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Gifted Blood By Elizabeth Amisu
Hardcover: $16.49
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Gifted Blood is the fifth book in The Sacerdos Mysteries, after Sacerdos, Arcane Rising, Waterblood and DISequilibrium. In Gifted Blood, we draw closer to Caelara’s nemesis, as well as those... More > she loves most. Amisu gives us powerful insights of what it means to be gifted in Terra Magna. This story follows Caelara’s mission to retrieve and the one key Lasias hasn’t yet got his hands on and heralds many existential choices for all the characters. Everything will change for the people of Terra Magna, as the irrevocable consequences of their sinister blood trade reshapes their world in ways they could have never imagined.< Less
DISequilibrium By Elizabeth Amisu
Hardcover: $15.65
Prints in 3-5 business days
'The Advorsa were not running the world. They were draining it dry. And if they had their way, there wouldn't even be a world.' Caelara Teneo is so powerful she can command the sky and sea but in... More > 'DISequilibrium', her battle is with heartache. Terra Magna has fallen under Lasias' spell. The people of her world turn against the gifted and hunt them for their magical blood. Their long reign has reached its end. Caelara’s quest for answers leads her away from the Arcane rebellion to far colder climes. Yet, she is not alone, the two loves of her life remain by her side and at war with one another.< Less
Gild Your Shadows By Elizabeth Amisu
Hardcover: $14.25
Prints in 3-5 business days
Autobiographical and incredibly revealing, dark, thrilling, deliciously sensual, in 'Gild Your Shadows', award-winning stories grounded in real life are interspersed with tales that venture to the... More > furthest reaches of the imagination. Written over a period of ten years, from 2003-2013, these fourteen stories chart emotional highs and lows of their characters. From the slow depressive breakdown of a corporate store assistant in 'The Art of Becoming Invisible', to the non-physical avatar of Buddy Holly, which captivates a doctor at the operating table in 'Michael and the Hollies'. In 'A City Called Sloth', a police inspector attempts to solve a crime before the spectre of a deadly sin claims him. In the futuristic African city of Eger, a teenage love affair defies culture and reputation, while in 'The Love Hit', love is available to drink in bottles at the bar amongst many other emotions. In these stories shadows surface, and are adorned with gold.< Less
Waterblood By Elizabeth Amisu
Hardcover: $16.01
Prints in 3-5 business days
'There were no victors in this war, only losers, forever changed by the crimes they had committed.' In 'Waterblood', Caelara Teneo struggles to adapt to her new life in a rebel-stronghold called... More > Arcana. It is named after the arcane ability that she could have if it weren’t for her embedded jewel. Caelara grapples with growing up, mounting responsibilities and the amorous affections of Nathaniel Yate. In the world beyond, Terra Magna’s great nations are succumbing to the Advorsa. It won’t be long until they come for Arcana and take everything Caelara holds dear. She must harness the power of the sea within her gifted blood. There is still a chance to turn the tide.< Less
Arcane Rising By Elizabeth Amisu
Hardcover: $17.25
Prints in 3-5 business days
‘A boy who can tame lightning, a man whose blood can raise the dead. All these things are impossible... but we have seen them happen.’ Three years after the events of 'Sacerdos', Caelara... More > Teneo has settled back into academic life. Since Nathan’s fateful letter, she has not heard a single thing from him. Over time her heart heals and she forms a new romantic relationship with the debonair Mardan noble, Xaviour Leston. The scar tissue of their histories binds them together. Yet, the very fabric of Caelara’s world is about to unravel. The Advorsa have not been sleeping and this is a calm before their great storm. No matter how peaceful things seem, Sacerdos is threatened by dark forces. The war is coming.< Less
Sacerdos By Elizabeth Amisu
Hardcover: $18.13
Prints in 3-5 business days
'...this new place was magnificent: shining whites and greys, golds and glossy blacks combined to form an ancient yet futuristic metropolis...' Caelara Teneo’s mundane life in East London with... More > her father Celassis is shattered when a terrifying assault causes her to manifest supernatural abilities. As their past catches up with the Teneos, they are forced to flee through a secret portal to Sacerdos, the jewel of a world called Terra Magna. Once there, Caelara discovers she is a giftblood, one of a select minority who have ruled the Universe from Sacerdos for thousands of years. Yet, as Caelara struggles to deal with the upheaval of growing up, factions within giftblood society break down. Beyond the walls of her educator, a war is brewing and Caelara’s place in it has been millennia in the makin< Less
Ripe Earth By Elizabeth Amisu
Hardcover: $15.61
Prints in 3-5 business days
There is a place where everyone forgets. It is called the Island. ‘Ripe Earth’ is the story of its king… and the girl who remembered. As Gwen Oluran approaches her 18th birthday,... More > she can feel something changing, a call she cannot deny. And once she meets the destructively dashing Myron in Hyde Park on a summer’s day, she falls for his siren’s call. Gwen’s tale suddenly takes a shadowy turn when Myron’s true identity is revealed: he is king of a supernatural world of teenagers where no one ages and no one dies unless he kills them. Now Gwen’s life balances on a sword’s-edge, and she must find a way to escape. This suspenseful coming-of-age novel captures the peak of first love, and the abyss of being young forever.< Less
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