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North of Boston By Robert Frost
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North of Boston is a 1914 poetry collection by Robert Frost. It includes two of his most famous poems, "Mending Wall" and "After Apple-Picking". Most of the poems resemble short... More > dramas or dialogues.North of Boston was published by David Nutt. Following its success, Henry Holt and Company republished Frost's first book, A Boy's Will, in 1915. The New York Times said in a review, "In republishing his first book after his second, Mr. Robert Frost has undertaken the difficult task of competing with himself." Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Robert Lee Frost (March 26, 1874 – January 29, 1963) was an American poet. His work was initially published in England before it was published in America. Excerpt from:< Less
Crib For Hell By Patrick King
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When zombies seem Nazis As winners cry foul, While chickens turn lovers Herding comes to power. Though this land is called Nayra And here zombies rule, So simple is living We all must be... More > cool. Enter the Babas, Clearly they rule! By force and by cruelty All Babas crush fools. *** "In the Land of Nayra this is the thing, they eat much carne de res." A dead wolf, "green with smear," tells in a 52 stanza poem about Baba Black Jade and other Baba soldiern who live with her in a land where they earn their keep by hunting down zombies. The sights of Hell have never looked so much like a typical work day before, which the zombie princess whore who narrates this romp laments, even as she seems to be intriguing with her coworkers for what cannot be said. Included are two other short poems by way of introduction to the theme of love, and black and white images, as well as a glossary of 47 items.< Less
Looking Glass By Peter Greywolf
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I have a story to tell, it seems to write itself. It's about a boy, who's grown into a man. He isn't famous, and he hasn't done any great things. Words are what he writes, simple and short... More > poems. But each poem has a soul, a little fragment of life. Each one has a voice that all can hear. This simple man hears them, in his mind and in his heart. They cause him pain, knowing that these simple words crave is to be read. These words want to help, the words want to heal. They want to do more than reside within this simple man. So while you read these simple words, hear these simple words written by this simple man, spare a thought for your little voice. The one that rarely speaks, the one that may cry in silence. The one you try to hide away, beneath a mask, beneath a smile. Listen to it, understand what it wants and how you can help it heal. The words contained are my own voice, my life has shaped them.< Less
21st Century Haiku By Paul Judges
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According to my English dictionary haiku means: amusement in verse; Oxford Dictionaries differ slightly with: light verse, and add that it’s a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three... More > lines of five-seven-five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world; and also that it can be a poem in English written in the form of a haiku. The great haiku master Basho died in 1694 at the age of fifty; it was common in those days to observe a few other rules of composition, which many of us have deliberately disregarded in the micro-poetic world of today. Twitter, with its limitation of 140 characters, has surprisingly provided a platform for all manner of short form poetry celebrating many of the mundane, and eternal themes such as love, life, death, and the natural world. Perhaps, even Basho would accept that in the 21st century we should be allowed to express ourselves more freely and decide the contents of the haiku rule book – if we have one. Simplicity & beauty should be the main aim.< Less
The Unicorn Man By vox anon
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WWW.THEUNICORNMAN.COM The Unicorn Man is: secret Images & Text from (1999-2007) Diary & Journal entries. A search for truth, beauty, and identity is recorded in these pages. A collection of... More > love & suicide notes. These verses inquire: Who is the most beautiful creature on earth? Is the anatomy of man G-d’s greatest creation? How will the End of Times end? Who is the Wormwood Star? Is this a rare pineal tumor growing out of my forehead? or Am I Qayin? The Unicorn Man? Names, places, and events explored in the texts date back 10,000 years and predict the beginning of the End of the World on December 21, 2012. A few poems about Beauty, Love, G-d, & Death. Enjoy! The Unicorn Man 10/31/08 version contains: 3 short stories, 216 poems & +55 unique images that were too unfinished, too profound &/or too sacred to be disclosed to anyone other than the initiated. *Unicorns, Rainbows, and Happy Endings not included* More horror &/or delight at< Less
The Journey At The Crossroads By James L Lagoski
