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The seven Hebrew Gods (oracle of the Elohim) is a form of spiritual practice for Africans, Hispanics, Asians, and Caucasians. Its fundamental structure and concepts is similar to that of the seven... More > African gods but written from a Christian and Hebrew point of view. It is for those that seek a more practical form of spiritual worship and those that aspire to use the concept of the seven African gods but prefer to use the names of the Hebrew Gods instead. This book is four books in one: The seven Hebrew Gods, The Seed Master, The book of Poems, The Book of Psalms.< Less
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These Kabbalah lesson that I write are knowledge that I have obtained by interviewing various levels of spiritual beings. Kabbalah lessons 1 – 21 were mostly based on my interviews and... More > dialogues with the angels and the Elohim(creators). Each of these two groups had their understanding and interpretations of what they see around us, but neither of them are human beings, hence what they thought applies to them, does not necessarily apply to us. Kabbalah lessons 22 (GODS OF THE ELOHIM), and those that now follow are a result of interviewing the FIRST SPIRIT that created human beings and our planet which we call GOD, who is also the one that spoke to Moses. The bodies of angels even though they are similar to that of human beings function completely different from that of a human being, hence at some point I will make comparisons and point out the differences as we go along. To understand what MIND and SOUL is, let us first examine how a human being is formed in the womb of the mother.< Less
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There has been a fierce battle between the gods here on earth between August and September of 2011. This battle did not involve weapons, neither did it involve blows or any physical contact of any... More > form, but it was a battle of wills as to who takes charge of a project that was going on here on earth. The spirits involved in this battle all took physical form as human beings to wage their battle and I was the only human witness to all these for I was the main center and the prize of the battle.< Less
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This Baracata method of spiritual cleansing is a simple and effective way to spiritually cleanse the body or cleans any object. The word BARACATA is pronounced BARAKATA, and it means “MAY... More > BLESSINGS BE UPON YOU”, or “MAY BLESSINGS BE UPON THIS”. This single word is effectively powerful to spiritually bless anything for spiritual use. Example to bless water to become holy water; while holding a cup of water in your hand simply say ELOHIM BARACATA, and the water will instantly become holy water. In the same way, if you wish to bless anything such as even a pen for spiritual use, while holding the pen in your hand say ‘ELOHIM BARACATA”. If you wish to bless food simply say ‘ELOHIM BARACATA”. All these translate to “MAY BLESSING BE UPON THIS” which is whatever you are holding in your hand.< Less
The Spirit Atom (Hydrogen) By Ken Nunoo
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Before the beginning, there were, no universes, no planets, no stars, no suns, no moons, time and space did not exist. In the beginning existed a single being; INTELLIGENCE BERESHITH (GOD). In the... More > beginning the intelligence Bereshith created the Spirit Atom (Hydrogen), which consists of six sublevels of the same atom within a single atom, making a total of seven levels. In the center of the spirit atom Hydrogen, is the Intelligence which is called today as the nucleus, the electron of the atom is its CONSCIOUSNESS, and the Proton is the BODY. The hydrogen atom consists of a single electron and a proton bound together as single unit, as the intelligence (nucleus).< Less
Kabbalah lesson 23 (Types of Spirits) By Ken Nunoo
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If all matter in the universe both organic and inorganic matter is dissolved, it will all become MIND MATTER. Mind matter is the source of all matter both visible and invisible and constitutes seven... More > percent of the weight of an object. Meaning, if a person weighs one hundred pounds, then seven pounds of the weight of that person is MIND MATTER, that is invisible to the eye.< Less
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The GODS of the Elohim, are the SPIRITS OF CREATION, that created our universe, planets, human beings, animals, suns, stars, plants, flowers, fish, and everything we see in nature. These four spirits... More > whose names I will later give in this book are the true GODS OF CREATION. If everything in our entire universe is destroyed and absolutely nothing is left, all matter both organic and inorganic matter will dissolve into MIND MATTER, and there will be total darkness all around. The only type of creature that can survive the destruction of our entire universe is a SPIRIT, for a spirit can attach its body to anything including even the darkness.< Less
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The vision of Ezekiel as given in the old testament is an answer to a question Ezekiel may have asked God. The question Ezekiel may have asked is : GOD, WHO ARE YOU? OR WHO AM I? The answer to both... More > of these questions are the same; for to know the answer as to WHO WE ARE, is the same as GOD, WHO ARE YOU? For the ultimate “I” within every living being is the I AM associated with KETHER the first sphere of the tree of life. In Genesis chapter one the first word is BERESHITH, which means the BEGINNING, FIRST. It is also the number one, or BETH of the Hebrew Alphabets. Out of Kether came Beth, who is the MAGICIAN, on the tarot. The vision of Ezekiel is similar to the tarot card the Magician with the four tools on his table.< Less
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Is it possible for a virgin to give birth to a child? Is it possible for a human being to walk on water? Is it possible to raise someone from the dead by prayer? Is it possible to heal the blind to... More > see by prayer? Is it possible to feed five thousand people with two loaves of bread and five fish? Is it possible to change water into wine? Is possible for a human being to vanish and become invisible in a crowd of people? Is it possible for a man to rise from the dead after having been dead for three days?< Less
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When Moses parted the red sea he commanded the ocean to part wide open for the Israelites to walk through. When Moses changed the waters of the Nile of Egypt into blood he commanded the water to... More > change into blood. When Moses caused hail to fall from the sky he commanded hail to come from the sky. All these are forms of commanding nature and they were accomplished by Kabbalistic means. All these miraculous acts performed by Moses were done only once, but can he repeat them over and over again? The answer is, Moses cannot part the red sea twice because it was done by God. Nature has two counterparts, the body and spirit of that thing, hence I define Kabbalah as the body and soul of God. In this book are Enochian ritual exercises to develop the body and mind to command the spirit counterparts of nature.< Less

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