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Nubook Four - Adventuris Series - The Adventures of Rebazar Tarzs By Duane the Great Writer
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Rebazar Tarzs takes Duane into the heart of the Supreme Deceptor, the Kalaum God, Lord of time and space and all creation!
Nubook Seven - Adventuris Series - Rebazar Tarzs and the Golden Guides By Duane the Great Writer
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Duane and Ursha LU the MerMaid, are off on another RealLife Adventure beyond the boundaries of human conditioning. Come along as they enter other dimensions, worlds and UNUverses that are ALLReal!
Nubook Five - Adventuris Series - The Nuwavis the Real Rod of Purity By Duane the Great Writer
eBook (ePub): $3.00
In 2001, Paul the Seer, gave Duane what he termed 'The Rod of Power', which was originally given him by Rebazar Tarzs. THE NUWAVIS, has Now become 'The RealConnection' to The SoundLight... More > ALLAliveniss of THE ALLIS!< Less
Nubook Two - Adventuris Series - A Journey to Real Freedom By Duane the Great Writer
eBook (ePub): $3.00
RealFreedom IS Here & Now. Test what Duane is presenting with The NU-U Sessions, and you will be shown by Rebazar Tarzs and The RealGuides in Your DreamVisions, 'What IS Real Now!'
Nubook Three - Adventuris Series - The Real Far Country By Duane the Great Writer
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Paul the Seer and Young Duane, are taught during this lifetime by Rebazar Tarzs. There is more to this TruLife Adventure than one can imagine, so come along and learn to have a RealLife Now!
Nubook Eight - Adventuris Series - Blue Sky Island By Duane the Great Writer
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Here is a secret place Rebazar would take Duane and teach him about his future with The RealPosition. It was also a second home with his sweetheart, Heather, as they had a hidden life no one else... More > knew about!< Less
Eva an Introduction By Duane the Great Writer
eBook (ePub): $3.00
EVA SHARIS... AN ADVENTURE LIKE NO OTHER HAS ARRIVED FOR ALL! Many already know 'Eva,' and Now there will be so many more all over the world. Eva is with Rebazar Tarzs & The RealGuides & THE... More > ALLIS. Eva has went through her training with the lower cycles and broken free of the Krone Korporation, like so many are Now doing. Duane The Great Writer has prepared The RealAdventure for ALL! It IS Now time for Everyone to have RealGuidance & RealFreedom from all the deception this world has produced. This can be Your NULife, but You must Take The Risk! Test The NU-U Sessions and meet with Rebazar Tarzs & The Real UNUversal Guides in Your DreamVisions Now! You will be glad You did! Have Fun Deciding!< Less
Nubook One - Adventuris Series - From Then to Now By Duane the Great Writer
eBook (ePub): $3.00
In this True Life Adventure, you will meet Rebazar Tarzs, a RealGuide from the secret part of Life. You as the reader will find yourself moving into new vistas and ethereal worlds of magnificent... More > beauty, beyond what you can imagine for yourself. In Unseen Universes, there is a TruReality so Real, that it would definitely seem as though it could not exist at all. The wisdom contained in this Episode of Life, is for everyone who has the Heart to See. Take your time reading what your heart has always wanted to be confirmed, and you may be one of the Lucky Ones, who really does See what others cannot. This Real Adventure is only for The Real RiskTakers, those who dare not to bow to what The Authoritarians, The War Mongers, and The Brutalitarians have devised for all unaware humans. DUANE THE GREAT WRITER is presenting Something Wonderful for those who take the time to pay attention. The Whole of Life is far Too Real, and so Patience and Persistence must become one's TruIntent.< Less
eBook (PDF): $12.00
In Human History, there have been many Great Explorers. From all that has taken place, from those who bravely risked their lives to search out what very few others would, these daring individuals... More > have left their mark within the hearts and minds of many. There have been many such as, Christopher Columbus, who is the main character for discovering the New World. Ferdinand Magellan, who is credited for the first voyager around the world. Marco Polo, who bravely went to explore China and Asia, and was heavily mocked by the existing Belief Systems at the time, to name a few. I would say that the Astronauts, those who flew up in dangerous mechanical rocket ships, would most certainly be at the top of the list as courageous Great Explorers. They too, only scratched the surface of what is really possible. But, so very little is known about The Greatest Explorer of ALL, of the earth world and what is known as The Real Far Country, and that is Rebazar Tarzs. www.DuaneTheGreatWriter.Info< Less
Nubook Six - Adventuris Series - Your Dreamvisions By Duane the Great Writer
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Learn to See Beyond this one-dimensional created matrix of Maya and temporary embodiments with Your DreamVisions, The RealSide LifeIS. Most people will chase what is always outside of themselves... More > until they Recognize ALL LifeIS with them Now! With RealGuidance and a RealEducation anything is possible, as you are a 'Being of Light!'< Less

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