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After The End Of Your World By Teejay LeCapois
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As Salam Alaikum. My name is Suleiman "Soul Man" Adewale. I am Kindred, a polite word for Mutant. I was born in Detroit, Michigan, to a Nigerian Muslim father and a Moroccan mother. Decades... More > ago, the world was turned into a post-Apocalyptic wasteland due to Nuclear war. It pitted the West against the Muslims. My brother Yassin and I united fellow Mutants and took over Detroit, to rule the local Humans. Yassin later betrayed me, and if it hadn't been for a fierce, beautiful Human rebel named Zainab Wardeh of Lebanon, I'd be dead for sure. Zainab and I have been on the run ever since. War broke out between Mutants and Humans. Oh, and then the really bad stuff started to happen. The Dead are coming back to mindless Zombies. They're devouring Mutants and Humans alike. Welcome to the end of the world.< Less
The Last Bookstore By N. Victoria Kennedy
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In a world where technology is the dominating force, Mark Thomas and his best friend Jacob Teal take matters into their own hands by attempting to eliminate technology for good. However, when a dead... More > woman is found hanging from Mark's rooftop, Mark realizes that technology is far worse than he and Jacob had thought. It has the ability to brainwash those who read stories from a screen to become the characters that they've read about. Will Mother Nature be the solution to the technological mayhem? Only a tulip, a novel, and a ratty old cabin can tell.< Less
Soldiers of Time and Shadow By Joel Jorden
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"Improving Human History... One Kill at a Time." A crew of volunteers has been recruited by the Foundation Initiative to serve aboard the Timeship Infinite Random, an experimental... More > spacecraft commissioned to rewrite human history for the better. In exchange for serving their government and improving history, each volunteer will be allowed to undo their own past regrets. But as the crew of the Infinite Random undertakes the most audacious plan in human history, they soon suspect that there is more to the Foundation Initiative’s goals than they were told... and as a conspiracy unfolds, the crew finds that the entire timeline may be at risk.< Less
Community By Christina Marino
eBook (ePub): $7.21
Fifty years have passed since modern life came to a grinding halt. The cities have collapsed, taking modern luxuries and medicines with them. In Australia, the population has declined sharply, and... More > those remaining have fled to the hinterlands to live in small, roughly built Communities, fighting against the harsh elements for survival. Some Communities thrive; others fail, and the difference can be a single years’ rainfall, or a poor choice of crop. People tend to stay put, tending their crops, their children, and their animals, hoping to last another year. Set in the southeast of what was once New South Wales, this is a story of growth, of acceptance, and of exploration. It exposes the reality of life in close quarters, and the bonds and tensions which arise from being dependent on one another. It examines our environment, particularly the unique landscape of Australia, and the ramifications of ignoring climate change. Most importantly, it is a story about the strength of love.< Less

Revenge of the Raithaduine & Penny Dreadful: Back to School Revenge of the... By Rachel Redhead Paperback:
$15.82 $11.07
Upload Upload By Chris Gladstone Paperback:
Prima Materia Prima Materia By Samuel Eddy Paperback:
Community Community By Christina Marino Paperback:
Waliens Waliens By R.W. Finlan & Darren Powis Hardcover:

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