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The Strongest Man in the World: Stories of Inner Conflict By Rachel A. Day
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The Strongest Man in the World Stories of Inner Conflict Can man go against his human nature? Can he resist the temptations of the world? Is it possible to control his body when it's... More > begging for freedom? In THE STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD: STORIES OF INNER CONFLICT, human nature is portrayed, and the theme of inner conflict and battles between body and mind is recurrent. What measures a man's power? It's not his name, not his wealth, not his muscles; it's not even his talent or ability. To have control of his mind and keep a firm grip on himself; that makes a man truly powerful. Containing short stories and poems, references, and the realistic portrait of the human mind, this book is a perfect gift for your friend, spouse, or teenager. “I hope that by reading this book, teens and adults of both sexes will have a better idea of the human nature and what the mind is capable of.” Rachel A. Day, author< Less
Pi-Ka-Net's Avatar By Sean Lawlor Nelson, b.a. in literature
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"PI-KAN-ET'S AVATAR" is a highly unusual and intelligent book from the author of "An Ode to Id," "Weird Voyage Loveward," and "HappenStanzas." The book... More > doesn't confine itself to a single literary form but includes auto-biographical tales, philosophical essays, short stories, and also poems. Nelson is as comfortable with allusions to classical literature as he is with the details of evolutionary biology, the political and scientific questions of our day, or the culture of rural Thailand where he was recently a professor. But other pieces chronicle a life of wild and barbaric passion. Titles include "An Epic of the Everyday," "An Ode to Jimmy Hendrix," "Albert Einstein as Titanic Pandora," "A Galaxy of Biological and Social Contemplations," "The Titanic Captain Kidd," "Blue Cameron's Quest for Blueddhahood," "On Alien Humanoids," "Macbeth, the devil's avatar, and his lovely Pandora," "Mineral Rights Gone Wrong," "An Ode to Thailand," and "Following a Small Monsoon."< Less
Spanish through Bilingual Stories I By V. Dubois
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Learning a foreign language is fun! In this book you will find many opportunities to practice Spanish without stress. Every story is presented line by line in English and Spanish, a method which is... More > especially helpful for remembering vocabulary. Each word or phrase is shown in context, side by side in the two languages, making the learning experience more fun and effective than traditional rote vocabulary memorization. The book has a variety of learning tools like illustrations, poems, riddles, jokes, word search and other word games, and practice exercises. Includes short grammar explanations, pronunciation guide, and rules for Spanish Syllable division and accent marking (tilde). The book is appropriate for adults as well as for children in 6th grade and above. COIL BOUND - also available: Perfect bound The book is designed as a tool for self-study, tutoring, homeschooling, and for traditional classroom setting.< Less
Life's Mesmerizing Eyes By M.C. Harris
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Death is on his darkest side after getting in a car accident and being rendered unconscious. He remembers his last few moments talking with the beautiful and exuberant Life, and how heated their... More > conversations were before plunging down into darkness. His subconscious thoughts are captured through poetry and free verse, featuring two award-winning poems recognized by the growing city of Frisco. In the novella, M.C. Harris reveals Death's short conversations and innate wisdom about holding on to precious life and experiencing love even after great loss. Through wit, whimsical dialogue and explicit romance, Life's wisdom is one in which we all may have forgotten sometime in our lives.< Less
Secrets of Self Publishing Millionaires By V. T.
