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Nerve Zero By Justin Robinson
eBook (ePub): $4.95
An engrossing noir story set in on an occupied, zero gravity, artificial world. Crime, mystery, cults, secret police, assassins, betrayal and a chase through the atmosphere of a gas giant - this book... More > has it all! Idriel Ramirez has returned home, haunted by the shame of being a conscripted pilot for the New Terran Empire. Haunted by the shame that he's felt the sky. Once respected as a nerve, now he's just pressed. Few in Hinden, clouded jewel of a fallen empire, will even look him in the eye. Drawn into crime and mystery by Ausiel Montoya, an old itch, Ramirez tells himself he's floating through Hinden's steel nest of assassins, pscyhos and cultists because of what the money she promised can buy him - years off his indenture. But as he delves deeper into the heart of his wretched homeworld he finds the secret she's carrying is as big as the secret at core of Hinden. And just as dangerous. Appropriate for Adults: Variant violence, Death, Infrequent cursing, Non-graphic deviant sexual situations< Less
9999 Dreams Interpreted By Rob Kraus
eBook (PDF): $2.50
ERVATION PROVES THE EXISTENCE OF A PSYCHIC WORLD, as real as the world known to our physical senses. ``And now, because the soul acts at a distance by some power that belongs to it, are we... More > authorized to conclude that it exists as something real, and that it is not the result of functions of the brain? ``Does light really exist? ``Does heat exist? ``Does sound exist? ``No. ``They are only manifestations produced by movement. ``What we call light is a sensation produced upon our optic nerve by the vibrations of ether, comprising between 400 and 756 trillions per second, undulations that are themselves very obscure. ``What we call heat is a sensation produced by vibrations between 350 and and{sic} 600 trillions. ``The sun lights up space, as much at midnight as at midday. Its temperature is nearly 270 degrees below zero. ``What we call sound is a sensation produced upon our auditory nerve by silent vibrations of the air, themselves comprising between 32,000 and 36,000 a second.< Less
Spark of Life By Gladys M. Randolph
Paperback: $19.95
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We must pause with awe when it comes to the human brain. We must wonder to contemplate the marvels and mysteries of the three pounds of pinkish-gray tissue contained within our heads. The brain... More > contains upward of 12 billion nerve cells, each of which may potentially be linked to countless others. Possible "telephone connections" in switchboards of the brain are so numerous as to be incomprehensible. A credible estimate sets the figure at 10 followed by 23 zeros. Unconsciousness, that last several minutes or more following a head injury, requires close care. Some brain injuries can cause lasting damage to the brain tissue and leave residuals of severe headaches, dizziness, and even paralysis or convulsions. Very severe brain injury with hemorrhage and swelling of the brain substance (compression) can lead to death! The Brain Is Our Spark of Life.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60