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The Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia By W. M. Ramsay
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A thorough treatment of the importance of these cities within the history of the church as Ramsay lays out the history and theology that formed these cities as well as their importance in the... More > spiritual development of our spiritual lives.< Less
Uncommon Sense: A Prophetic Manifesto for the Church In Babylon By S. Douglas Woodward
eBook (ePub): $9.95
Gathering seven essays from his various books and updating them into a synergistic manifesto, Woodward argues that Americans lack an understanding of why our nation has wandered down a path to ruin.... More > Short of repentance and revival, Woodward argues that America stands destined for disaster. The essays cover a broad spectrum of seldom known facts of our national story that tell the unvarnished history of the past two hundred years right up to the present day. Woodward provides an analysis of what went wrong and what we must do about it. It calls upon true Christians to recognize the apocalyptic times in which we live and the need to proclaim the imminent coming of the Kingdom of God, an indispensable element of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the only true hope for lasting change in our culture, our society, and the personal lives of everyone on this planet.< Less
The Gospel Prophecy: The Bible As Allegory By Alan Russell Fuller
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The church fathers were much closer to the time when the original manuscripts of the Bible were written than we are, so doesn't it make sense to use the methods of interpretation they used rather... More > than forcing an understanding based on history and a literal sense of language? Especially when interpreting such cryptic books as The Revelation. A universe without God is different than the one a believer sees. An atheist sees a universe of randomness. Where are purpose, design and meaning? A Godless universe is a chaotic place ruled by chance. The Christian sees a universe under God's control. God gives purpose and meaning, and is the designer. His order is maintained throughout the domain. If that is the case, shouldn't the Bible, God's Word, represent something other than random bits of history and prose Shouldn't it be considered something more than the uninspired writings of ancient men?< Less
Sacred Cows volume 1 By Chris Bobblett
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In this first volume of Sacred Cows, Pastor Chris Bobblett tips over the religious cows of Eternal Insecurity, Law Giving, Women in Ministry and the End of the World. Be encouraged as you see the... More > scripture and life from a whole new way, a way of freedom.< Less
Homilies on the Epistles of Paul to the Corinthians By Saint Chrysostom
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One of the first collections of commentaries done by the early church fathers to combat the plethora of false teaching that existed in the early church. These homilies help to lay out the teachings... More > of the two letters to the Corinthians in a way that will help both lay people and scholars to understand what the apostle Paul was teaching about when he walked the earth. Although many in the Catholic church will swear by the teaching within this book the fact is that the Protestant church may disagree with some of the teaching presented here, but it is still a helpful tool to understand the problems in the church as it existed in the first couple hundred years.< Less
LEFT BEHIND Answered Verse by Verse By David Reed
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Will unbelievers and half-hearted churchgoers have 7 more years to make up their minds about Christ after He raptures the Church? LEFT BEHIND gives them all a 'second chance.' But is that what Jesus... More > taught? His parables of the talents, the wise and foolish virgins, the wheat and the tares, and the faithful and evil servant all show him returning unexpectedly with both rewards and punishments in his hands. Neither the parables nor the plain words of Christ teach a second chance for those surprised by his coming. But LEFT BEHIND does. Few Christians realize LEFT BEHIND tosses aside the teachings of Luther, Calvin, Tyndale, Wesley, Wycliffe and Spurgeon. Read dozens of quotes from these and other respected sources that show LEFT BEHIND strays far from the truths Bible readers have understood for centuries. Author of JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ANSWERED VERSE BY VERSE and MORMONS ANSWERED VERSE BY VERSE (Baker Book House), David A. Reed is known worldwide as an expert in refuting false prophecy.< Less
The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation By Fr Denis Fahey
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In this work, Fr. Fahey explains the rights of Christ the King versus organized naturalism which is counter to Christ’s rights. Christians are not only called to be holy and spiritual, but... More > also to transform society according to the rules of God so that Christ reigns not only in heaven, but also in everyday society. Fr. Fahey speaks of the role of the Jews against this rule of Christ the King, explains their role in ancient and modern society, and their conversion to Christ the Messias. Modern society is grossly disordered, as any thinking man will readily acknowledge, and it can only be reconstituted by reestablishing the rule of Christ, and His Church, over all parts of society, from the top down. Though written in 1953 it remains timely because the subject matter remains pertinent to our day and age. Father Fahey is the expert on the rights of Christ in society, and a good place to begin to understand what has happened to our society, why, and the solution.< Less
A Shadow’s Cry: The Fires of Judgement By Anthony Uyl
Paperback: $19.47
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In this follow up to the popular first book A Shadow’s Cry: Dark Poetry from a Troubled Mind, a story is laid out from the concept of an Illusion, moving to the Reality of our world. The third... More > chapter is the concept of God’s judgement and the wrongs that will bring this judgement on. Lastly, the chapter on the unending hope that is ours by reconciling with God the Father through Christ. While the overall message of this book is dark at times, the final chapter is an uplifting set of verses that will aim to give anyone reassurance in God alone.< Less
The Mark of the Beast and the Seal of God By Marc Rasell
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This book looks at the how the mark of the beast and the seal of God relate to character and personal holiness. Those who receive the seal of God become like Jesus, but those who receive the mark of... More > the beast become like the beast. Find out whether this is a visible mark or whether something more subtle is involved. The world is being brought into a crisis when the loyalty of all people will be tested to see if they will accept God's seal or choose to believe a lie and receive the mark of the beast.< Less
A Philosophical Approach - Cosmological By Garrison Clifford Gibson
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It is fine for ordinary people that have not drank the kool aid of professional cosmological atheists to consider the Universe from a personal and philosophical viewpoint informed with information... More > from reputable physicists and some perhaps less so in addition to theologians and philosophers. A few physicists and evolution scientists with a legion of herd followers have taken up atheism as a consequence of scientific insight. I do not share that unsupportable line of thinking. Herein are my recent posts related at least generally to the field of cosmology. One might readily compare and contrast select ideas from theology on topics like pre-destination inclusive of macro-cosmic determinism with the opinions about modern physics on pre-determinism in the post-Newtonian era. In this book I have only hit upon such subjects in passing rather than systematically.< Less

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