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VISUAL EF9ECTS | Architecture and the Chess Game of Form & Story By JEF7REY HILDNER
Hardcover: $125.00
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“Architecture is a silver coin. Inscribed on one side, FORM: Architecture is the stage set for the drama of life. Inscribed on the other side, STORY: Architecture is a story told through... More > a building.” — JEF7REY HILDNER IN VISUAL EF9ECTS, THE ARCHITECT PAINTER JEF7REY HILDNER builds on signature themes and concepts he lays out in Daedalus 9. The basis of his talk for the Symposium on Formalism (2016) at the Syracuse University School of Architecture Program in Florence, VISUAL EF9ECTS reflects Hildner’s quest to design buildings that trade in the Silver Coin of Architecture: an architecture that presents a creative demonstration of the Chess Game of Art, where the White Knight of Form (Aesthetics) and the Black Knight of Story (Symbolics) team up to make a Significant Architecture. COVER A< Less
Makamlar: The Musical Scales of Turkey By Thomas Mikosch
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TÜRK SANAT MÜZİĞİ - The Turkish art music, one of the greatest art musics in the world. Persians and Arabs, both left deep traces in this music, which, despite its homophonic... More > characteristic, inherits no harmony in the classical sense, has brought it to an impressive harmonious wealth and has, with the expansion of the Ottoman Empire in Southeastern Europe and especially the Balkans, heavily influenced the musical cultures of those countries (e.g. Bulgaria). This book contains more than 50 of the most common Makamlar and their scales. In addition, the Turkish comma system as well as the history of the Makamlar, which can be traced from the Ottoman Empire through Arabia and Persia back to ancient Greece, is discussed in detail.< Less
Mountains Postcard By William Wade jr
eBook (PDF): $8.99
My post cards of mountain and volcano i collected though the years
Kitties! SCORE By Julia Kay Jamieson
Paperback: $15.00
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Kitties! is inspired by my two charming kittens and their very contrasting personalities. “in sunbeams” describes my sweet, easy-going cat, Okra. “the chase” is much more like... More > Zeus, who is a rascal! He climbs on harps, breaks things, and gets into all sorts of trouble. The other two short movements are completely improvised and invite the players to interact with each other by making cat-like sounds with the harp. Late beginner-early intermediate level. Score< Less

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Building Beth El Building Beth El By Bob Epstein
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