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Hiking the Alcoholic Trail By Scott Rhoads
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One mans story of his struggle with Alcoholism and his journey to recovery
Alcohol Addiction Recovery By Darren H. Hone
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This book takes a serious and hard look at what addiction truly is, why so many recovery efforts fail, and what you can do to ensure that you or your loved one can embark on a journey of recovery... More > that has a higher chance of succeeding. Some of the reasons why addiction efforts fail include unrealistic expectations, not being able to find adequate help, and waiting too long. This book will look deeply and realistically into these challenges so that you can be prepared to meet them as they arise. Next, it will delve into the 12-step program, giving you a detailed idea of what each step entails. The final chapter will look at why the 12-step program often fails, and scientifically-based approaches that can be implemented to help in your recovery process.< Less
Am I An Alcoholic By Robert Barnard-Weston
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How do I recognise addiction? Am I in denial? ,jhv,jhyfliygliygluyfkuyfkutyfkutyfktfkutyfkuyfuyfuyfuyfuy
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Enduring Alcohol Repercussion By R Smith
eBook (ePub): $0.99
In this ebook we will be covering the many ways to avoid hangovers and what you can do to prevent them. We will actually go into detail and dissect hangovers. We will discuss what happens when... More > hangovers occur, why, and what you can start doing before you even drink to avoid having to deal with hangovers so you can be up and going the next day as if nothing ever happened< Less
Tentacles.. The Entanglement of Alcoholism By S. Thomas Greeley
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TOM GREELEY knows too well how insidious alcoholism can be. He has experienced how the disease entraps not only the drinking person, but the entire family. He writes about the incredible isolation,... More > the credit card debt, and the anguish over his children’s safety. In Tentacles..The Entanglement of Alcoholism, he narrates the journey of the long attempt to rescue an alcoholic spouse and save his family from the spiral of destruction ordained by the path of alcoholism.< Less
But I'm not the Alcoholic By Heidi E. Addy
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This is a true story about co-dependency and the effects of alcoholism on the person who doesn't drink.
Escape Alcohol Addiction By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Are you or your love ones suffering from excessive alcohol drinking? Unable to control your drinking habits, and you know it's turning into a disaster soon? This ebook can help you! This ebook... More > compiles tons of tips from REAL drinkers. Some have lost their family and love ones, while the rest manage to quit in time. These people are sharing what they do to get over this bad habit once and for all! Drinking may or may not directly affecting you, but if you have to do something, get this ebook and follow the tips. The drinkers will thank you for life!< Less
Alcoholics Anonymous with Reference By The Anonymous Press
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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The text of Alcoholics Anonymous plus an extensive reference section. Includes The First & Second Edition stories, The Original Manuscript, Dictionary Definitions and Subject Index. The... More > manuscript section shows the pre-publication wording of The Big Book. The original wording was much different from the book we know today.< Less
Fetal Alcohol Syndrone By Stephen Reed,BS.Rel,MS.Theo,MSW Social Work,Paralegal
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Just as alcohol affects the brain of an adult who drinks, it also affects the brain of a developing fetus (FEE-tus), or unborn baby, who is exposed to it before birth. The most serious consequence of... More > a mother's alcohol use during pregnancy is impaired brain development in the fetus, leading to mental retardation. Newborns with FAS often have small brains, indicating poor brain growth while they were inside their mothers, and they typically are small for their age. Other physical defects associated with FAS are narrow eyelids, a flattened mid-portion of the face, abnormal creases on the palms of the hands, heart defects, hearing and vision problems, and joint abnormalities. These problems are permanent.< Less

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