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edX CS191x QM&QC By Daniele Antonioli
eBook (PDF): $6.41
Notes from the edX (BerkleyX) online course CS191x (2013). Week 1 covers double-slit experiment, geometric representation of Qubits and Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Week 2 covers axioms of QM,... More > Entanglement and Bell's inequalities. Week 3 covers Quantum gates and Quantum Teleportation protocol. Week 4 covers Quantum Circuit realization and early Quantum algorithm: Fourier sampling, Simon's alg. Week 5 covers Midterm exam. Week 6 covers Quantum Fourier transform, Period finding problem and Shor's factoring algorithm. Week 7 covers Quantum search in an unstructured database, Observables and discrete-value Schrodinger's equation. Week 8 covers toy model for an atom (particle in a box), Schrodinger's equation of 1-D particle in a box, Quantum Complexity theory. Week 9 covers spin Qubit, Bloch Sphere representation, Stern-Gerlach experiment, Pauli Spin matrices, Larmor Precession, Spin resonance method and classical control of a Quantum computer.< Less
Craigslist for Heroes, Rogues, and Middle Management: Buying and Selling When Crowds Are the Product By Christopher Lotito
eBook (ePub): $3.99
"Put succinctly: 'Craigslist is the website where when you ignore the economy, the invisible hand slaps you.' This is a book about crowds. It’s about things that crowds do when you give... More > them a blank listing box and no moderation, it’s about the data that they generate, and how we can use that data to increase profits, to increase organizational knowledge, and to pull buyers, sellers, and everything else out of those faceless crowds." (~Christopher Lotito, Author) (About the Book:)If you've been looking for ways to maximize your sales on Craigslist, to sell your own home, your own car, or any other product, if you've been looking for a job, for ways to increase your connections, to "build your database," you've found your guide in this book. A little marketing, a lot of business experience, a few technical secrets, and a host of real life examples, this is certainly the most comprehensive guide to Craigslist ever published.< Less
Stick Around By Guy Griffiths
eBook (ePub): $16.68
Member retention is a massive problem in the gym industry, despite advances in technology and new exercise trends. Many clubs have 50% of members leave within a year of joining. Guy Griffiths aims to... More > positively affect the health and fitness of more people each year. His work with systems and people has helped many clubs to get their members to stick around. The book sets out three cornerstones of good retention; people, communication and systems. It has proven techniques for improving member interaction inside and outside your club. It also describes how to build a retention system, as well as how to use more complex retention systems. It runs through the full member journey. Each stage is accompanied by diagrams and case-studies to illustrate key points. The journey continues after the member leaves, showing how to use your ex-member database as a prospect tool. Summaries, checklists and examples provide an invaluable resource to anyone involved in the running of a health-club.< Less
Mobile Marketing: 101 Inexpensive & Profitable Ideas for Small Business By Mitchell Cogert
eBook (ePub): $9.95
Mobile Marketing: 101 Inexpensive & Profitable Ideas for Small Business is the answer to any business that is looking for mobile marketing ideas that are affordable, easy to use, and proven to... More > work. You will learn about the mobile marketing tools you can use in your business, how much they cost, and how you can use them to spur company growth, create brand awareness, build a client database and more. The tools include: Mobile websites, SMS or text messaging,Mobile advertising, Location-based social media, Proximity marketing. Mobile apps, and QR codes. There are over 275 million mobile phone subscribers in the U.S., and over 100 million of them are using the mobile web from their devices. That spells opportunity. "What's truly needed--actionable ideas in mobile marketing that anyone can use to grow their business." -Bridget McCrea, Award-winning business journalist and author of Second Homes for Dummies.< Less
Astrological Factors in Gambling : Results of 110 Visits to Nevada Casinos By Ed Augusts
Hardcover: $75.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Here's $1,000,000+ in valuable raw astrological data that can be mined by anyone who knows the basics of astrology and is interested in what causes wins & losses in a casino. The author spent six... More > years in the Las Vegas area and could see "The Strip" in the distance through his window. He recorded results when he played at more than a dozen casinos. With 30+ years of experience in astrology, he noted the Moon's degree, close lunar and planetary transits to both his own chart and among themselves, and other factors. The data is part of anecdotal, often thrilling wins and losses -- providing the basis for this book. Included: a tournament win, and the world's longest "roll" -- 3 hours, 22 minutes -- playing Ricochet (a cross between Craps and Roulette). Anyone looking to build a similar database would spend at least 100 TIMES the price of this book just to get the raw data, let alone sifting it for valuable rules, aphorisms and insights.< Less
Job Hunting Tips For Consultants By Eric Kay
