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Walking the Path of Perfection By Dr.Sharon Hanson
eBook (PDF): $1.50
Bringing the Bride of Christ into obedience, overcoming the carnal nature.
Heaven Our Journey Home By Dr.Sharon Hanson
eBook (PDF): $5.61
The book of Joshua reveals a journey that the Israelites took from the death of Moses in Mohab to the conquest of the Promised Land in Canan. We will walk this journey with the children of Israel in... More > the spiritual realm,and as we go through it step by step we also will inherit a promised land of a freed soul.< Less
The Temple of the Lord By Dr.Sharon Hanson
eBook (PDF): $6.49
This book will help you understand the importance of the coming move of God. There is a coming separation of those that follow the flesh and those that follow the Spirit of the Lord.
Build Your House for the Lord By Dr.Sharon Hanson
eBook (PDF): $2.50
This book is instructive material for the body of Christ. It illustrates the coming moves of God in the three part battle of Armageddon which will move the bride into righteousness and Faithfulness.... More > as He marries His bride and delivers her from Edon The emphasis of the book is to come out of Babylon self-rule that we do not partake of the coming plagues in Revelation 18:4< Less
The Fall of Babylon , The Fall of Man's Self Rule By Dr.Sharon Hanson
eBook (PDF): $1.25
This book is the result of over twenty years of revelation and study with the Holy Spirit. He taught and revealed end-time events to fulfill her call to "Teach my people how to fight... More > Amalek" Amalek the self-centered man, willnow be ended, as the Lord revives the souls of His people, as He brings them to life and to death to self will. They will be brought back from the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to hearing and doing the will of God.< Less
Fiery Trials By Dr.Sharon Hanson
eBook (PDF): $1.25
This book is designed to bring many through the testing trials that translate us into the great mountain kingdom of eternal righteousness. The book will reveal the end time bride overcoming the... More > powers of darkness and becoming the manifested sons of God. Those born again will not worship the beast or 666 but be regenerated through Christ. The Holy Spirit is fulfilling Daniel nine to end sin and transgression on the earth. The three battles of spiritual Armageddon will bring in eternal righteousness. This book contains much of the personal testimony of Dr. Sharon Hanson to reveal the account of her fiery trials that brought great deliverance.< Less
Possess Our Promised Land By Dr.Sharon Hanson
eBook (PDF): $2.50
Possession of our promised land of peace is a journey with the Holy Spirit as the Angel of the Lord to restore our soul from the fall of man. He will restore it to the original creation that He... More > intended. A free soul dominated by the Holy Spirit will be ruling and reigning with Christ.< Less
The Sign of Jonah By Dr.Sharon Hanson
eBook (PDF): $3.27
This book, “The Sign of Jonah” reveals the signs the world will be given as to the second coming of the Lord. It will bring forth the resurrection of the Gentile Son as the coming great... More > sign. The Holy Spirit will revive the entire bride and brings her into His Presence.< Less
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Victory over a believer's carnal nature by total surrender of the will and that restores a covenant relationship with God. The cross is the only way to victory.
The Marriage of the Bride of Christ By Dr.Sharon Hanson
eBook (PDF): $7.57
This book deals with the third major encounter that a believer can have with God through the person on Jesus Christ. The first encounter represents the way, the second the truth and the encounter in... More > this book represents the life of one who overcomes the flesh.< Less

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