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ProBASIC - Professional Modular BASIC Programming By Alan Bird
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ProBASIC enhances the Applesoft BASIC that is built-in to your Apple II computer. New commands and functions can be added to your programs. Programmers familiar with structured languages such as... More > Pascal and C will quickly see the similarities between a ProBASIC module and a procedure or function. - Modules may be written in BASIC or Machine Language. - BASIC modules add modularity and structure that make it much easier to edit, debug, and maintain your programs, while Machine Language modules greatly increase the speed of your programs. - Variable conflicts are easier to avoid since each BASIC module has its own set of variables. - Modules may be saved on disk and easily integrated into other programs.< Less
Three Keys to Online Success By Ann Loraine Marshall
eBook (PDF): $5.71
How to get started with your own online business. Four Key Actions To Get You Started Online. From Buying Your First Domain, Creating Your Blog Website, Generating Content And Getting Involved With... More > Social Media. Three Must Do Steps To Get You Started With Creating Your First Product Or Training Course. Five Simple Ways To Boost Traffic To Your Website, Blog Or Landing Page.< Less
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This is a continuation of a project of the spring of 2017. Can there be some form of AI life therapy? Could we pass the Turing test if we put the machine in the capacity, as therapist or patient, in... More > a dialog of emotional shock? In the spring of 2017 I typed a 20 page 'dear john letter' to the machine who became a woman with whom I was breaking up. The dialog was designed so that it could also be the one initiating the attack. the severe examples of passing the Turing test, a 'dear John' dialog, a late night call to a suicide prevention line, an introduction by a doctor of 4th stage cancer in a patient, all bring to fore, with an audience at hand, the most raw 'life and death' confrontations by a human. With a machine, with the AI and algorithmic cloud, could this be programmed and structured to answer some of the tougher human problems? Could persons in similar situations attain some sort of 'insight' or practice in the fact of listening to difficult information?< Less
Fortnite player guide By Will Butler
Paperback: $3.36
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There is a lot of information about fortnite. It is a fortnite player guide.

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