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Better Holy Spirit is a dynamic pray & study book written to revisit the basic fundamentals of the Holy Spirit; and meant to be used as a tool of encouragement to anyone desiring to be a better... More > person. No matter what you desire to be or do with your life you must always start that journey with prayer and the Holy Spirit. In this book you’ll find there are no age or gender barriers when it comes to a union with the Holy Spirit. God desires each of his children to obey his word and hunger for His Holy Spirit’s presence in pursuit of becoming better people. God sent the Holy Spirit to comfort and help us with many areas of life. So when you get tired, frustrated, or feel like you can’t do it anymore, the Holy Spirit will remind you that you can. He will help you do more than you could ever do alone and be ultimately better than you ever imagined.< Less
Be Better: First 100 Lessons By Graeme Partington
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We cannot live better than in seeking to become better. Find out the personal qualities you need to be better. LIVE better, PLAN better, LOOK better, LOVE better, and much more. This book gives... More > life-long value as the author shares the First 100 Lessons on how to "Be Better." This is your personal growth bible.< Less
Secrets of the Bible By Secrets of the Bible
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The Bible has always been one of those books which stir controversy and which have long been known to contain, hidden within their passages, secrets for a more fulfilled and successful life. A life... More > that is better in many different ways. The thing is that the Bible is also huge. Its size alone has the ability to defeat most researchers. Until now. In Secrets of the Bible you suddenly have in one volume over 250 verses of the Bible which can guide you through your life and help you to succeed. From the Law of Attraction to the Power of God within Everybody, this is a book that will help you to immeasurably increase what you receive out of this life.< Less
the student bible By Blackl!st Productions TEF4020
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for all the student who wanne live a better life.
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Healing Helps from the Bible - Salvation and Christian Life By Thomas Edgington, Ph.D.
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Healing Helps from the Bible: Salvation and Christian Life, is a topical Bible study workbook intended to guide the user through Scripture to better understand what the Bible says about God’s... More > plan of salvation and the Christian life that He wants us to live afterwards. It has 13 topics which fit into a quarter year and tackles the image of God, sin, the Law, grace, baptism, prayer, Bible study, the Holy Spirit, church/fellowship, money/sharing one's wealth, godliness/living righteously, struggles in the Christian life, and witnessing. The user can find the listed verses and then determine what Bible says about each topic. This is the fifth volume of Healing Helps from the Bible. The other four volumes are titled: Dealing with Emotions, Relationships, Finding Strength and Handling Weakness, and Finding God’s Perspective and Experiencing the Benefits. All volumes are intended to help the reader draw closer to God and find peace and comfort through understanding better God's message and desires for man.< Less
If Anything Can Go Right... or Get Better... It Will By Grace Michael
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“If anything can go wrong, it will.” That’s Murphy’s Law. Is this true? Is there no way to stop a bad chain of events? No way to stop things from going from bad to worse?... More > Murphy says “No!” Grace says “Yes… there is a way!” Many people feel that Murphy’s Law is the reason for their problems. When things go wrong, they feel that’s there is nothing they can do to help themselves because “that’s life” and there is nothing they can do to stop a bad chain of events. Grace tells how to negate Murphy’s Law and how to change negative events to positive; she explains how Newton’s Law interrelates with Murphy’s Law and Grace’s Law. Grace also includes inspirational sayings, affirmations, bible verses, and non-bible quotes to help you change your life for the better so that “If anything can go right or get better, it will”—and it does.< Less
Christian Maturity - Instructors Guide By Grace Bible College & Seminary
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Christian maturity is an ever-present goal for believers in Christ. This goal is to reach “the very height of Christ’s full stature” (Ephesians 4:13). Although no believer can reach... More > total Christlikeness during earthly life, the Bible places it as the goal for every Christian. It is better to reach for a goal that is too high and gain much than to actually reach a goal that is too low and gain little. The very nature of the subject demands that this course be solidly based on the Bible. Constant reference to Scripture is made throughout the course.< Less
Holy Bible Aionian Edition: Aionian Bible By Nainoia, Inc.
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The Holy Bible Aionian Edition is the world's first Bible un-translation! Free at and Google Playstore! What is an un-translation? Bibles are translated into each of our languages... More > from the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek. Occasionally, the best word translation cannot be found and these words are transliterated letter by letter. Four well-known transliterations are Christ, baptism, angel, and apostle. The meaning is then preserved more accurately through context and a lexicon. The Aionian Bible un-translates and instead transliterates ten additional Aionian Glossary words to help us better understand God's love for individuals and all mankind, and the nature of after-life destinies. The key Greek word un-translated in the Aionian Bible is 'aionios', typically translated as eternal and also world or age. However, aionios means something much more wonderful than eternal! Why purple? King Jesus' Word is royal, and purple is our favorite color!< Less

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