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Irish Crochet And How To Make It By Irish Crochet
eBook (PDF): $17.00
Bring back a dying art while providing wonderful crocheted pieces for pleasure and profit. Instructions that are so easy to understand that anyone can master these techniques, even if they have... More > never crocheted a single stitch! If you've ever wanted to master this exquisite art, you'll find this detailed manual provides all the instructional guidance you'll need to make delicate and elegant crocheted pieces. Although many may say that Irish crochet is a dying art, it's still a wonderful skill to master for those that love to create fine works of art from fine threads. "Irish Crochet And How To Make It" is from the Priscilla crochet collection, and has been translated to today's modern English so that the reader can much better understand the instructions. In this detailed, 75 page manual you'll learn… Which materials are proper to use when creating your Irish crochet pieces.< Less
Easy Winter Wrap By Crochet Concepts
eBook (PDF): $2.74
(1 Ratings)
Easy Winter Wrap crochet pattern. Rich jewel tones, soft homespun. Great gift idea. Customize the pattern and make it your own! Simple enough for beginners. Intermediates will love it too.
Crocheting Forever By Alisha Carroll
eBook (PDF): $5.99
This book is of the different types of crocheted and loom knitting projects and prices that i sell. If you decide you want to buy something, feel free to email me at
CraftyBoy Crochets By Khebhin Gibbons
eBook (PDF): $16.19
My collection of patterns. I've included five dishcloths, two scarves, and two hats!
Crocheting Guide By Best Publications
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Who Else Wants To Be Able To Cluster Stitch, Persian Stitch, And Become More 'In Tune' With Your Crocheting In Just 5 Days? It doesn't matter if you've never crocheted a day in your life, or your... More > the most talented person in the world... This Crocheting guide will help you not only get better , but it will also make you feel more like the professional crocheter that has been hiding in you! Here's Just a "Sneak-Peak" At What You'll Uncover With All About Crochet The history or crocheting. Basic stitches to get you started going. How to use a afghan hook properly! All the different types of tools and materials needed to be successful. Using the catching the yarn technique properly. Discover the crocheting innovations. Elaborated look at what yarns you should be using to your advantage. Learn the language of crocheting. Half double technique tips to use. How to use the persian stitch with ease. Button stitch techniques to be using. ...< Less
Crocheting for Beginners By Lynn Minella
eBook (ePub): $5.67
Crochet was known to identify the status symbol of a person from the early history. This kind culture was practiced by the royalties who were able to afford buying expensive lace products and make... More > the value of crochet products to depreciate. Many have theorized that knitting and crocheting was developed through the old practices of people leaving in countries like China, Middle Eastern countries, and in South America. Many people believe that crochet may have been practiced by early cultures to flex the muscles of the forefinger rather than a fashion hook. This theory was accepted by many craft historians because of the lack of artifact crochet products as proof of its traditional practices. “Crocheting for Beginners”is one EBook you need. Get yours now.< Less
DISHCLOTHS TO CROCHET By Georgiann Eikenbary
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Included in this booklet are four very pretty dishcloths to crochet using 4-ply cotton yarn. These are for the experienced crocheter or anyone who wants to learn to make some of the advanced... More > stitches such as V-sts, working in the front and back loops, double crochet clusters, and what I call a udc or united-double-crochet stitch also known as a linked double crochet stitch.< Less
eBook (PDF): $2.00
This is one of the most graceful and delicate crochet patterns we know. For the purpose of reproduction here, we have had it worked in all the different sizes of D.M.C cotton but it looks best in a... More > fine material; in Fil à dentelle No. 150, it can bear comparison with the finest needle-made lace. The pattern is from late 1800s. Click on view the book to see the picture. It is on the first page, not on the cover.< Less
Hooked on crochet By Jasmine Williamson
eBook (PDF): $5.00
This is an easy guide to crochet some lovley items for the home or child. all patterns are adaptable. You will find patterns for home decorations, bathroom items, blankets, baby and lots more!
The art of crochet By Lucia Babanuta
eBook (PDF): $0.00
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This is a book for those interested in the art of crochetting. It is a sourse of inspiration full with free patterns and techniques to make them.