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The Sifted Vol.6: Episode 046-054 By Ryosuke Akizuki
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Ryosuke Akizuki, the author, has privately frequented a mysterious place, “the restaurant which must not be named”. Now the secret has been exposed to his characters. Akizuki has managed... More > to get over Milo’s questioning, but how can he dodge the questions from Saya and Chloe? At first, Yoma and Riccardo were indifferent to the matter. Then, one of them becomes interested in it to secure the budget to pursue curry arts. The other also requires the details because he wants to drink superb sake (Japanese liquor) served there. So, they start questioning the author as well. Akizuki has fallen into the most awful predicament ever. These joyful negotiations might already be masterful performances of the author. This review series in good condition has finally passed 50 episodes! There is some doubt as to whether Akizuki is more enthusiastic about “The Sifted” than about “The Gifted”, the original mystery fiction series. Still, he continues his free, willful wandering for attractive dishes …< Less
The Gifted Vol.7: City Air Flight 513 By Ryosuke Akizuki
eBook (ePub): $2.00
“... Going down! This airplane is going down! Help me! I don’t want to die! Mom, we’re going down! Heeeeelp!” A girl was plagued every night by a gruesome nightmare. Quent,... More > the girl’s father and a pilot, encountered a continually flying “ghost airplane” with a broken engine. Is there any link between these two incidents? Even doctors have given up on treating the girl. So, Quent’s wife seeks help from Yoma Fialka, an exorcist. Yoma realizes she cannot let the ghost airplane loose, and asks her friends for assistance. At a high altitude, can they aerially maneuver to hop from a passenger plane to the ghost airplane? Can they solve the case of the ghost airplane and the evil spirits? In the series, this story is by far the fastest-paced and the most thrilling. Solving the mystery has never been done with this much of edge and brilliance. Here is the newest installment of “The Gifted” series from Ryosuke Akizuki, a gifted author, whose fusions between mystery and spirituals are unsurpassed.< Less
The Sifted Vol.5: Episode 038-045 By Ryosuke Akizuki
eBook (ePub): $0.00
The author Ryosuke Akizuki says he visits Taiwan for Chinese restaurants because those in Tokyo are a little too expensive. But Riccardo points out the contradiction, which makes Akizuki upset. What... More > trick does he has about it? Finally, “The Sifted” has landed on North America this time. But Chloe is suffering from mysterious amnesia. What has brought Akizuki to North America? What secret is he hiding? Akizuki is in such a good mood that he mistakenly lets his tongue slip. Now he is in danger in which Milo is about to torture him?! We wonder if any author can be cornered this much by his own character? Saya is visiting a restaurant of Kamameshi (a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot) for the first time in her life. Yoma is coming to the best European-style curry restaurant in Japan. His characters are inquiring into the author’s privacy, which he wants to keep secret. Can Akizuki find a place to run into? Still, he continues his free, willful wandering for attractive dishes ...< Less
The Sifted Vol.3: Episode 020-028 By Ryosuke Akizuki
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Here is the third installment of "The Sifted" series (The word "sifted" indicates "selected things" in this case). Ryosuke Akizuki, a Japanese mystery writer, talks... More > about the restaurants he has actually visited, with the main characters of "The Gifted" (the mystery fiction series by the same author). This volume includes 9 episodes (from Episode 020 to 028). The author wishes to live in Tokyo to seek for new restaurants in the metropolitan area, but his characters persuade him not to do that because they are worried about the increase of his expenditure and his weight. However, requests from the characters are escalated and they even visit an established Kaiseki (traditional Japanese banquet) restaurant and a luxurious French. Their Engel's coefficient is rapidly getting high. While crying for the expenditure going over the budget, the author Akizuki continues his free, willful wandering for attractive dishes ...< Less
The Sifted Vol.4: Episode 029-037 By Ryosuke Akizuki
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Ryosuke Akizuki, a Japanese mystery writer, happens to notice local Ramen wars being secretly developed in Hiroshima City. But Milo, a charismatic beautiful boy, coldly says to him, "Your... More > information cannot be considered reliable.” Here is the fourth installment of "The Sifted” series. The author talks about the restaurants he has actually visited, with the main characters of "The Gifted". In one case, Akizuki rushes to a legendary Soba (buckwheat noodle) restaurant which is closing down the business in two days. At another time, he dreams of eating only several appetizers of a French restaurant. In Taiwan, he is excited by seeing the exterior of a magnificent hotel. Also, his master of European-style curry orders him to find a good place near Tokyo Station. Then, what is the true purpose of his visit to Shizuoka Prefecture …? Amusingly teased by his characters as usual, Akizuki might be losing his authority as the author. Still, he continues his free, willful wandering for attractive dishes …< Less