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Most the poetry written into the pages of this book were created between 1999 and 2002. Although the first 2 books were already written, something kept telling me it was more important to just keep... More > writing rather than publishing. My writing style was being compared to some of the most recognized poets and prophets in history. So this began a new interpretation of The Journey for me. I felt that the poems had to be crafted with feeling and emotion so the words were not just read but completely absorbed. This book contains some of the first poems I affectionately call my mental masterpieces. Short stories with a natural flow and rhyme scheme, each structured towards delivering some sort of message to the reader. A calculated perfection of mirrored thought meant to have the readers reflect upon themselves. Anyone who reads this book will find something that they relate to. I’m sure that some of these will really hit home. After all- They were written for you. You’re the reason why I do what I do.< Less
The girl from the mersey By Georgia May Brown
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This is a book of poems about my memories, magic and moments that I have shared in my life, and my take on it, encompassing my experiences as a mother, wife and daughter and the many roles that I... More > have played within my life, over the past years. life is very short and full of sadness, laughter, excitement and fear, and I hope I have created all this within my book.I am now approachng the Autumn of my life and I wanted to share my experiences with others. My poems are from my heart, and they encompass many aspects of the journey that I have taken in my life, and the impact that these experiences have had on me, and how they have shaped me to date.I have been a poet since I was a young child, with a love of words and the impact they have on others. It has been my wish that my poetry could be published in a book, and reach a wider audience for a long time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did writing them. Happy reading.< Less
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Art Triumphant is Emily Robyn Clark's first collection of poetry. It features poems covering wide-ranging topics such as: art, writing, love, life, philosophy, religion, history, and politics. Art... More > Triumphant features poems published in Sow's Ear Poetry Review, A! Magazine for the Arts, Askew Poetry Journal, Spectrum, Cultural Weekly and Aspen Daily News. Clark was first published at the age of five in the Sow's Ear Poetry Review. She’s been a featured artist at Beyond Baroque in Venice, SoHo in Santa Barbara, T.U. Studios in North Hollywood, E.P. Foster Library in Ventura, The Emerging Poets Series in Ventura, the Ojai Art Center in Ojai, Ca., Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery in Montrose, Colorado, Weller Book Works in Salt Lake City, Utah, and LITCRAWL with Los Angeles Poet Society in 2016 and with Women's Voices Now in 2017. She's currently writing and directing a short film called "Love Spell."< Less
Doctor Grimshawe's Secret -- a Romance By Nathaniel Hawthorne
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Julian Hawthorne (June 22, 1846 – July 21, 1934) was an... More > American writer and journalist, the son of novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne and Sophia Peabody. He wrote numerous poems, novels, short stories, mystery/detective fiction, essays, travel books, biographies and histories. As a journalist he reported on the Indian Famine for Cosmopolitan magazine, and the Spanish–American War for the New York Journal.Julian Hawthorne was the second child of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Sophia Peabody Hawthorne. He was born June 22, 1846, at 14 Mall Street in Salem, Massachusetts. It was shortly after sunrise and his father wrote to his sister:A small troglodyte made his appearance here at ten minutes to six o'clock, this morning, who claims to be your nephew, and the heir of all our wealth and honors. Excerpt from:< Less
The Plumber's Wrench By David Margolis
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Howard Studt is a beefy, awkward kid: not handsome, not brilliant, not popular, but a good-natured boy. He believes that there is a benevolent Almighty watching over him who will guarantee his... More > happiness. Unfortunately his path to manhood is strewn with one calamity after another. His father deserts the family, his best friend dies, and Howard is diagnosed with a rare genetic disease. As he reaches manhood, he realizes that the God he is seeking resides within himself, just before the next disaster engulfs him. About the Author: David Margolis retired from the practice of medicine in 2013. His short stories and poems have appeared in medical journals, humor sites and literary publications. He has released two previous books. A collection of short stories, "Looking Behind: The Gaseous Life of a Gastroenterologist" in 2013, and a novel, "The Myth of Dr. Kugelman" in 2015. He resides in St. Louis Missouri with his wife, a niece and a nephew, three rescue dogs, and a set of golf clubs.< Less

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