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Mythology in the World By Kimberly Garcia
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This book takes a more balanced approach to presenting world mythologies. Kimberly Garcia takes the time to present the lesser-known myths of the Native Americans and the ancient Japanese, for... More > example. Connections are made between the different stories, and descriptions of gods and goddesses are vibrant.< Less
The Mythological Zoo By Oliver Herford
eBook (ePub): $1.97
The Mythological Zoo is a delightful illustrated book by Oliver Herford first published in 1912. Oliver Herford was called America's Oscar Wilde because he was well known for his wit and... More > humour. Kean Guides have developed to take advantage of new reading media and to appeal to the modern reader. We now aim to offer a library of Children’s Books that have been selected to illustrate the best of the writer and illustrators in formats that enhance the reading experience for adult and child alike. We are also committed to republishing old classics that have been sadly ignored and overlooked by other publishers. We are committed to provide the greatest writers to readers at a reasonable price.< Less
The Fairy Mythology By Thomas Keightley
eBook (ePub): $1.25
A book about fairies, and other mythical creatures, their origins around the Europe and beyond.
An American Mythology By Fidel Martinez
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A book of poetry dealing with different aspects of the American experience that compose the mythos, that, is the agony, restlessness, and obsessions of our daily lives.
Revealed Mythologies By Greg Stafford
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Revealed Mythologies details the mythologies of the Malkioni (westerners), Vithelans (Easterners), and Doraddi (Pamaltelans) of Glorantha, which previously have been obscured by the mythology of... More > Central Genertela. Each section of the book provides the core mythologies of these powerful and important cultures, accompanied by Godtime maps from the culture’s point of view. Each mythology is also accompanied by a glossary of the culture’s important divinities, places, events, and philosophies.< Less
Greek Mythology By Elaine Margera
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The human race has been curious about all the surrounding phenomenon of nature, since its beginning. Based on the level of the information and intellect possess by the people of era, there have been... More > a number of stories and descriptive, which account for the historical events and their explanation. The historical and ancient narration of these tales constitutes the body of mythology. Among all the texts and manuscripts of mythology, the Greek mythology is believed to be the most ancient one. Just all other mythic beliefs, Greek mythology also holds specific beliefs about the origin of this universe and the phenomenon of evil and goodness. These myths have traveled hundreds of years and have sustained the blows of alterations and personal depictions. In the book, I have discussed all the basic perspectives of Greek mythology, which are crucial to be narrated to all those who are interested in knowing about Greek mythology.< Less
Modern Mythology By LewisAndrew CarrollLang
eBook (ePub): $1.74
Modern Mythology by Andrew Lang.Please visit our Spotlight at for more books.
Mythology of the Norsemen By Peter Ohs
Paperback: $12.75
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Most of the existing records on Norse mythology date from the 11th to 18th century, having gone through more than two centuries of oral preservation. Undoubtedly Northern mythology has exercised a... More > deep influence upon our customs, laws, and language. There also has been a great unconscious inspiration flowing from these into English literature. The most distinctive traits of this mythology are a peculiar grim humor, to be found in the religion of no other race.< Less
The End of Mythology By Virgogray Press
Paperback: $11.00
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In The End of Mythology, A. Molotkov and John Sibley Williams have come together to create a responsive, almost fluid stream of poetry. The collection is fraught with subtle and slightly haunting... More > overtones in some areas, and radiant with light in others. Poets, A. Molotkov ad John S. Williams have orchestrated a refined and tender, yet stunning symphony conveyed through minimalist stanzas that draw the senses and the conscious to the fore. A seamless bifurcation of two great underground poets of our time, The End of Mythology is graceful masterpiece for all poetry enthusiasts.< Less
Bulfinch's Mythology By Thomas Bulfinch
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Explore the mythology behind books like those in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series with the ultimate guide to myths and legends! Discover the original stories of Perseus, Hercules, Pegasus,... More > the Oracles, the Labyrinth, and the Greek and Roman gods, goddesses, and demigods. Includes Arthurian, Asian, Nordic, and French myths and legends.< Less

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