The Sifted Vol.2: Episode 010-019 By Ryosuke Akizuki
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"Would you like to drink fish?" The author Ryosuke Akizuki asks his characters, as if it is a riddle. What type of reactions would he get from those who have unique personalities? Milo,... More > who is in charge of ramen noodles, is severe and abandons the author. Saya, for Japanese food, takes it seriously and is staggered. Chloe, for Western food, is dumbfounded and reacts magnanimously. Riccardo, for Chinese food, jokingly leaves salty and peppery remarks. Here is the second installment of "The Sifted" series, in which the author talks about the restaurants he has actually visited, with the main characters of "The Gifted" (the mystery fiction series by the same author). This includes 10 episodes (from Episode 010 to 019). An exorcist named Yoma, who just debuted in "The Gifted Vol.5", enters the scene. How will she do on her report of curry, her favorite food? While being baffled by the characters having their own ways, the author Akizuki continues his free, willful wandering for delicious food.< Less
The Gifted Vol.4 - The Phantom of Gemini By Ryosuke Akizuki
eBook (ePub): $2.00
Priyasha Nehru was visited by a woman, who had exactly the same figure as hers. It was not Lavanya, her twin sister, but someone else. In the video footage showing two Priyashas, one stabbed the... More > other. As Lavanya entered the room, she witnessed the shocking scene. Did a 'gifted' commit the murder? In City, Riccardo Albani was investigating the serial murder cases, in which only the elders of twins were killed. He and Milo, his friend, were seen using a gift by his coworker, and their secrets were not safe anymore. In the meantime, a mysterious prisoner broke out of jail, and he was entrapping Milo and his friends to prevent them from learning too much about the serial murders ... The author Ryosuke Akizuki artfully mesmerizes the readers with his gift in this fourth installment (Vol.4) of "The Gifted" series. This work was exclusively written for The BBB: Breakthrough Bandwagon Books.< Less
The Gifted Vol.3 - The Skydiving Club By Ryosuke Akizuki
eBook (ePub): $2.00
At an event being held in the central park of City, a person jumped off from a white balloon with a vivid rainbow line. His parachute did not open and he was slammed against the ground. Saya Touma,... More > who happened to be at the location, attempted to exercise her gift to save the skydiver. However, her gift was rendered ineffectual for some reason, and he could not survive the impact. In the strange world of dream in which a gifted wearing a white mask killed targets, Saya learned of the secret and became the next target. Can the foursome of Saya and her gifted friends survive the greatest crisis ever, while dealing with the time limitation of having to stay awake to avoid the assassination attempts? The Gifted series has made a remarkable progress here, in the third installment (Vol.3). The ‘gift’ of the artful author Ryosuke Akizuki has come to fruition in a form of this masterpiece.< Less
The Gifted Vol.1-5 (Bind Up) By Ryosuke Akizuki
eBook (ePub): $5.00
In City, those who have strange gifts frequently cause incomprehensible incidents. Five ‘gifted’ ones stand up to the challenges of the cases that cannot be solved by the police. Milo, a... More > mysterious, fair-looking boy with platinum blonde hair. Saya, an innocent Asian girl with a sorrowful past. Chloe, a big-sisterly knockout who likes to care for others. Riccardo, a cheerful, studly philogynist. And, Yoma, an exotically cute exorcist. Despite constant exposure to dangers, they emerge victorious and reveal the surprising truth at the end of each case. This is the bind-up edition for the first five episodes of “The Gifted” series. Enjoy this miraculous and fascinating world of stories, created by Ryosuke Akizuki, a gifted mystery writer. This bind-up edition includes: “Vol.1 - The Haunting Woman” “Vol.2 - The Return of the Dead Kitten” “Vol.3 - The Skydiving Club” “Vol.4 - The Phantom of Gemini” “Vol.5 - The Death In the North Ward”< Less
The Gifted Vol.5 - The Death In the North Ward By Ryosuke Akizuki
eBook (ePub): $2.00
A rumor on the Internet said, “Death lives in that hospital.” Strange accidents and mysterious diseases were taking away lives in the north ward of City East General Hospital. Moreover,... More > even a survivor of a suicide attempt out of despair, died right after that unnaturally. To investigate such a wicked series of incidents, Yoma Fialka, an exorcist, was dispatched to the hospital. With the help of Yoma, an exotically beautiful girl and Milo’s longtime friend, the four gifted found the traces of “The Death In the North Ward” behind the incidents. Can they overcome the most ominous adversary, who is capable of controlling the lives and deaths of people at will? In the final chapter, the truths behind deaths are masterfully unraveled with the “Logic of Death”. The startling ending will rock the readers’ perspective of life and death, and will open the gate to the world full of wonders and menaces! This is the latest pinnacle of “The Gifted” series, by Ryosuke Akizuki, a gifted storyteller.< Less

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