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God and Alcoholism By Dick B
Paperback: $21.95
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Dick B.'s 11 years of historical research have jump-started this compelling new theme: Take a specific look at Pioneer A.A.'s God-centered program in Akron. Then, at why they had to rely on the... More > Creator. Then at what A.A. really spawned in the 20th Century, at the "nonsense gods" that have diverted this society from its primary purpose, and at the even greater need for help from God Almighty on the recovery scene today to restore success and assure a return to sound, faith-based, non-profit recovery.< Less
Alcohol & Addiction - Alcohol Treatment Guide By Michel Marck
eBook (PDF): $0.00
>> Addiction Rehabilitation: The Process from Beginning to End >> Key Steps of Recovery >> Alcohol Treatment: Relapse Prevention >> When Should You Go to Rehab for... More > Addiction >> Life After Alcohol Treatment Find out more at< Less
Alcohol Killed My Brother, I Survived Alcohol By Andy Plant
eBook (ePub): $0.99
After witnessing my younger brother's struggle with alcohol dependency and his death in 2005 at the age of 37,my own drink problem spiralled out of control so that by autumn 2006 several doctors had... More > told me I would be dead by Xmas. This is how I turned it around by understanding how dependence works and the treatment regimes out there. This was written with a great desire to help others know how to do this and enjoy life again. Having spent time everywhere from emergency/intensive care wards to an expensive residential rehab clinic to detoxing through a private clinic at home, I have been left in a regrettable position of some insight. I also take a look at the hypocrisy of alcohol advertisement regulation,and voice my desire for a complete ban of alcohol advertisement. Jan 2016 - I wince at my honest writing from 9 years ago, straight after quitting the booze, but it has helped to keep me sober over 9 years ( without the need for AA,etc ). I hope it helps. I do not gain financially from this true account.< Less
Alcohol Addiction Treatment By Michel Marck
eBook (PDF): $0.00
>> Alcohol Addiction – Type of Alcoholism. >> The Effects of Alcohol Addiction. >> How to Treat Alcohol Addiction. >> Reasons to Consider Alcohol Treatment Center.
Alcohol Counselling A to Z By Michel Marck
eBook (PDF): $0.00
>> A Look At Alcohol Counselling. >> The Benefits of Alcohol Counselling. >> What Alcohol Counselling Entails. >> Alcohol Counselling And Treating Addiction. >> Why... More > Alcohol Counselling Is Important For The Whole Family. >> All You Need To Know About An Alcohol Rehab Program. >> Why You Should Go For The Right Alcohol Rehab Program. >> Why Alcohol Rehab Program Can Help You Kick Addiction. >> Why Your Family Should Be Involved In An Alcohol Rehab Program. >> Why Taking An Addict To An Alcohol Rehab Program Is Important.< Less
A To Z On Alcohol Counseling By Adam Nicolas
eBook (PDF): $0.00
>> Effective Alcohol Counseling Practices. >> Major Benefits of Alcohol Counseling. >> Addiction Counseling for Alcoholics. >> The Relation between Alcohol Addiction... More > Counselling and Mental Health Reform. >> Why Alcohol Counseling Should Be A Mainstream Practice. >> 4 Alcohol Counseling Benefits Everyone Should Know. >> 4 Surprising Facts Regarding Alcohol Counselling. >> Alcohol Counselling Tips and Best Practices for the Amateur Counsellor.< Less
How To Manage An Alcoholic Spouse By Srinivasan Gopal
eBook (PDF): $6.00
Residing with an alcoholic in your life can make life seem impossible. Every day you're walking on eggshells. Life might be stressful, uncertain, or just plain bad. One thing is certain. It is never... More > easy living with an alcoholic in your life. Living with an alcoholic signifies that you've an individual in your life who you cannot count on. If this person is a spouse then you've someone who should have you as a priority but has alcohol as being a priority instead. You cannot count on this individual even for day to day tasks simply because you in no way know when the requirement of alcohol will interfere with their life and with yours and you will have to pick up the slack.< Less
Reduce Your Alcohol Craving By Doug Setter
eBook (PDF): $6.99
Fact: You can enjoy moderate amounts of alcohol without damaging your health, if you take precautions. Fact: "Alcohol addiction is not due to weak will or moral depravity; it is a genetic... More > metabolic defect,..(like gout)” Pearson and Shaw (1982) Fact: You do not have to pay for expensive therapy or attend embarrassing meetings to lessen your craving for alcohol. This book can teach you how-to: 1.Protect yourself against alcohol poisoning. 2. Repair your health after years of drinking. 3. Enjoy alcohol with less harmful side effects. 4. Improve your sleep & concentration 5. Increase your health WARNING: Making these kind of bio-chemical and life changes will very likely cause you to change your life, leave dead end jobs and relationships, feel better about yourself.< Less
Hugging Myself With Alcohol By Justin Carroll
Paperback: $9.83
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'Hugging Myself With Alcohol' is the result of a year of extreme alcoholism.
Responsible Service of Alcohol By sascha schiller
eBook (PDF): $2.17

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