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Are you interested in writing? Do you want to publish your own works for the world to read, and at mean time you can make money out of it? Yes! I'm talking about self publishing your own ebooks. Be... More > it literature, poems, short stories, magazines, articles, you can self publish instead of choosing a book publisher. You can do everything on your own, online, with $0! That's right! It's totally free. This ebook will show you step by step how to create your own account and upload your works to Kindle, Apple iBookstore and other marketplaces where your works will be showcased to the public. Are you excited! Don't hide at home and write. Publish your own ebooks and make a name out of yourself. Who knows? You can be the next JK Rowling!< Less
Train of Thought By Elisabetta Benedetti
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This is the short trip of an Artist within his own life-story, looking for his dormant talent and for the strong emotions that change human beings. It contains excerpts of old poems that serve as... More > windows, using which is possible to look at the past and recover old feelings. During this trip, leading the protagonist to explore himself, his value as a human being and the value of his life mission,he will remember the sense of emptiness that surprises an artist after creating something; the limits and merits of talent, seen as a backwash you can walk on. He’ll travel over again the brief encounters that "carve a niche for themselves in the soul" and stay there for ever;the traumatic mental crossing from childhood to adulthood, the ancient sensation that his scream is "nothing within the silence". The three stops of "The Train" tell about the protagonist's journey "within the visible and not visible", celebrating the beauty of life, of the individual, and the caducity of certainties.< Less
The Medulla Review: Volume 1 Anthology By Jennifer Hollie Bowles
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The first print anthology of The Medulla Review features surreal, experimental, literary, and edgy poems, flash fiction pieces, and short stories by some of the most powerful writing voices around:... More > Margaret Walther, David S. Pointer, Heather Fowler, Alec B. Kowalczyk, Hugh Fox, Dorianne Laux, Susan Slaviero, Howie Good, Mike Finley, Laura La Hew, J. Michael Wahlgren, John Grey, John Tustin, Felicia Mitchell, Catfish McDaris, Austin S. Kodra, Changming Yuan, Richard Kostelanetz, Jon Wesick, Shome Dasgupta, Ginny Lowe Connors, Len Kuntz, Eric Beeny, Kritsin Fouquet, Anthony Beal, Andrew Ross, J.A. Tyler, Jane Flett, Sean Ulman, Robert Laughlin, Salena Casha, Adam Moorad, Justin Nicholes, Garrett Socol, Cathy Kodra, Terence Kuch, Rochelle Potkar, Stephen Muret.< Less
Flying Between Words - Contemporary Writers of Poland By Danuta Błaszak
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Editor of the book - Anna Maria Mickiewicz and Danuta Blaszak Editor of the series "Contemporary Writers of Poland" - Danuta Blaszak This new volume Flying Between Words published by the... More > Contemporary Writers of Poland is a unique anthology, a collection of poems, short stories and memoirs, dedicated to aviation. The writers try to go beyond the stratosphere, to look through the eyes of poetry – as pilots, as navigators. They approach alien planets that may evoke our fears but also allow us to question the mundane and ponder our existence. They go into a state of poetic weightlessness, which becomes a unique creative challenge. Many of the works in the collection refer to dramatic moments from history, in which – inspired by universal values – aviators played a significant and heroic role. Anna Maria Mickiewicz London 2015< Less
The Olive Lamming Creative Writing Competition 2014 By various
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The Olive Lamming Creative Writing Competition is a literary competition held in memory of the late Dr Olive Lamming, who was an active member of the Isle of Man Literary Society for many years. The... More > competition dates back to 1972 when the then President of the Society, Mr R G Morton, donated a sum of money to establish a foundation to enable a literary competition to be held in perpetuity. This year, as part of the ongoing development of the competition, the Society is publishing all the entries submitted. Inside these covers you will find a variety of writing from a number of authors – everything from a long narrative poem to a science fiction short story to an account of a volunteer’s day at Noble’s Hospital. The Isle of Man Literary Society would like to thank the Isle of Man Arts Council for their support of the Competition and Ramsey Crookall for their sponsorship of this publication.< Less
The Cheerful Smugglers By Ellis Parker Butler
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Ellis Parker Butler (December 5, 1869 – September 13, 1937)... More > was an American author. He was the author of more than 30 books and more than 2,000 stories and essays and is most famous for his short story "Pigs Is Pigs", in which a bureaucratic stationmaster insists on levying the livestock rate for a shipment of two pet guinea pigs, which soon start proliferating exponentially. His most famous character was Philo Gubb.His career spanned more than forty years, and his stories, poems, and articles were published in more than 225 magazines. Excerpt from:< Less