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Get Into 3D Printing Without It Being A Total Waste of Plastic: Book 1 By Duncan Weir
eBook (ePub): $3.96
The past 25 years have brought advancements in the technological sphere that have rocked the world – yet few innovations have transformed the lives of home based entrepreneurs and creators... More > greater than the 3D Printer. This book aims to make that journey easier with down to Earth language, pictures, relatable humor and functional instructions. Book 1 covers the very basics of 3D Printing and gives you a head start into this exciting craft with: • What 3D Printing is, and isn’t • The inner Workings • The history and future of 3D Printing • Types of 3D Printers • How to choose the right type for your needs • Where to purchase a 3D Printer, reliably and safely • Types of filaments • Reviews and Resources • And much more! Whether you are an experienced 3D Printer or a novice on the hunt, this book and the following series has something for everyone when it comes to 3D printing.< Less
Don’t Be a Total Waster (of plastic) Calibrate Your Desktop 3D Printer Like A Boss Book 2 By Duncan Weir
eBook (ePub): $5.34
Owning a 3D printer can be very rewarding and can open the door to learning new skills All you must do now is set it up to print those objects. Calibrating a desktop 3D printer can be difficult and... More > time-consuming. But not anymore. I will show you how, very easily, and without any prior knowledge. I will explain how to calibrate your 3D printer so that it gives you fantastic results every time. Calibrating a 3D printer is not only about getting a level bed. I will show how to easily set up • X, Y and Z axis plus the extruder. • Calibrate the correct steps per millimetre settings for all axis and the extruder. • Install software that makes setting up your 3D printer a breeze. • Bed levelling without the use of a Z probe. • How to set up an Auto bed leveling probe the right way. • How to use the Arduino IDE to safely flash your firmware. I have three printers, all the information I have used within my books been thoroughly tested to make sure it’s precise and works first time.< Less
Don’t Be a Total Waster (of plastic) Calibrate Your Delta 3D Printer Like A Boss Book 3 By Duncan Weir
eBook (ePub): $6.26
Calibrating my Delta printer took me to the ragged edge. I tested a bunch of ways some worked most didn’t. Eventually, I found a way that did work, I still use this same way to calibrate my... More > Delta today because it’s easy and works like a charm. I calibrate my Delta printer every week using this method. I get perfect prints and I have no auto bed leveling on my Delta. My third book in this 3D printing series deals with calibrating a Delta printer and deals with the following subjects. Software that will help you calibrate your Delta printer. List the critical measurements that will make your Delta calibration a breeze. Using the end stops to get the perfect calibration. Understanding your printer’s DNA. Making changes to Marlin Your first print. And lots more Printing with a Delta 3D printer is great all you must do is calibrate it. Calibrating a Delta printer has always been shrouded in the myth that it is impossible to get it right. I aim to change that thinking, this book helps accomplish that.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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