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So You Want to Be My President? By Barry Goodfield
Hardcover: $42.99
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This is a must-read for anyone even remotely interested in the political landscape! What if there were a way to see the clues that leak out of the presidential candidates? What if there were a way... More > to see through the posturing and the poise and see deeper into a candidate’s character? Professor Barry Goodfield, a world-renowned international profiler, focuses his highly developed analytical skills on one of the most important Presidential elections of our time. What clues does Michelle Bachmann give that reveal she’s “wrapped too tightly,” or that Chris Christie is “Jersey Shore with common sense and class,” or that Rick Perry isn’t “the brightest pair of boots in the closet?” In "So You Want To Be My President?" Goodfield gives the reader and the voter an inside track into the deeper feelings, logic and approaches of those who are striving to occupy the Oval Office by stripping away some of the poise and polish and showing the reader what lies beneath the surface.< Less
Real Love By Barry Goodfield
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Love is a little word that we make big, and real love is important to everyone. Each stage of our development changes our definition of it. It is our constantly changing barometer about where we are... More > at any moment of our lives. It is a lifelong quest for all of us, male and female, young and old. A few simple actions and strategies can help find real love that grows over time. This book offers insights that might explain a past heartache and make a good relationship better. Little things count. They add up to a simple, clear message: “I not only love you, but I also want to care for you and your needs on a daily basis.” This is what heads toward the Love Boat rather than the Titanic. If I have learned anything from failed relationships, a doctorate in psychology and thousands of hours doing my own brand of therapy.< Less
Are They Crazy? By Barry Goodfield
eBook (ePub): $12.99
Why would anyone be crazy enough to run for president? This book is a look into the unconscious mind and deep-driving forces of both Republican and Democratic candidates wanting to be our next... More > president. This is an intimate profile, an exploration, into the thoughts and feelings of the soon-to-be most powerful person on the planet — the president of United States. The questions are perhaps even more important in 2016. What can we know about the candidates’ unconscious motivations? What can we see? Most important, what can we expect? These are the questions that are addressed and explored. It is my profound hope that this book will help in your selection.< Less

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