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Discipleship in the School of Christ By Theodore Austin-Sparks
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Chapter 1 - The Chief Occupation of a Disciple Chapter 2 - The Nature of Divine Life Chapter 3 - The Quality of Divine Life Chapter 4 - Divine Life, Unlimited by Time and Space Chapter 5 - Divine... More > Life and Deliverance from Bondage to Sin and Death Chapter 6 - Divine Life: All-Sufficient and Inexhaustible Chapter 7 - Divine Life: Triumphant Over Natural Forces Chapter 8 - Divine Life by Spiritual Sight Chapter 9 - Divine Life: Overcoming Death in its Fullness In the New Testament the Lord's people were called by various names, and these were the names by which Christians came to be known. Most of the names were given to them by themselves, but there were two exceptions. The name “Christian” was someone's joke. The inhabitants of Antioch found this a very suitable title for these people. And then there was another word which was taken over from more common use, and, whilst not particularly their own choice for themselves, it became the name by which they were more usually known than any other.< Less
The Christ, the Antichrist and the Church By Theodore Austin-Sparks
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The apostle John calls Jesus, Son of God, the “Logos”. The apostle Paul calls Jesus “the wisdom of God” and “the power of God”. Those titles have a special... More > significance .... that Jesus is the embodiment of divine reason, divine ideas. Behind everything in this universe, as we know it, there are occasions, causes, reasons, explanations, meanings, things which demand answers, and the Holy Spirit’s work ... is to reveal those ... and lead us to the why and wherefore of things in the mind of God. All that explanation is bound up in the very Person of the Lord Jesus. He is the personification of God’s reason, the explanation and the answer to the things which lie behind this universe ... God’s full answer is in a Person, and it is therefore the revelation of Jesus Christ which gets behind everything and gives us the key to everything; that answers every question and imparts all the knowledge that is necessary for us to have in order that we may come into perfect oneness with God.< Less
Overcomer Testimony By Theodore Austin-Sparks
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After long and very deep exercise of heart and weighing things solemnly before the Lord, I am led quite strongly to the conclusion that His message for us at this time, and not for us only, but for... More > His whole Church, is concerning Overcomer Testimony. The definition will wait upon all that we have to say; I do not stay to try to explain that in any preliminary word. You will notice that I leave out the article and just say “Overcomer Testimony”, not something new in itself perhaps to any of us, but I believe in the intention of God, new in emphasis. We begin by reminding ourselves of the fact of overcomers throughout the whole history recorded in the Scriptures, the fact of Overcomers in Divine history.< Less
The City Which Hath Foundations By Theodore Austin-Sparks
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Our object is to see that because Jerusalem is so closely related to God, indeed has been brought into being by Him, her values must be pre-eminently spiritual and divine. Back of her history there... More > lie those elements which are not of this world, nor are they merely of time, but are heavenly and eternal. Before we can consider the city particularly we must view the land as a whole, because very largely the city is the concentration of the features of the land. We note that in Hebrews 11 the city which hath foundations is closely related to the heavenly country (verses 10, 16), so that the city is but the concentration of the country. That is an important thing to bear in mind as we go on.< Less
What Is Man? By Theodore Austin-Sparks
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"To my readers I would say that, although the main subject of the tripartite nature of man is such a controversial one, this book is not entered as a part of the controversy. Such a course would... More > only be to contradict its main contention—that Divine things can only be entered into by revelation and never by reason. Indeed, I have no wish that anyone should read this book unless they are really exercised about reality and spiritual things. I would ask for openness of heart as the one concession to the Spirit of truth if, peradventure, He might be ready to use what is written here for enlightenment. "The book goes out with a prayer which comes from long ago, 'that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him; having the eyes of your heart enlightened' (Eph. 1:17)." T. A-S< Less
In Touch With the Throne By Theodore Austin-Sparks
