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The Climate • Science and Politics By Per Engene & Göran Tullberg
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This book tells you straight facts about our climate. It ought to be read by our politicians, but they don’t want you to read it. Here the science expose what is lacking in... More > politics. -- “Having read your book, I have decided to order five copies for distribution among friends and family. I cannot think of a better recommendation of the book. You and your co-author have been able to cover an impressive range of important aspects of the climate change issue. This book sends an essential message in a straight way to the readers. It is well organized, supported by informative illustrations, and bears the clear mark of an experienced schoolmaster’s hand.” S. B. Manum, professor emeritus in geology, University of Oslo:< Less
Climate Clock Intiative By Barbara Goldstein et al.
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The Climate Clock project is major public artwork, planned as an icon for Silicon Valley, and intended both to transform public understanding of climate change and to proactively influence individual... More > human behavior in response. This book illustrates the process of the Initiative from development of concept, call for proposals, artist residency and final jury selection.< Less
Climate Justice Field Manual By Jill MacIntyre Witt
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At the COP 21 Climate Summit in Paris, 195 governments agreed that carbon emissions must be lowered and each country reported their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) for lowering... More > carbon emissions. Now it is up to civil society to hold governments accountable to their commitment and to also urge bolder action since their contributions are not adequate to lower emissions to a level suitable for a livable future. This project focuses on how to increase climate activism through a compilation of strategies and best practices in the form of a field manual to inform individuals and organizations on ways to move people to climate activism. A survey administered to global Climate Activists is analyzed and results provide a list of climate actions and barriers identified to help us learn what is working and what is important to focus on in the future to move people to action. This field manual provides additional insights to help build the climate justice movement.< Less
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The climate and culture of the organisation is designed by the changing values of the society to build the ethics of growth and development. The system of imbibing the ethics is important to be... More > socially responsible towards the environment and the society.< Less
Compendium of Climate Lies By Harry G. Olson
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The current political efforts on climate change are based on one of the greatest heresies of modern times. Billions of dollars are wasted to change the weather. Political propaganda has replaced the... More > freedom of scientific knowledge and covers all levels of the society. This book documents each of 20 climate lie in a few words and a striking image. It will help those who doubt and be a mirror for those who lie. In US letter format the manual contains short text pages and 18 full-page, colorful illustrations as master copies.< Less
The Climate Group - News And Blog By Lassie Avil
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INVESTORS WORTH $3 TRILLION URGE WORLD'S BIGGEST POWER COMPANIES TO PLAN FOR A LOW CARBON FUTURE LONDON: A group of 70 global investors that manage more than US$3 trillion worth of collective... More > assets, today launched the first-ever joint effort to spur the world’s top power companies to assess the financial risks of climate change, and the opportunities of transitioning to the low carbon economy.< Less
Biology of Global Climate Change: Summaries of the 2007 Scientific Literature By J. Emil Morhardt
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This book contains 90 summaries of the most important technical papers published in 2007 about the effects of global warming and climate change on the Earth's biological systems
Global Climate Change: Summaries of the 2006-2007 Scientific Literature By J. Emil Morhardt
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Global climate change is suddenly a regular topic in the evening news, thanks partly to the success of Al Gore's film, "An Inconvienent Truth" and partly because of the latest round of... More > summary reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, both of which occurred while this book was being written. Behind this news is a rising tide of new scientific information about global warming and its effects derived from ice cores in polar regions, sediment cores elsewhere, global climate computer models, and a virtual wave of ecological studies. This book is a series of summaries of some 200 of the most important scientific papers published on these subjects in 2006 and 2007. Our intent is to capture the full scientific significance of this literature in brief journalistic summaries accessable to the lay reader. They can be read in any order, and the format invites browsing for top-ics of particular current interest.< Less
Gathering the Wind: What the Bible Says About God, the Weather, and Climate Change By Michael Galloway
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We've all read the headlines. Epic weather disasters of "Biblical proportions" involving floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards seem to be occurring at a record pace. To some, it may... More > seem as if the climate of the planet is going out of control. Yet what does the Bible say about the weather? Does it say anything about climate change or global warming? Or has God simply left us to our own devices? The Bible contains hundreds of verses that refer to the weather and who is in control of it. Scripture is filled with examples of how God has used weather both as a warning and as a blessing. It also contains examples of how weather has been used in times of battle and even as a means of judgment. Building on examples from the past, present, and future, this book addresses weather and climate from a Biblical perspective. It also asks the question: where is God when disaster hits?< Less
Climate Change and Global Warming - Exposed: Hidden Evidence, Disguised Plans By Andrew Johnson
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The weather is something which affects all of us, every day of our lives. It dictates our long and short-term plans. Though it has obvious and far reaching importance, most people don't know very... More > much about the weather. These days, they don't take time to observe it and probably spend more time looking at a screen than they do looking at the sky. They don't really know why the weather seems to be changing. They are told by mainstream sources that anthropogenic (human) activity is having a negative effect on the climate. This book collects together, for the first time, a range of diverse data which proves that the whole issue of “climate change” is more complicated and challenging than almost all researchers into all these topics are willing to consider, examine or entertain. The book covers the global warming myth, geoengineering proposals, persistent jet trails, weather anomalies, weather modification, 9/11 and Agenda 21. Most of the people that need to read this book probably won't ever hear about it.< Less

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