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Expert Oracle Database Architecture By Herr christophe marsat
eBook (PDF): $231.90
As the title suggests, Expert Oracle Database Architecture concentrates on the database architecture and how the database itself works. I cover the Oracle database architecture in depth: the files,... More > memory structures, and processes that comprise an Oracle database and instance. I then move on to discuss important database topics such as locking, concurrency controls, how transactions work, and redo and undo, and why it is important for you to know about these things. Lastly, I examine the physical structures in the database such as tables, indexes, and datatypes, covering techniques for making optimal use of them.< Less
Database e linguaggio SQL By Riccardo Cervelli
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Questo libro spiega i concetti di base per progettare database, con particolare riferimento al modello relazionale. Dopo una panoramica dei DBMS presenti sul mercato, si prendono in esame la storia e... More > la sintassi del linguaggio SQL, fornendo numerosi esempi pratici ed esercizi secondo l'approccio tipico dell'analista informatico. Nel libro si fa riferimento alle implementazioni del linguaggio SQL e delle sue funzioni nei DBMS più famosi come Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL e PostgreSQL.< Less
Save The Database, Save The World! Database Security, Risk and Compliance In The Age of Cyber War By John B. Ottman, Jr. & Kenneth Minihan
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Data breaches are a constant concern for the private sector and government organizations. With ubiquitous access to information and the emergence of cloud computing, the threat of data breaches is... More > becoming both more likely and more dangerous. The surface area to defend is immense, the attack vectors are constantly changing, the perpetrators are unknown, and the vulnerability of the targets is unacceptably high. Databases contain your company's most valuable information. Save the Database, Save the World! highlights important trends in data security and best practices for database security, risk, and compliance initiatives. Topics include an overview of the cyber security landscape, database security best practices, and effective approaches for achieving security and compliance.< Less
Relational Database Design for Starters: Explained through a Case Study in Microsoft Access By Akmal Masood
Paperback: $59.96
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This book provides a practical guide to designing and building a database. Step by step instructions enable the reader to analyze a paper based system and design a relational database using Entity... More > Relationship Diagrams and Normalization. This book provides instructions on how to use the most useful features of Microsoft Access to complete the new working database. •Ideal as a text book for a beginner who wants to know the database design from concept to a working database explained in simple English •Ideal for an undergraduate level student taking a course in Database Management System, Information Systems, Systems Analysis or Database Design •Ideal for an IT Analyst, Systems Analyst or Systems Engineer •Ideal as a reference for experienced DBA to refresh basic concepts< Less
The Mr. Smith’s Mastering Series – Using Microsoft Excel as a Database By Hughan Smith
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Excel is not just for Summing, Formulas, Functions and Charts. Excel has far greater capabilities including the ability to perform Database like functions. Excel is not a full-blown Database like its... More > counterpart “Access”, it does however have similar capabilities, and for the most part can perform many of the features of Access. This book is written in a way that even those who are relatively new to Excel will be able to perform the required steps to successfully use the feature. Another advantage of learning “Excel as a Database” is that you are at the same time, understanding the concepts and methods of Access. Many of the processes of filtering in Excel is exactly the same as it is in Access. Should you decide in the future to tackle Access, you should find the process a lot easier to understand. As an extra bonus, the actual Excel file has been uploaded as the "Preview", that way you can actually follow the steps in the book.< Less
Traveling Consultant's Guide to Auditing Oracle Database 10G and 11G By Mark Adams
Paperback: $25.00
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This book is intended for IT auditors who need a quick and handy reference for knowing what to look for when auditing Oracle databases. Topics covered include critical files and tables, users,... More > roles, privileges, encryption, passwords, and native auditing features.< Less
App-V 4.1 Database Schema Drawing Pdf By Timothy Mangan
eBook (PDF): $7.99
Database Schema Drawing of the Microsoft App-V Full Infrastructure Database used in SoftGrid 4.1 and App-V 4.2. Rendered from the database version through, this is a high... More > resolution pdf suitable for poster sized (22x38.5 in) printing. Useful for designing custom reports of user, application, and server activity.< Less
App-V 4.5 Database Schema Drawing Pdf By Timothy Mangan
eBook (PDF): $7.99
Database Schema Drawing of the Microsoft App-V Full Infrastructure Database used in App-V 4.5 and 4.6. Rendered from the database version, this is a high resolution pdf suitable for... More > poster sized (22x38.5 in) printing. Useful for designing custom reports of user, application, and server activity.< Less
Synergies and Opportunities: Open Source and Commercial Vendors - A study of the relational database market. By Lukas Kahwe Smith
Paperback: $9.83
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This paper analyzes the influence of open source in the market for relational databases (RDBMS). It examines primarily the economic but also in parts the legal and social dimensions. In order to do... More > so, it first gives an introduction to the theory of informations goods and open source. Following is an overview of the RDBMS market and the SQL standards. The core of this paper is a series of case studies which illustrate how both individual developers but also companies are influenced in their abilities by open source. The paper also features a number of email interviews with members of several open source database projects. In this process it was discovered that open source can assist developer in their career development. Companies on the other hand profit from lowered transaction and development costs. Open source also assists in building markets for complimentary products or even to undermine core markets of competitors.< Less
Oracle Quick Guides Part 1 - Oracle Basics: Database & Tools By Malcolm Coxall
eBook (ePub): $4.41
This is Part 1 of a series of quick learning guides for Oracle designers, developers and managers. It introduces completely new entrants to the Oracle environment: relational principles, history,... More > background of Oracle, the products, database architecture, installation, Oracle and 3rd party database and design tools and includes a glossary of basic Oracle terms and explanations of their meaning. These guides are designed to rapidly deliver key information about Oracle to the following audience groups: Project Managers, Team Leaders, Testers who are new to Oracle and need rapid access to strategic information about the Oracle development environment. Business Analysts, Designers, Developers who are new to Oracle and need to make first steps in gaining a detailed understanding of the design and development issues involved in Oracle.< Less