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Power IC Design - From the Ground up By Gabriel Alfonso Rincón-Mora
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This slide book introduces the demands of emerging power-supply integrated circuits (ICs) and discusses up-to-date circuit-design techniques aimed at addressing them, especially within the context of... More > portable microelectronics. The presentation reflects the "top–down design" systems-to-circuits approach that industry adopts when developing power-supply systems. Within this framework, concepts evolve organically "from the ground up" with an educational mindset, rigorously surveying, analyzing, and evaluating basic theory and the state of the art. In this way, the material presents, explains, and shows how to understand, develop, and use semiconductor devices to model, analyze, and design ICs that supply and sustain microelectronic loads. The ultimate objective is to cultivate and develop insight and intuition. Some of the topics covered include power consumption, frequency response, feedback control, and power supply rejection.< Less
Meditation for Mini's By Debbie Wildi
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Here is a new spin on the bedtime story. Stories that your child becomes the star of! These short guided meditations can be exhilarating and mood lifting,for instance 'The rainbow Slide' or... More > confidence boosting like 'The Magic Shell', as well as deeply relaxing such as ' Kingdom in a cloud'. These stories have been used with children for many years and the results are fantastic. Children become calmer, more confident, happier and focused. Included are tips and techniques to unwind the mind and help with sleep. When children learn techniques such as these now, they grow up into peaceful, more confident adults. By teaching these methods to our little ones we are showing them their own capabilities to calm themselves thus empowering them. It really is a great tool to learn and use though life. Lets start now with this fun and unique illustrated book! see the 12 page preview for more details.< Less
Tooey, Freckles & Ming In Rainbow Land By Iona Danielson
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Prints in 3-5 business days offers this as the first book in the Tooey, Freckles and Ming series which introduces the reader to all the characters that come together in great love and friendship in Rainbow... More > Land. Children and creatures live in joyous harmony in play. They have an all-day festival that celebrates the meeting and welcoming of new arrivals. Unique to Rainbow Land is the healthy and delicious Rainbow Rainbow Food, especially Rainbow Berries which are available to the children to pick and eat. For Rainbow Lake adventures, some spend time enjoying a ride on the back of swans, or on the water slide, or in the kiddie pool. For the evening celebration of new arrivals like SweetiePie and BabyGiraffe, some of the Rainbow Bears watch the evening's fireworks on Rainbow Lake and some get the perfect view of the spectacular event perched high in the trees with eagles. Popular vintage classics are read in the Reading Room by Wise Owl and Panda who show all the full-color graphics for each page of the story .< Less
Transformations: Works on Paper by Artist Eugene J. Martin, Part I By Suzanne Fredericq
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In the late 1980’s-early 1990’s Eugene Martin created large acrylic paintings on rag paper that he would photograph upon their completion. Months or years later he might revisit these... More > same works and transform them by painting over some of the areas, by slicing out parts, or by incorporating segments from other works. This publication documents aspects of this transformation that was enabled by the digitization of photographic slides taken at the time the original compositions were completed. Selected jpegs showing one or more versions of the original painting(s) were then juxtaposed next to an image of the final version of 48 works. In some instances, the transformation is minimal, in others it is substantial, giving rise to complex mixed media collages. These artworks can also be viewed at The site provides links to other Martin works as well.< Less
Abstract Train Army By Maricarr Stubbs
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It is a book filled with abstract computer created objects. Based on an actual 3D combination of a train and army tank. Taking photos from different angles and rearranging parts the object to brought... More > to the computer to make sketches and patterns. Each computer made image is unique and the parts incorporate some of the images adding complexity and detail. Within the patterns and abstract renditions of the object, the book will display computer made pieces that were done in Adobe Illustrator. To be presented at the senior exhibition, the book will be there for people to look at along with five posters of the best pieces and a slide show with ten of the images. This book required hard work to create images so different and interesting. It was influenced by Cubism, O'Keeffe's flowers, and Da Vinci's notebooks. Also, the images were purely made to express the unknown within an object built on imagination and value. With these images, the senior student will talk about the project and everything that went on.< Less
London >< Wien By Carlos Noronha Feio
