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New Russia New World By Phil Duffey
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Thriller New Russia New World The current reign of détente between America, Russia and Europe has thrown up new unsavoury elements in world politics. Although the British have arrested the... More > bombs of the IRA, still there are idealists at large calling themselves Real IRA. The Russians too have their problems with a thorn in their side called The Chechens. And America’s war against Al Qaeda is well documented. This allows strange alliances to be formed in the New World order. The Americans have so many problems abroad that they may just be forgetting that they have some home grown idealists of their own. Al Qaeda have shown that they have big ideas and this book follows their attempts at yet another aimed at shocking the world. Nikita is a fundamental pawn in their plan and it is up to the British, Americans and Russians to protect her and foil the desires of the Taliban. Laced into this high-octane roller coaster of a story is the passion of one affair and the blossoming of another.< Less
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The Ideal Order By Christoph Bartneck
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Dr. Rob Park’s life is out of order. His estranged wife is leaving him, the relationship to his daughters is strained and his academic career is at a dead end. He escapes into the cult of LEGO... More > and the study of classification systems. By sorting his collection of LEGO bricks he reconnects to his daughters and he maintains his sobriety while maneuvering in the bizarre world of academia. Prof. Dr. Smith and his newly found Adult Fans Of LEGO help him to find a new structure for himself, his brick collection and his family.< Less
The Order of Light By D James Pawson II
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Follow the adventures of Kera Whitehall and her friends as they struggle to understand prophecy and fight to save their land of Arithella. This fantasy novel is set in the past and stars a young girl... More > who is serving in The Order of Light, a group of women who draw upon an invisible power through a metal device on their arm, focusing it with a jewel in their palm. They can do anything with this power, called The Unseen. Manipulating not only the elements, but also the spirit of people, they can create fire, water, and even move objects anywhere within sight. The Order of Light starts with our young heroine in jail for a crime she does not remember committing, and follows her through the land as she battles new foes and old friends. A story of self discovery, growth, friendship and romance, open this book and jump into the magical land of Arithella, and fight to save the world!< Less
911 started Jesus Return 2012.13 New Order after Bad Wheather Disaster 20/20.21 New World Order By anthony kelly
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911 stared Jesus Return
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Migrants; The New World's Seed By Dorian Alimehmeti
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A large number of Easter Europeans live here and do generate some wealth; unfortunately their contribution is not at its maximum possible. This paper will look into the possibilities to change the... More > status quo, under the hypothesis that mass collaboration and network economics can bring about an exploitation of the migrants advantageous position in the UK (and EU), with the help of the modern technology. The main method of analysis will be the deductive one in order to prove the hypothesis. After the data is observed the inductive theory will be used to give support to the title with the emerging information. In conclusion the need for coordination of movements between governments, societies of emigrants and the private related businesses becomes essential to bring about a multiplier effect on the economic activity and impact of migrants.< Less
journey to the new world By hyacinth chukwu
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When you set off on a journey, you never know what the journey has in store for you. The new world is a docket orchestrated by power elite to control life. While some people believe it is a biggest... More > threat to humanity; a danger to our life, our loved ones, our family and our way of life. The pestilence, hunger, brutality, suffering, terrorism and economic meltdown in the west and plague in the third world is now coming to our very shores. They have been so exhaustively documents by other writers that it would be a waste of time to simply re-hash the old materials about those who are behind the new world, what they’re doing and why. Since it is not set in stone and we can as well decide to reverse them all for our good. This eBook is merely a personal order that you need to live a happy and fulfilled life.< Less
Might of the New World By Patrick Moore
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Although years have passed, the experience of war weighs heavily on the veterans who live in the small New England mill town. A chronicle of the long shadow cast by WWII, the story shows the impact... More > on the lives of the men and their families. Outward optimists, the men came home after winning the great crusade, the most terrible of wars. The town retooled for peace, each man made a life and the horror of what they had seen, and done, was stored in their hearts. A survivor of the Bataan Death March, a tank driver who liberated a concentration camp, an MIA soldier who walked in on his own funeral - friends and neighbors all. But a hunter also lived among them, motivated by hateful belief to carry out an order delivered nearly 20 years before. When a harmless, silent outcast is slaughtered, the men must deal with this assault out of the past. Ultimately, they learn the great secret the victim harbored.< Less

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Rabbit Run Rabbit Run By Debby Morber
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Bootstrap Student Workbook Bootstrap Student... By Emmanuel Schanzer et al.
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