Anne Gunderson et al.
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Shattering the Wall: Imagine Health Care without Preventable Harm Shattering the Wall:... By Anne Gunderson et al.
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