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The Medieval Warm Period: How Climate Change Shaped European History By Amy Moenning
eBook (PDF): $1.25
The Medieval Warm Period had many effects on European history. To name a few examples, climate change played a significant role in the exploration and settlement of the Norse in Greenland, Iceland,... More > and Canada; caused significant changes in medieval farming and husbandry, and allowed the English to compete with the French in producing high quality wine. Climate change also shaped the general health of the medieval population by creating crop surpluses and famines, determining diet and nutrition, and contributing to the spread of many diseases including the infamous bubonic plague.< Less
We Are In Between - Rights for People Displaced In the Context of Climate Change By Vikram Kolmannskog
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Every year millions are forced to flee their homes in the context of climate change and disasters. This book explores the lives and rights of people displaced. It argues that law can be used... More > strategically to secure more effective rights. It also emphasizes the importance of the context of law and the need to address a range of socio-economic, cultural and political factors.< Less
Meteorite Craters, Mass Extinctions, Climate Change & Meteorite Impacts on Earth By Herbert Young
eBook (PDF): $8.75
As a geologist, I consider meteorites to be very special types of rock. They truly are rocks from "out of this world." Meteorite Craters, Mass Extinctions, Climate Change & Meteorite... More > Impacts on Earth is a downloadable PDF reference that belongs in every meteorite enthusiasts library. You will discover: How you can identify a meteorite Mineralogy of meteorites The location of global meteorite craters Mass extinctions, climate change & meteorite craters on Earth This is an ideal ebook to begin exploring the fascinating subject of meteorites, meteorite impact craters and mass extinctions on Earth. This 35 page ebook is available as a downloadable PDF format immediately.< Less
We Are All in This Together: Fifty Stories of Hope and Loss in a Changing Climate By Ariel K. Burgess
Paperback: $17.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
We are all in this together is an environmental art project that showcases fifty species who have already been documented as being affected by contemporary climate change. For each of the stories... More > that you can find in these pages there is an accompanying painting. Through viewing the art and reading the stories, we start to see how each of these species are intricately interconnected with their environment and other species around them. This project highlights fifty species, but as you read, you will find that it is really telling the stories of ecosystems and biodiversity. Shifting weather patterns under the influence of climate change is having profound effects around the world in complex and ever-changing ways. This book is a snapshot in time, tells some of the realities that species are facing in the midst of this global shift, and begins to paint a picture of our changing world. For more information and to see the paintings go to< Less
Save Our Planet Climate Change and Protecting the Ozone Layer By Yolandie Mostert
eBook (ePub): $1.00
A short summary explaining what the hole in the ozone layer is about and how climate change effect our daily lives and what we can do to save our planet. Also read save our planet. Funds generated... More > from these sales will be used to educate smart kids that may one-day come up with bright ideas to save our planet< Less
Jesus and Mary's Plant-based Diet Impacting Climate Change By James C. Tibbetts
Paperback: $12.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Global warming or Climate Change is the biggest problem human civilization has ever faced. There are three main divisions in Climate change: Industrial pollution, Car pollution and Animal pollution.... More > People are choosing to eat 70 billion animals every year which is at least 30% of the problem. One study states all the factors add up to 51% of the problem with animals for food. The obvious solution is a plant-based diet. Jesus and Mary were kosher vegetarians. The biblical, historical and scientific evidence is summarized showing that they were vegetarians. They are models to follow since major change is needed in the area of food people eat which affects climate change.< Less
Assessing State Efforts to Integrate Transportation, Land Use and Climate Change By Rebecca Lewis
Paperback: $4.16
Prints in 3-5 business days
This project explores the institutional barriers and opportunities for reducing VMT, hence GHG, through improved transportation options and smarter development patterns in four states: California,... More > Maryland, Oregon and Washington. The research team analyzed existing policy frameworks around transportation, land use and climate change, outlining the statutory context around plans and actions within state agencies and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs). The research team used content analysis to analyze existing plans under these agencies, and conducted interviews with over 40 stakeholders to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of state approaches. The research team assessed the existing policy framework within the case study states and offers recommendations for improving existing frameworks. Finally, lessons learned from these four states can inform other states attempting to reduce GHG from transportation.< Less
CLIMATE CHANGE, REGIONALISM AND DEVELOPMENT: Perspectives from East Africa By Boaz Adhengo
Paperback: $33.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
It is the greatest environmental challenge of the 21st Century. But what do we truly know about global climate change? And what can we do about it? Most of the world's top scientists agree that... More > emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from human activities such as industrial processes, fossil fuel combustion, and land-use changes are causing the earth to get warmer. The book begins with a secular emancipation of the human, written from a humanistic perspective; it is questionable by the religious scholars, yet understandable to all on key issue areas that recognize no affiliation. We all experience the climate change, whether we are humanists or religious in our livelihood.< Less
Momma Can't Bear the Heat, Global Warming and Climate Change By Roy Lin & Richard Ponce
eBook (PDF): $4.99
A group of animals in the Arctic Circle join forces with Inuit villagers to reverse the climate warming problem.
3 Facts You Need to Know About Climate Change By Carlos Hernandez
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Climate change is having a huge impact on everyone and this ebook is going to give you some more insight into exactly what climate change is, what is causing it and what we as the people causing it,... More > can do to stop or at least slow it. With a movie out and more and more talk everyday about global warming, it’s hard to ignore the facts, or are they fiction?? This ebook will help you determine what is true and what isn’t. Get Your Copy of This eBook Today!< Less

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