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As we contemplate the great ministry of prayer, I think it would be most helpful if at the outset we were reminded of the Divine basis of all acceptable prayer. Before we come to what may be more... More > technical we must recognize the spiritual foundation of prayer, and that has to do with the ingredients and the sacredness of the incense which was to be burnt upon the golden altar referred to in Exodus 30, verse 34 onwards. It is not my intention to take up these ingredients for exposition, but simply to note that the Lord stipulated certain things for the sweet spices, and then made a very strong statement in relation to them ... As we know, the sweet spices, the ingredients of the incense, typify the moral excellencies of the Lord Jesus: His graces, virtues, merits and worthiness. The incense is ... the merit and worthiness of the Lord Jesus put into the prayers, mingled with the prayers, and becoming that which brings the prayers in effectiveness and acceptance to the presence of God.< Less
What the Gospel Is By Theodore Austin-Sparks
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It is very important that we should know what the Gospel is. If we were asked to state what the Gospel is, probably we should set down some passages of Scripture which we consider are inclusive of... More > the Gospel. Probably John 3:16 and say - that is the Gospel. We should be right to a point, but at best we should only be stating certain basic truths about the Gospel; glorious truths and yet not in themselves the Gospel in its fulness or in its central meaning. Those are wonderful facts and they are constituent parts of the Gospel, but that is not the Gospel in the sense in which you and I must understand the Gospel and know the meaning of the Gospel. I believe that the Gospel is just this, simply, but most profoundly, that the Son of God, Who is also Son of Man, has come, and in His Coming has expressed in the world the Divine type of what God intended before times eternal that His race, His creation, should be.< Less
"Behold My Servant" By Theodore Austin-Sparks
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I have found the Lord putting it into my heart quite strongly to say something about the service of God; and I think we can gather it under that first clause - “Behold, my servant.” Of... More > course, here the words are prophetically related to the Lord Jesus. There is no doubt about that, because they are actually quoted ... “that it might be fulfilled which was spoken through Isaiah the prophet, saying, Behold, my servant whom I have chosen; my beloved in whom my soul is well pleased”; and there are other passages in the New Testament which are a repetition, in part of these very words. ...He, the Lord Jesus, became the great, inclusive, model servant of the Lord, fulfilled the service, and then passed it on to the Church. There is a very real and quite true sense in which Christ and His Body, the Church, now is the servant of the Lord, so, that it can be said - or should be able to be said - of Christ in the Church “Behold, my servant”; that is, as to Divine principle and purpose.< Less
"God Hath Spoken" By Theodore Austin-Sparks
eBook (ePub): $1.99
I am well aware that what will be said will represent for multitudes of Christians today no less an upheaval and revolution than that which was presented at the beginning by the transition from... More > Judaism to a fully-fledged Christianity as presented by the Apostles when they were through that transition and interpreted the significance of Christ. If it should cause or result in as violent a reaction and hostility, it will be no surprise. There are two causes for comfort in such a case: one is the deep sense of Divine urge and commission to write, "whether they will hear or whether they will forbear"; and the other, the knowledge that for a long time and in an ever deepening way there has been a growing realization on the part of many that all is not well with Christendom, even with evangelical Christianity. With the exception of two classes of Christians, there is an increasing concern over the actual or comparative weakness and ineffectiveness of the spiritual life and witness of Christians and the churches.< Less
"In the Face of Jesus Christ" By Theodore Austin-Sparks
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"In the face of Jesus Christ"! In that phrase I see everything that relates to God's eternal purpose and to the Divine intention, both as to man and the universe. It embraces the counsels... More > of the Godhead before the world was — it embraces the creation; it embraces redemption; it embraces the final glory. All that is in the face of Jesus Christ. Indeed, there is nothing which concerns us, as creatures related to God and eternity, which is not to be found in the face of Jesus Christ. God comes to us in the face of Jesus Christ, and all that ever we shall or can know of God is to be found in the face of Jesus Christ. The face is the human medium of communication. The face is the medium of personality. The personality is the character formed in secret, the sum of all secret history, and it embraces itself in the face ... If all that is of God is in the face of Jesus Christ, there has to be given revelation in our hearts, as well as in His face. We have to be able to see the face of Jesus Christ.< Less

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