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Find out How to efficiently use and to save hours everyday and have more time to spend on things you really enjoy doing How to avoid mistakes made by new consultants and prevent... More > recruiters and employment agencies from taking advantage of you How to write “recession proof” resume that will get you more interviews How to make thousands of dollars more by deciding whether it is best to work on a W2, 1099 or "Corp To Corp" How to have recruiters and clients look for you, instead of you chasing them How to negotiate best rates and terms with recruiters and employment agencies so that you are the one making the most money not them making the biggest commission How to realize advantages of working on a short term job/project How to screen recruiters and agencies so that you don't waste your time dealing with the ones who don't have any potential jobs but are just looking to "build their database" Understand why recruiters work against you not for you< Less
The Indexer vol 31 No 2 June 2013 By Society of Indexers
Paperback: $17.59
Prints in 3-5 business days
The journal of the Society of Indexers. Articles include: The National Index to Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals (NICNP) in the digital age (Han Chunlei); The Chinese Periodical Full-Text Database... More > (1911-1949): searching the literature of the Republic of China (Xu Shu); Ereaders: exploring how well they work (Pierke Bosschieter); Newcomers: readers’ comments (Adam LeBrocq, Sylvia Coates, Ann Hudson, Elena Gwynne and Linda Stumbaugh); XIndex: a cautionary tale (Denise Sutherland); EPUB3 versus HTML5 (Ori Idan); Tools of Change (Pilar Wyman); Portrait of the indexer? (Susan Curran); Letter: A tale of two cultures?; ANZSI conference 2013 (Carol Dawber and Sandy Liddle); Bibliography and the indexer; cullings from the Almanacco bibliografico (Maureen MacGlashan); Plus a Centrepiece featuring: Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) names: resources for the indexer (Lam Lai Heung); Asian names in an English-language context: negotiating the structural and linguistic minefield (Fiona Swee-Lin Price)< Less
Refuted: Aadhaar a Biometric History of India's 12- Digit Revolution By Aadhaar Ghost
eBook (ePub): $1.03
AADHAAR is Trillion dollar scam to enslave billion Indians. You can throw #AADHAAR in dustbin by putting Fevicol in finger before you are forced to give fingerprint. It will blind the fingerprint... More > scanner. Jai Hind! 25 lakh families in Rajasthan are unable to withdraw ration even after seeding Aadhaar with their ration card. Aadhaar authentication does not work for half billion Indians. Aadhaar authentication does not work even after updating bio-metrics and waiting for 90 days. AADHAAR bio-metrics can be stolen, printed and used for Aadhaar pay. Aadhaar does not work for NRIs, people outside India. Aadhaar cannot be generated if a person's fingerprint matches with someone else Please cover your legal ground by emailing asking them to take 1 crore insurance for your Aadhaar bio-metrics and 1 lakh insurance for Aadhaar authentication failure. Else delete bio-metrics from Aadhaar database, archive and all third party vendors with whom UIDAI has shared/sold your bio-metrics with. Jai Hind.< Less
Workplace Weekly News: Series 9 Xmas Digital Edition By Gloria Towolawi
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Workplace Weekly News Publication is the No 1 online and digital workplace publication in the USA. Every week we report news affecting the workplace such as employee benefits, workplace... More > discrimination, wage violations, workplace regulatory updates, immigration issues, employee wellness and spa, training and development, workplace software and technology, workplace trends and events etc that cut across all industries. Some of the major highlights of this week’s workplace breaking news are: Employers Put On Notice to Comply With the FLSA Provisions,OSHA Files Petition against SeaWorld of Florida, Discrimination against American Workers Under H-2A Program- Hamilton Growers Agrees to pay $500,000, Medical Information Disclosure Policy Goes Awry Dillard’s to pay $2 Million, USCIS Launch E-Verify Employer Search Tool Database, Access Releases Formatta Electronic Forms Management Suite 8.0, Onesource Professional Search to Increase Contract Staffing Business, etc.< Less
Springhill Group Home: Top 10 Fraud SchemesMhaxx Harris By Mhaxx Harris
eBook (PDF): $8.99 springhill group home loans scam prevention tips For the twelfth successive year, identity theft topped... More > the consumer complaint database of the Federal Trade Commission with the largest number of complaints, perhaps owing to the rampant use (and misuse) of online services such as social networking and e-commerce websites. From the 1.8 million complaints the FTC got in 2011, almost 300,000 are about identity theft. The information of FTC has included complaints filed to them or from other states and federal consumer protection groups. Most of the complaints of identity theft are coming from consumers saying that their personal details are used in government documents without their knowledge, with scammers aiming to collect benefits. Last year, government-related identity theft was 27% of the total complaints in that category, increasing by 11% since 2009.< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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