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History of Martinism and the F.U.D.O.S.I. By Marcel Roggemans
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The History of Martinism and the F.U.D.O.S.I". is a compilation from the work "Gechiedenis van de occulte en mystieke Broederschappen" by Marcel Roggemans. ( ISBN 978-90-9023400-7... More > ) This partial translation of his work, with supplementary annotations and research by the translator Milko Bogaard, provides a historical summary of the history of France and Belgium during the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th Century.< Less
The Journey By Timothy D. Harris
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The Journey From The Finite To The Infinite: The Initiation of Master Timothy by Timothy D. Harris
Lessons Learned from Occult Letters By William G. Gray
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In this fascinating book William G. Gray, the renowned English Kabbalist and Ceremonial Magician, delineated some of the lessons he learned from the letters which passed between himself and the... More > Martinist, Emil Napoleon Hauenstein, his Austrian mentor and friend, whom he affectionately referred to as “E.N.H.,” and who classified himself a “mystic.” Hauenstein was an “Initiate” of the well-known French Occultist Papus (Gerard Encausse). He addressed important psycho-spiritual occult principles and doctrines in his letters, and since “Occultism is the study and practice of subjects and laws which are beyond the bounds and limitations of ordinary physical or even mental experience,” he directed his young protegé in unfolding a well-regulated “Self,” who is in full control of all his personal faculties. This is of particular importance in understanding, as William Gray noted, that “Occultism is not a pastime, it is a Power, a Purpose, a Progress, and a Path”—a Way of Life!< Less
The Doorway of Freemasonry & The Mason’s Apron (Foundations of Freemasonry Series) By William Harvey
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The following pages seek to do something towards explaining the origin and meaning of the word “Tyler”, and also to describe the duties that appertain to the official who guards the... More > doorway. Additionally... The Masonic Apron, as the badge common to all the brotherhood, has much to inspire reflection, and in the following pages I have brought together one or two thoughts upon the subject in the hope that they may be of use to members of the Craft.< Less
The Hiramic Legend and The Ashmolean Theory (Foundations of Freemasonry Series) By W.B. Hextall
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Speculations on Masonry by Anderson and others. Origins to which the Hiramic Legend is ascribed. The Ashmolean theory. The Third Degree a modern institution. Inigo Jones. Sir Robert Murray. Elias... More > Ashmole, his personal history and associations. The disappearance of Masonic Records. Inferences from the formula of the Degree. The trend of the Legend. Habits of thought in the 17th century. The Stuart family and the Craft. A Masonic tradition of the Midlands. The decline of Masonry before the Revival. The destruction of documents in 1720. Objections to the Ashmolean theory. Observations and conclusion.< Less
Four Lesser-Known Masonic Essays (Foundations of Freemasonry Series) By Frank C. Higgins
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A Definition of Masonry The purpose of this paper is less to enter point blank upon the labyrinthine paths of solution than to define the exact character of the “riddle of the ages” and... More > hazard a theory of how it may or can, - yes, has been solved... Masonic Archeology With reference to all those things which come within the various provinces of the seven liberal arts and sciences, Masonry occupies an extremely anomalous position. The theory of the Craft we all know. From one degree to another, we have paraded before us, assumptions of all knowledge, human and Divine. ... The Meaning of Initiation In all ancient rites and mysteries the participants in which were received by initiation, the greatest care was always exercised with respect to certain details, which if not properly carried out might mar or invalidate the entire ceremony... The Two Ashlars Our lodge is in every respect a symbolic workshop, furnished with all the tools belonging to the different grades of workmen...< Less
The Writings of Eugenius Philalethes By Eugenius Philalethes
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This is a facsimile reprint of Arthur Waite's "Works of Thomas Vaughan" published in 1919. Thomas Vaughan, or Eugenius Philalethes. Thomas Vaughan was a seventeenth century... More > alchemist/Rosicrucian.< Less
Sefer Beth By Olen Rush
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A must have for the advanced Golden Dawn Practitioner. The first explanation of the motion of the Aces transmitting their influence to the Enochian Tablets from the Starry Heavens. Including a visual... More > examination, multiple diagrams, helpful links, etc. A modern recovery of significant advanced material for the practicing Theurgist and advanced practitioner of the Rosicrucian Order, R.R. et A.C..< Less
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E. W. Farnsworth's stories, fictions deriving from his personal experiences, explore covert and clandestine operations that always lurk in the shadows. His spies, members of secret societies and... More > government agencies thrive on their invisible,secret powers, menacing each other and occasionally inflicting their horrors on innocent, ordinary people.< Less
Etidorhpa By Jim Bennett
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"Etidorhpa," first published in 1895, is an incredible adventure about a strange manuscript and the story of a man who divulged the secrets of an occult organization, was kidnapped by the... More > members, and forced to go deep into a cave in Kentucky where he travels to the center of the earth! Along the way he discovers many amazing wonders and eventually meets the celestial being, Etidorhpa. His guide in his journey is a strange androgynous, humanoid being who has no eyes and blue skin! The story presents a glimpse into 19th century science, secret societies, mystical revelations, the occult, and even hallucinogenic mushrooms. It most certainly has "steampunk" appeal. Any fan of Jules Verne should enjoy this adventure. This masterpiece paperback edition presents the entire text (fully edited to correct mistakes and make the text more readable) and the fantastic illustrations. It is presented here for the discerning reader and/or collector who appreciates the beauty and uniqueness of the original book.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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