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Nonsensical Prophecies By Edyta Dubik
eBook (ePub): $2.39
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Collection of poems questioning life, love, friendship, death, darkness...
Poetic Prophecy By Naomi Hollimon
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This book is meant to keep you thinking and created to leave you asking for more. It is the deep thoughts of a young author who has dived into her own life experiences to write the unspoken words.... More > She hopes to spark the interest and touch the souls of her readers by writing what relates to the common human experience and human nature.< Less
The Goddess' Prophecy By T Jolly
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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A message from The Goddess. It's time to elevate ourselves. T. Jolly has designed a poem that is felt deeply through words and vivid, apocalyptic, imagery. Six pages of illustrative poetry that will... More > speak to your heart!< Less
Jerusalem in Prophecy By Gerald Flurry & Philadelphia Church of God
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Jerusalem means "city of peace," and yet this city's history has been filled with rivers of blood! No city has suffered like Jerusalem. It has known almost no peace. But there is very good... More > news. God established Jerusalem to be a city of peace-and will one day make sure that it becomes so! It is actually the city from which God's family will rule the entire universe! In this booklet: • O Jerusalem, Jerusalem! • Israel’s Deadly Wound • Jerusalem: About to Explode • Looking to New Jerusalem< Less
the magdalene prophecy By sarah love
eBook (PDF): $3.13
author is reincarnation of mary magdalene. the book focuses on spirituality, ufos and alien abductions. this is the story of my life so far
Prophecy Series By Bobby Murdock aka Puncho da God
Paperback: $15.00
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I grew up believing music could heal anything, that the power of sound could soothe a toothache. I strongly believe music is my ticket to the life I want. I write about things that I see every day:... More > poverty, violence, and systematic racism. I write about being a young black male in Chicago. I write on these topics because it helps me to address things that I fear and that others fear.< Less
Zonar - The Prophecy By Dan Brock
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In the year that on the modern calendar would be 400 BC, there was a country in the east that no longer exists today. It has been a long time since the Black Ocean (which is referred to as the... More > Atlantic today, named after this countries capital city of Atlantis) swallowed it. This country was called Atillia. It was the home of great warriors, powerful gods and evil sorcerers. The most well known hero to inhabit the lands of Atillia was a young warrior by the name of Zonar. This is the story of his childhood and the first part of the adventure that made him famous.< Less
The Crystal Prophecies: The Prophecy, The Desert and The Creature By Julian Brown
eBook (ePub): $2.94
(The first of four books in the series) There is a prophecy, it reads "Four young chosen ones, two males and two females will be born with supernatural and unexplained powers. Their destiny will... More > be unknown to them until the time is right. Their destiny is to release this world from the grasp of the darkness and return it safely into the safety and security of the light. The four chosen ones will be born wearing either a crystal necklace or bracelet. The four different colored crystals provide the chosen ones with knowledge that they can only access when the time is right." This is the prophecy that was written years ago by the sages, now it is coming true. Zephyr, Alara, Shylo and Chris, the names of the four heroes. Can they overcome everything and save their world? Or will darkness fall once and for all?< Less
The Second Prophecy (Part 1 of the Dragdani Prophecies) By R. Alan Ferguson
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As the reality of the untimely death of King Jastark (John Stark) sinks in, it is up to the wizard and witch council’s to fight back the Dark Wizard-Elf, Ulicoth. At least until the dead... More > king’s son Drago (Peter Stark) can take the thrown and fulfill The Second prophecy. Will the fact that Drago was trained as an ordinary wizard and raised on Earth (the Normal world of man) stand in the way of him being the king the second prophecy says he'll be? As the young king has just turned sixteen, his true powers have reached their peak. His luck goes from bad to worse as he has an unorthodox entrance into the mystical world of Dorminya, and Ulicoth will stop at nothing to track down and capture or kill the boy king, and take over Dorminya forever.< Less
The United States and Europe in Prophecy By James Trimm
Paperback: $4.90
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The United States and Europe in Biblical Prophecy.