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Beta By April Klasen
Paperback: $8.32
Prints in 3-5 business days
What if you could play the game forever? Georgia Glass, user name Sasha, is an anti-social, gifted game design student about to have her dream come true; she’s been employed to be a beta tester... More > for new hardware and software that will revolutionize the gaming industry. Georgia’s glad to escape her real life. “I’d give anything not to go back out. Log me in permanently, please Game Master.” Then a bug attached to the quest they accepted sucks the beta testers’ consciousness into the game... and they cannot logout. Georgia is trapped. But they won’t be able to remain in the fantasy forever, not knowing how long they can live disconnected from their bodies. The only way out is a portal at the end of the game. Can they complete the quest when the virtual world is determined to kill them?< Less
Blair: The Same Daughter By April Klasen
Paperback: $9.09
Prints in 3-5 business days
Blair Fitzpatrick was living a form of Happily Ever After. Dathan. Pregnant. Home. With no memories of Alizaria. Until Roy came back and broke the spell, causing her to remember everything. And Blair... More > is pissed. ~ Dathan came into focus. His face was creased into a frown which smoothed in relief. “Oh thank the Gods! What happened?” I glared at him. “Honey, I just had a family reunion with my great-great-great-great grandfather. Of course there would be glass on the floor. But that ain’t nothing compared to what’s going to happen when you explain why you took my memories.” He stared at me. “Blair, how? It was meant to be permanent.” I shoved his arms open and moved away from him. “I’m talented I guess.” ~ This is Blair's final chance to stop Roy... and to stop the real enemy of Alizaria. The final book in the Blair Trilogy< Less
Blair: The Sleeping Daughter By April Klasen
Paperback: $9.03
Prints in 3-5 business days
Blair Fitzpatrick has woken up after being cursed to sleep for a thousand years and is not happy. The angels have ascended, everyone she knows and loves in Alizaria is dead, except for Roy, and now... More > she is the most wanted enemy of the state. All Blair wants is to go home. If she can... “See this? I can do anything I want now. Anything. You lot didn’t put me to sleep for the night like a small child. You put me down like an animal. There was NOTHING!” She gasped for more air. “NOTHING FOR ONE THOUSAND YEARS! NO LIGHT, NO SOUND, NO FEELING. I didn’t even dream.” She placed her mouth next one wizard’s ear. “What kind of monster would do that to a kid?” She moved to the next one. “Now, for the real question. What kind of monster has awakened?”< Less
Summertime Madness By April Klasen
Paperback: $8.44
Prints in 3-5 business days
Trixie is eighteen and happy to move on from high school and everything that happened before she moved. But how can she forget the first boy she ever loved? Especially when he's tagged along for the... More > summer holiday with all of her other friends. Now she has the drama Bonny and Tristan are causing, Meg's whining, Chelsea's controlling, Nick and Dan's stupidity, and Ryan's lack lustre love life to deal with on top of Hale. How did he grow up to be such a hottie? And how can she keep from getting hurt again?< Less
Pure Pop Asia By April Klasen
Paperback: $8.43
Prints in 3-5 business days
Abigail is a little known Australian author with issues. Lots of them. When on holidays in England those issues bubble to the surface and ruin her adventure... that is until a chance meeting at a... More > charity ball she was never meant to attend. "Oh God. It really was him. He was grinning. Everything matched; peroxide hair, powder blue suit, cocky swagger. She flushed. The Korean pop star she had been crushing on for year now was within walking distance. She could talk to him. She could touch him. She could throw herself at him and beg to have his baby. But she wasn't insane. Well not by much." Leaving the party they find themselves lost with no money and no phones. Will Abigail let go and let the man she has loved from afar into her heart before they find their way back to the hotel? Or will Ryang fly back to Korea with one less fan?< Less
Blair: Salem's Daughter By April Klasen
Paperback: $9.38
Prints in 3-5 business days
Blair Fitzpatrick is an ordinary fifteen year old who doesn’t chase a white rabbit in a waist coat down a hole. Instead she follows an old man, a vampyre and a shape-shifting cat through a gate... More > and into a fantasy land. Her mission is to reunite the hilt of the Nameless sword with its broken blade buried within a sleeping dragon, learn to control her dormant magic and not die in the process. “Okay, now. No worries,” I whispered, even though I felt like I was going to be sick and just wanted to run away because something was wrong, something was going to be really wrong if I did this. I slid the sword hilt into the crack. Salem’s Daughter is the first book of the Blair trilogy and the debut novel for April Klasen. You can find out more about April at her website< Less
The Annual By April Klasen
Paperback: $8.39
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Annual Wild Hunt. Nine fey hunters. One mortal prey. From midnight on Halloween, they hunt one chosen mortal. They do this every year. Why do you think there are so many fairy tales or missing... More > people? They are taken by the fey. They are killed by the fey. Grace Logan has been chosen to participate in the Wild Hunt; as the prey. “You chose me for a reason, not because you thought I was pretty. You knew I had a chance because I’m like them—the fey.” She is protected for the next twenty-four hours from dying. She can still be hurt, running into a door will still bruise. But not a car crash, gunshot or an overdose will kill. The only way Grace can die is by fey. Can Grace, a mere mortal, be able to outrun the fey? Or will midnight be too late for her? Visit for more stories.< Less
I Heart Pop Asia By April Klasen
Paperback: $8.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
It isn’t all love songs in K-pop. Isac is an Australian living in Korea with the goal of being a popular idol. Cassidy is a talented animator attracting all kinds of attention. When they meet,... More > sparks fly. The good kind. But they know what’s between them is just a fling, not a relationship to last the distance between Australia and Korea. He flies back to work and she continues her life in the sunburnt country. Then hope arrives; Cassidy is contracted to make animated music videos for a big label. In Seoul. Can they make it work or will romance be second to their ambitions?< Less

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