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So Lies History By Stephen Cross
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So Lies History: On the Problematic Sequence and Losing Ground is the first publication of works by Stephen Cross from 2007. Presented both as documentary and as work in it's own right, So Lies... More > History explores the influence of digital media and computer technology in a modern age.< Less
An History of the European Union By Mike Stallard
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This is a history of the EU for people in Key Stage 4. The EU is a devil to teach because M. Monnet and M. Delors deliberately made it boring and impenetrable. Yet you ought to teach it. How? This... More > book addresses that challenge by a short introductory passage, then there are suggestions for lessons with the computer for research. Discussion topics follow. At the end of the book is a list of acronyms and then a final set of ideas to get you and your school noticed.< Less
KYIRUX II: The Hidden History By KAPIEL RAAJ
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KYIRUX II The Hidden History - It’s the sequel to Kyirux: The message of Pascal novel. The sequel holds the secrets of Kashtharia (The advance beings), the great pyramids, and the most... More > important secret of them all, an intelligent, yet complex signal which was sent from Jupiter, and was caught by Kyirux the computer in the first part, and startled the scientists beyond their expectations, but, what is that signal? And who sent it? The humans, through the technology given by Kyirux, built a ship named 'SEMA', to be taken in the void of space, especially to Jupiter.< Less
Trowbridge Family History By Bill Trowbridge
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This book presents the results of a study into the history of the Trowbridge family initiated by the author and his father in 1963. The investigation began with much enthusiasm but... More > then was continued only intermittently as spare time allowed. Over the years a mass of partially digested information was gathered from the usual genealogical sources, i.e. family, civil and parish records, and although this enabled tentative pedigrees to be established, since 1970 it has been possible to control the data effectively by the use of a computer. Whilst this book was primarily written for members of the author's family others who are researching the Trowbridge and the other Wiltshire families may find something in it of interest. It is hoped, at least, that the information printed in the appendices will be of use to family historians even if some of the inferences and deductions I have put forward in the text are found unconvincing< Less
The Flask of History Vol. 1 By Michael Hur
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In this book you will uncover various events in history not taught to you in mainstream education. Have you ever wondered if the Great Wars were planned? Did you know that various events unfolded... More > regarding evidence of time travel? Have you ever wondered about the history of computers, role-playing games and trading cards? Did you know about real historical events pertaining to witchcraft? Are you a fan of Star Trek, and would you like to know the real history of one of the greatest sci-fi products in entertainment history? Have you ever wondered about ancient technology under the seas? Have you learned about why all mainstream sci-fi entertainment is based on John Carter? Now is the time that a great generation learns their history.< Less
Encyclopedia of the History of Technology By Timo Bjorklund
eBook (PDF): $185.39
Dr Johnson wrote, ‘A man may turn over half a library to make one book’. In the present case around a score of writers have turned over about as many libraries to make this Encyclopaedia.... More > The Book of Proverbs states, ‘God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions’. Whatever one may think about Charles Darwin’s ‘Descent of Man’, it is a fact that man walked upright, giving him a pair of hands which he could use for manipulation, rather than ambulation, and his cranial capability enabled him to evolve many inventions. This book tells the story of these inventions from stone axe to spacecraft, from cave dwelling to computer. The objective has been to simplify the study of the History of Technology by putting into the hands of the reader, be he or she student or layman, a single volume telling the whole story in twenty-two chapters, each written by an acknowledged expert.< Less
Family History 1 By Norman Walker
Paperback: $62.10
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This book is in color. In About 2005 a large box of photos, letters and other documents relating to our fathers family became available. It included a wedding photo of our great grandmother and her... More > 3rd husband made about 1861. The rest of the material covered relatives who lived in the intervening years. There was a concern that this material would be eventually lost. Having had some experience with computers and related equipment, I was elected to convert this material to an easily replicated form that could be distributed to family members. This meant scanning each photo and other forms of documentation. Photos and documents that were creased, spotted or otherwise in degraded condition were processed with Photoshop to gain the best presentation possible. Any text or identification material was included. To connect the people in the photos with the family, decadency charts were constructed. Census records were consulted to help make connections where other data was lacking.< Less
A Brief History of Manned Space Flight By Keith Kisser
eBook (ePub): $0.00
A piece of micro-fiction, suitable for a contemplative evening at the computer.
The Bitcoin Bible from History to Mining By Graeme Heighway
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Welcome! The bitcoin bible from history to mining is designed to teach you all about bitcoin. It features key topics for beginners, and advanced miners such as the following; mining and how to do it,... More > ASIC miners, the history of bitcoins existence, how to make a simple 1 milllion dollar net profit in 1 year ,and much much more! It Also provides explanations for simple analogies for beginners, This book is easy for anyone of any capability level to read.Want More? Feel free to leave a comment or donate at 17d5j7kz3Gm8ChHFpaYN8Cc2bZyJcRKeXe< Less
The Apple House: How to Computerize Your Home Using Your Apple II Computer By John Blankenship
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Yours can be the first APPLE house on the block! Learn how to save time and money by using your Apple II computer to control your home: the security, lights, temperature, telephone, and much more. ... More > With John Blankenship's system of software and hardware, your house can accept verbal commands and respond with its own voice. It does not need human instruction and performs many useful tasks on its own. Once you get used to an intelligent house, you will wonder how you ever got along without one. Even though devices featured in The Apple House can be purchased, the author shows how you can save money by building some from scratch. He also points out that you can substitute equipment you already own because of the system's modularity. Although written with an Apple II computer in mind, the principles discussed can easily be transferred to other computer systems.< Less

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