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Book One of the series " Instruction Manual Number.." Instruction Manual Number One: Washing the flag by Carlos Noronha Feio was performed at Dienstag Abend - curated by Fernando Mesquita... More > and Ludwig Kittinger at Ve.schg, Vienna. In opposition to working by proxy as tends to be the case when artists send sets of instructions from afar the curators were asked to create their own interpretation of what the event should look like and given free reign to create a visualization as they saw fit. Keeping the conversation alive and bouncing ideas with the artist enabled the creation of a space of concordance. The artist requested that during the event photos should be taken and uploaded to a desktop slideshow being projected onto the space mixing them at random with screen grabs taken by the artist. The images contained in this publication are constantly reshuffled, respecting the random nature of the desktop slide show, making each book unique.< Less
Stingin' Stories 2015 By Yellow Jacket Writers of Tombstone High School
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These short stories are the original works of students at Tombstone High School. Topics vary widely: “Prissy” shows a victim fighting back against her bully; “The Big One Gets Away... More > (Almost)" is a cheerful fishing tale; “Emancipation” is a glimpse into the mind of a boy with autism; “When the Door Slides Open” offers a behind-the-scene view of gang violence; “Songbirds Sing behind Broken Wings” shows the pain of recovery; “Broken Generation” covers fanatic obsession with an idol; and in “Drown” a young woman struggles to make an adult relationship work. Other topics include loss of a loved one, teen romance, low self-esteem, corporate boardroom politics, criminal investigation, and simple slice-of-life vignettes. The authors, who came to the class with various levels of experience, all worked hard to craft these stories: work-shopping, revising, and editing the pieces until they were satisfied — and then revising again! The stories truly represent the authors’ best work at this point in their careers.< Less
Theater Forms and Sculpture By Sha Sha Higby
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International performance/sculptural artist, Sha Sha Higby is known for her evocative and haunting performances using the exquisite and ephemeral body sculpture she meticulously creates herself and... More > moves within. Elaborate sculptural costume, dance, and puppetry explore magic and emotion highlighted in this narrated Photo journal of Sha Sha Higby’s 40-year career as an artist and the legacy of her elaborate costume sculptures. Photo essay through the early parts of her career showing each of the photo works of her repertoire. It also has some of the details of her carved water buffalo work made in Indonesia as well as some “how to” sections of her textile processes,and urushi (Japanese lacquer) process. Included are some of the author’s handwritten writings. This book was inspired by some of the photo slide show Sha Sha gives about her work over the past 25 years.It gives a strong impression of the development of her work and now it is a book!< Less
Sailing Alone Around the World By Joshua Slocum
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Sailing Alone Around the World (1900) is a sailing memoir by Joshua Slocum about his single-handed global circumnavigation aboard the sloop Spray. Slocum was the first person to sail around the world... More > alone. The book was an immediate success and highly influential in inspiring later travelers. There was considerable international interest in Slocum's journey, particularly once he had entered the Pacific; he was awaited at most of his ports of call, and gave lectures and lantern-slide shows to well-filled halls. The trip itinerary went as follows: Fairhaven, Boston, Gloucester, Nova Scotia, Azores, Gibraltar, (Morocco), Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Maldonado, Montevideo, Strait of Magellan, Cockburn Channel, Port Angosto, Juan Fernandez, Marquesas, Samoa, Fiji, Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, Cooktown, Christmas Island, Keeling Cocos, Rodrigues, Mauritius, Durban, Cape Town, (Transvaal), St Helena, Ascension Island, Devil's Island, Trinidad, Grenada, Newport, Fairhaven.< Less
Pelorus Jack By David William Feeney
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An action-adventure story of a courageous dolphin and the valorous people who fought long and hard to have laws passed to protect him: Unscrupulous private collectors wanted him; European museums... More > wanted him; a lot of people wanted the world-famous dolphin hanging on their walls. “A nail-biter, steep in intrigue, with smugglers and assassins - and the gutsy New Zealanders who stood up to them - Pelorus Jack is also a tender tale that will often have you reaching for a tissue.” -Gramp Griseus Writer David William Feeney has taught the sciences, physical education, and English in fourteen countries on four continents and Central America. His lifelong passion humanitarian and humane work, Dave spent over a decade in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, and Vietnam helping abused children, the elderly, children from disintegrated families and orphans, and rescuing stray dogs. The proceeds of this book are going to them: Video at “Resources” Slide Show at “Mission”.< Less

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