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Hope Reborn By Alisha Jones
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Andrea Walker is a brand new doctor in small town, North Carolina, with a booming medical practice, a huge network of family, and a soft spot in her heart for all of her patients. She also has the... More > love and support of her best friend, and true love, Michael. Although she throws herself into her work, and rarely sees him, she knows that he loves her. But, when he grows tired of eating alone and rearranging dinner reservations to suit her schedule, she may find that her true love needs a little more than just... love. Andrew Jordan is a police officer and father which seems to be enough for him. That is, until he meets the intriguing Dr. Walker. Her way with her patients rivals the very best big city doctors, and her home town humor breaks down all of his barriers that he had erected around his heart.Will Andrea and Andrew be able to conquer insurmountable odds and build a future for themselves? Or, will an untimely death and a heart-wrenching decision, cause the two to go their separate ways?< Less
Asteroid of Fear By Raymond Z. Gallun
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Asteroid of Fear is a science fiction novel written by Raymond Z. Gallun and was first published in 1951. The space ship landed briefly, and John Endlich lifted the huge Asteroids Homesteaders Office... More > box, which contained everything from a prefabricated house to toothbrushes for his family, down from the hold-port without help or visible effort.In the tiny gravity of the asteroid, Vesta, doing this was no trouble at all. But beyond this point the situation was—bitter. His two kids, Bubs, seven, and Evelyn, nine—clad in space-suits that were slightly oversize to allow for the growth of young bodies—were both bawling. He could hear them through his oxygen-helmet radiophones.Around him, under the airless sky of space, stretched desolation that he'd of course known about beforehand—but which now had assumed that special and terrible starkness of reality.< Less
Whirligigs By O. Henry
eBook (ePub): $3.99
A collectior of 24 short stories: The World and the Door; The Theory and the Hound; The Hypotheses of Failure; Calloway's Code; A Matter of Mean Elevation; Girl; Sociology in Serge and Straw; The... More > Ransom of Red Chief; The Marry Month of May; A Technical Error; Suite Homes and Their Romance; The Whirligig of Life; A Sacrifice Hit; The Roads We Take; A Blackjack Bargainer; The Song and the Sergeant; One Dollar's Worth; A Newspaper Story; Tommy's Burglar; A Chaparral Christmas Gift; A Little Local Colour; Georgia's Ruling; Blind Man's Holiday; and Madame Bo Peep of the Ranches. THE WHIRLIGIG OF LIFE (excerpt) Justice-of-the-Peace Benaja Widdup sat in the door of his office smoking his elder-stem pipe. Half-way to the zenith the Cumberland range rose blue-gray in the afternoon haze. A speckled hen swaggered down the main street of the "settlement," cackling foolishly. Up the road came a sound of creaking axles, and then a slow cloud of dust, and then...< Less
Wordland 2: Hi Honey, I'm Home! By Editor Terry Grimwood
Paperback: $5.37
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Now we've all seen the clips from those wholesome old monochrome US sitcoms; the toothsome husband back from a busy day in the ubiquitous office, smart in his suit, carrying a brief case and perhaps... More > wearing a natty raincoat. He takes off his trilby and hangs it on its peg and utters those immortal words. BUT...Who (or what) is really hanging up that hat in the hall? Exactly what awaits him in his suburban palace? "Hi Honey I'm Home" prose and poetry from the soft white underbelly of home and hearth from Madeline Lacques-Aranda, Robert Mammone, Mary Cresswell, Sarah Barr, Michael Estabrook, Juan Manuel Perez, Samantha Porter,Joe Young, Martin Feekins, Jill Crammons, Phil Richardson, Mike Berger, John Forth, Rhys Hughes, Suri Phillips, Trevor Denyer, Len Saculla, Rocky Wilson, Gavin Ireland, Philip Meeks, Douglas Thompson and Allen Ashley. Cover art by Faye Grimwood (< Less
Elvis and the Colonel : A Christmas Carol By Brian Springfield
Paperback: $9.95
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It’s Christmas Eve, 1959. The Colonel is busy in his Las Vegas office, awaiting Elvis’s return from Germany. He will be out of the Army soon and is ready to take America back by storm.... More > The Colonel has other plans. The next 17 years will be a cocktail of mostly bad movies, endless touring and beautiful women. If the Colonel had been given the power of foresight, and was able to see the past (his and Elvis’) through the prism of the future, would he change course? The Colonel is visited this night by his one time business partner, Hank Snow. Hank warns him about three ghosts that will be visiting him (sound familiar). The first ghost arrives in a pink cadillac and is dressed in a gold lamee suit. The second is dressed in tight black leather, with a passion for food and guns. The third is smothered in polyester and sequins and trailed by a couple of laughing sycophants. Do the events of August 16th 1977 happen as we remember, or does Elvis play Portland, Maine that evening?< Less
Murder In the Gunroom By Henry Beam Piper
eBook (ePub): $2.99
It was hard to judge Jeff Rand's age from his appearance; he was certainly over thirty and considerably under fifty. He looked hard and fit, like a man who could be a serviceable friend or a... More > particularly unpleasant enemy. Women instinctively suspected that he would make a most satisfying lover. One might have taken him for a successful lawyer (he had studied law, years ago), or a military officer in mufti (he still had a Reserve colonelcy, and used the title occasionally, to impress people who he thought needed impressing), or a prosperous businessman, as he usually thought of himself. Most of all, he looked like King Charles II of England anachronistically clad in a Brooks Brothers suit. At the moment, he was looking rather like King Charles II being bothered by one of his mistresses who wanted a peerage for her husband. "But, Mrs. Fleming," he was expostulating. "There surely must be somebody else.... After all, you'll have to admit that this isn't the sort of work this agency handles."< Less
Don't Be the A-hole on the Team By Karl Bimshas
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How can you be a good team leader without being an a-hole? They say there’s no I in team, yet, executive suites and corner offices remain havens for barrel-chested man-babies who treat people... More > like they are disposable. In “Don’t Be the A-Hole on The Team; 36 Tips to Manage Better and Lead Well,” leadership advisor Karl Bimshas, supplies the commonsense hacks all leaders can use to improve the performance of their team. Part Three of a three-part leadership development series, each tip in this guide is designed for you to increase your team management and leadership skills. “Trying to become a good team leader without being an a-hole can be difficult. Difficulty is not a sufficient excuse for incompetence.” It is possible to be the maverick, the rebel, or the disruptor without being a jerk to your team. Use this guide as a preventative measure. Adopt several of the tips and methods discussed, and you will be well on your way to managing better and leading well.< Less
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