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The Experiences And Prophecies Of A Wandering Mystic By Thomas Kline
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One mans journey seeking truth and finding miracles, demon entities, prophecies that the Christian world is ignoring which is the third most important prophecy in scripture which would change God's... More > very reputation and cause the world to forget the 1st Exodus< Less
Questions and Answers on Bible Prophecy By William Farrand Sr.
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In this book, Bill Farrand examines the common questions that are raised regarding Bible prophecy and seeks to answer them through an examination of the relevant passages.
Understanding and Maximizing the Gifts of Prophecy By Dr. Levy Q. Barnes, Jr
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Understanding and Maximizing the Gifts of Prophecy Volume 1 is a book that starts off by giving the basics to what prophecy is and then goes into detail about the origin of prophecy, the spirit... More > world, and why prophecy is needed. This book was written to explain prophecy and prepare others to be able to operate in that ability. There is no other book like this. After you read it your perception of life will change.< Less
End Time Prophecy Unsealed By Pastor Tom Colburn
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This book seeks to review Bible prophecy related to the end times in a consistent manner, resisting liberties taken in so many works on prophecy. For instance, common theories such as the so-called... More > Gap Theory which proposes a 2,000+ year gap between the 69th and 70th weeks of Daniel's 70 week prophecy is nowhere mentioned in the Bible. It's a theory postulated and injected into prophecy teachings to make sense of another common theory (a future, rebuilt Jewish temple). This too is nowhere found in Scripture. Pastor Colburn seeks to unwrap Bible prophecy without resorting to these giant assumptions. Daniel asserts some prophecy was to be sealed until the very and times. Attempts to understand this prophecy prior to the end times would necessarily be fruitless no matter how sincere the student. The unsealing of this prophecy is not to the credit of Pastor Colburn or any other theologian, but rather to the time in history we now find ourselves in.< Less
The Me Aspect Prophecy and Articles By Winner Torborg
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God gave me a prophecy on March 30 2018 and it was so powerful that I figured you should read it.
Understanding Biblical Prophecy By Paul Mullet
Paperback: $12.00
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Exploring Scriptural Prophecy from a Dual Seedline Christian Identity perspective.
Paperback: $19.00
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Speaking in tongues is uttering words in an unknown language by the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Prophecy is a supernatural utterance in a known language by the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit for... More > edification, comfort, and exhortation of the Saints. Speaking in tongues plus the interpretation of tongues is equal to prophecy. There is the simple gift of speaking in tongues, which is needed for the Christian’s private prayer life and personal edification; and there is the gift of diverse or different kinds of tongues for public ministration.< Less
Redemption: Bible Prophecy Simplified By Jocelyn Andersen
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The seven Jewish Feasts of the LORD are all prophetic, foretelling some redemptive events that have already taken place, and others that still await fulfillment. This book discusses them all and is... More > useful and easy to understand for the beginning Bible student, while challenging even experienced scholars with some unique takes on traditionally understood interpretations. The study of Bible prophecy is often unnecessarily complicated, but truly is simple. When studied from the perspective of God's great redemption, Bible prophecy is neither complicated nor mysterious.< Less
Jesus Christ, The Fulfillment of Prophecy By Henry A. Redpath, D.Litt., M.A.
eBook (PDF): $1.00
There are many lines of study by which the intimate connection between the Old and New Testaments can be approached. We can begin with the Old Testament, and see how through the ages history and... More > prophecy alike teach us to look forward to the coming of Christ. Or we can begin with the New Testament, and look back from it to the Old, and see how much it depends upon those older Scriptures. This ebook shows that Christ not only fulfilled Prophecy, and that the New Testament claims this to be true, but also shows that only Christ could have originated this claim Himself. The testimony of the various writers, and of the various speakers in those writings, so wonderfully unanimous and concordant in their statements, can only proceed from one source, the Divine Master Himself.< Less
Prophecy Games: Part 1 By Dennis George Herman
eBook (ePub): $3.99
This book is a small collection of some of the most popular prophecies found in the Bible with an emphasis on explaining how you can find links between prophecies one author recorded to the... More > fulfillment another author recorded. The lessons are presented in the exact order found in the Bible. This is not a game, but a sincere presentation showing exactly how the Bible provides answers to every question we could possibly have about God's recorded word. In short, this book shows how only an all powerful, all knowing, infinite God could have written the collection of books this world refers to as the Bible by explaining how each of those stories are linked together in a way no human could have achieved without divine guidance.< Less

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