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The Eureka-Machine - The Key to the Energy Future from Dr. V. V. Marukhin By Adolf and Inge Schneider
eBook (ePub): $9.00
The authors of this book present here the energy machine. It is the most efficient energy machine in the world! A 30 year search by the authors for the optimal energy solution has found its end and... More > its goal-they were happy and proclaimed in a kind of pleased and relieved : "Eureka, we have found it!" On the way to this goal many hurdles had to be overcome: they built their own devices , realized projects , supported and financed inventors, made trips all-over the world, and so on. But only with V.V. Marukhin and his hydraulic power unit they came to their goal: this pipe measuring 80 cm in height and 20 cm in diameter produces an incredible power of 1000 kW (1 M W ). As licensees of the most modern version for several countries, the authors can already offer devices during the year 2018.< Less
Introduction to Residential Construction Lending By Trinity Performance Improvement
Paperback: $15.00
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Construction lending can be tricky. Because the process is intricate and involves numerous parties (including builders, contractors, accountants, appraisers, surveyors, and inspectors) many lenders... More > choose to avoid this type of loan. While the segment can be complicated, residential construction lending can also be abundantly profitable for those experienced lenders that engage in it -- but the processes and technology they adopt are critical to success. Indeed, the residential construction lending methodology must be handled with meticulous scheduling, detailed monitoring, and great finesse, considering all aspects of the loan. These mechanisms include the construction contract, construction cost breakdown, plans and specifications, draw (progress) inspections, local permitting requirements, certificate of occupancy, periodic funding to builders or borrowers, retainage, mechanic liens, and much more. Trinity's introductory manual explains a variety of topics to guide you through the process.< Less
How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood By Hanz Human
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Bіtсоіn is known as the vеrу fіrѕt dесеntrаlіzеd dіgіtаl сurrеnсу,... More > thеу'rе bаѕісаllу coins thаt you can send through the Internet, but most people don't fully understand how it works. What's really happening under the hood and how can you profit from bitcoin. Learn how you can start using bitcoin to make purchases, and how bitcoin mining works.< Less
Money Whiz By Geof Alex
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Money Whiz tm is a publication on the different ways of accumulating financial success. It explains in an easy to understand format the various ways and methods of investing in shares and property. ... More > Shares can be the best investment for gaining wealth and Money Whiz tm covers how to make money in both the short or long term. It is designed for the professional or first time investor and helps you determine which method(s) of investment would best suit you. It also shows you how to use diversification to keep money safe as well as growing. It shows you how it is possible to earn a good living through shares, the advantages and traps of negative gearing shares and property and how to maximise benefits and investments when retired. The publication also covers property, superannuation, crypto, managed funds, running a business and budgeting. Very few become wealthy by relying solely on advisers and/or brokers. You must learn how to acquire the knowledge and confidence to make your own investment decisions.< Less

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