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Squares in a Grooved Circle By Ruby A Thorne
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This romantic novel is set in Lusaka during the turbulent months before Northern Rhodesia gained independence as Zambia in 1964. Beryl goes to join her husband, Henry, who works there. She has been... More > staying with his parents, in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, for several months and hopes to have a home of her own at last. Henry introduces her to his mainly-expatriate colleagues and their girlfriends, but life in Lusaka is not what Beryl expected. She is drawn into the lives and loves of this motley group of young people, who know that their way of life is about to change forever. Beryl struggles to save her marriage but she experiences times of intense loneliness and fear before finally deciding where her true destiny lies.< Less
A Few Short Stories By Ralpapajan
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Ralpapajan is a fiction writer. He writes short stories and novels mainly. Constructing his Short Stories ~ He takes an incident he has witnessed and then turn it into a short story, a work of... More > fiction. The First Person ~ He normally writes in the first person as it is easier for him when writing short stories, for he does not have the words to waste establishing a character for each story. However, every story is about a new, 'hero' or 'villain' as the case may be. If he had done all he has written about he would be a very happy or unhappy person. All other characters are fictional and their names are not the actual names of anyone living or dead. The incidents and stories attached to them never happened. Or, if they did, he is unaware of them. Events and historical facts are either true or as he remember them. Historical figures if any are, of course, true and are there to set the scene.< Less
AFRICAN AFFAIR By Robert Winston Burnett
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Africans of high DNA rating (Sirius A), part of original meanings, Celestial Creations.. then something changed! Now, star and planetary alignments, reclaim lost histories. Deep rainbow colour... More > infusions, link a fifth (5th) missing human element back to original light Universal fusions on Earth and not only in Africa. What was done to the lands of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) Africa and peoples, actually transpired to spread far and wide. There's Rwanda, Sudan, Angola, Malawi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Chad, Asia and South America, to mention but a few. Millions upon millions during more modern, enlightened, civilised periods suffer huge deprivations. Poverty, aids, treatable diseases blight whole lands. Rhodesia's recorded as this Earth periods test case.. template to lift up a majority not esteemed members of an Elite Human Club of Earth's decision making bodies. Well, Divine Universal Light Council (DULC) of Celestial Intelligent Creation (CIC), records events which counts above all else.< Less
It's a Dog's life By John Cox
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The author and his wife are dog trainers who have participated in several local and national dog shows. This book is still a 'work-in-progress' and thus priced accordingly. Any suggestions or... More > recommendations are most welcome and should email the publisher, Peysoft Publishing (see the inside cover for details).< Less
A Dogs Life By John Cox
eBook (ePub): $1.49
The author and his wife are dog trainers who have participated in several local and national dog shows. He tells an interesting story of the dogs he trained to perform a large variety of tasks and... More > circus-type acts that will appeal to all dog and pet lovers. While this book is still a 'work-in-progress' it priced accordingly. Any suggestions or recommendations are most welcome and should be emailed to the publisher, Peysoft Publishing (see the inside cover for details). An eBook ISBN has been added too.< Less
Once Upon a White Man - a memoir of War & Peace in Africa By Graham Atkins
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From a colonial childhood, to the front-line of Rhodesia's vicious civil war, to the final disintegration of Mugabe's post-colonial Zimbabwe. "A gripping love declaration to Africa. With the... More > troubles of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe as background, the real protagonist of this book is Africa with all her wonders and horrors. Highly recommended for lovers of the continent, especially those longing for a well-balanced and honest account of recent African history" (review by Balazs Pataki, 2013). "The author remembers things that both racists and leftists would rather forget - the culture of humiliation and violence that made Rhodesia unsustainable, and the ugly silence of world opinion that made it possible for Mugabe to get away with genocide and ethnic cleansing. This book tore me from my political views and made me think seriously about the goals of humanity" (review by Avery Morrow, 2011)< Less
Plumer's Men: The Rhodesia Regiment and the Northwest Frontier during the Second South African War, 1899-1900 By Robert Burrett
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During the early phases of the Anglo-South African War, 1899-1900, members of the Rhodesia Regiment under the Command of Lt-Colonel H.C.O. Plumer, saw action in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and along... More > the eastern border of the Bechuanaland Protectorate (Botswana). They were instrumental in holding back substantial numbers of Boer forces which otherwise might have fought n the Natal and Cape Fronts. They were also in on the “Relief of Mafeking”. This book investigates the Rhodesia Regiment and seeks to correct some previous errors. A central theme is the current relocation of their otherwise forgotten battles and graves at Fort Tuli, Rhodes’ Drift, Mochudi, Gaborone, Lobatse and Ramathlabama. There is also mention of the role of the Rhodesian Field Force (consisting of Australian and New Zealand “Bushmen”, as well as members of the Imperial Yeomanry) as well as the often forgotten African participants; Kgosi Khama’s BaMangwato and Kgosi Linchwe’s BaKgatla.< Less
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Rhodesia - Zimbabwe Roll of Honour: War Casualties 1965 to 1980 By Preller Geldenhuys
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Rhodesian War 1965 to 1980 Roll of Honour of military, civilian and enemy casualties now further revised and updated. Numerous memorials in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia are... More > illustrated. Detailed descriptions are given of aircraft shot down or lost during the war years. Particular tributes are given to airmen of the Rhodesian Air Force / Air Force of Zimbabwe that were killed in action. Some 20 to 30,000 souls (if not considerably more) lost their lives during this turbulent period in Southern Africa. The extensive list of casualties will be of interest to anyone who lost a loved one, or knew of friends and relatives, who died during the conflict. Military historians may also find revelations of interest - and the writer is indebted to Dr Richard Wood for his advice and guidance during the compilation of the various rolls. A free e-pub edition, with a blue cover, is also available from< Less
We had two jobs By Robin Thurman
eBook (PDF): $2.35
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The second, updated and increased book of anecdotes about Life in Rhodesia during the Bush War. A little book of memories that shows how the part-time Rhodesian Army, Police and Air Force members led... More > their life whilst not on call-up during the Bush War, including stories of life in Rhodesia during and after the start of the war. They are all true!< Less

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