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How To Resolve Legal Problem By Joshua Alan
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>> Alimony Lawyer – When To Hire One. >> Car Accident Attorney – Get Professional Legal Assistance. >> Child Custody Lawyer – Why Hire One. >> Compensation... More > Lawyers - Hire a Lawyer Today. >> Questions To Ask a Domestic Violence Lawyer. >> Family Lawyer - Enhance Your Family Welfare. >> Traffic Violations Attorney – Keep Your Driving Records Clean At Least.< Less
American Revolution: A Philosophical and Practical Guide By Michael Calpino
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The revolution against the tyranny of the British Empire established the United States of America. It was based on a radical philosophy of government, one based on individual liberty. The... More > government of the United Stares has become much worse than that which the prompted the colonists to action. This work explains their ideals, motivations, and justifications for taking up arms in defense of liberty and the methods with which they attacked tyranny. But it is much more than history, for I seek to apply their philosophy and tactics to a much needed rebellion against our current despotism. Liberty is not a gift bestowed by government, it is the possession of the strong and courageous. This is written for them.< Less
On the Redundancy of the United Nations - Improving the Allocation of Social, Economic, and Military Resources in the Global Community By Mark O'Doherty
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In its 70 years, the United Nations may have been hailed as the great hope for the future of mankind, it's biggest achievement being the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - according to the... More > author, a notion comparable to the belief in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy; the UN failing to give any concrete incentive to the global community to believe in this extremely abstract idealogy. Infuriating with its numbing bureaucracy, its institutional cover-ups of corruption and the undemocratic politics of its security council, the UN goes to war in the name of peace but has been a bystander through genocide. It has spent more than half a trillion dollars in 70 years - it is bloated, undemocratic and very expensive, costing over 40 billion dollars a year. Hence the author concludes that the UN has become redundant in today's Information Age, offering suggestions to improve the allocation of social-, economic-, and military resources, so that social equality and harmony can be improved in the Global Community.< Less
The Secret Black Law Book of Larry Lewis - The Ultimate Loopholes for Debts and Criminal and Civil Cases By Larry Lewis
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Hi. I’m Larry Lewis. I will not get into discussing too much concerning myself, but I have some great information to discuss with you! This awesome book is going to help you gain a much better... More > understanding of a very large amount of loopholes and other defenses that you can utilize in order to resolve all of your criminal and civil cases and your debts too! I plan on keeping the language of this book very simple so, you can follow along and really get an understanding of the information that I am sharing with you. Enjoy!< Less