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YESL By Alex M Shepherd
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Yesl, a member of the Balkien race of beings from the planet, Antrobi, fourth in the Vegan System, meets Matt and his two siblings. Matt learns about Yesl and her two other crew members, Boongoo and... More > Baingae, on their mission to Splogita, when they were attacked by an evil force dominating that planet. Matt and his family decide to help Yesl and her companions to retrieve their fallen spacecraft, whose wreckage has now become the center of an international media sensation. Years later, Matt meets his sweetheart, Erin, at an American university where he studies Astrophysics. Meanwhile, Yesl and some of her crew, rendezvous with an Antrobian rescue spacecraft looking for their lost ship. It then transpires that Yesl’s home planet, Antrobi, is in grave peril from the evil force that had attacked them on Splogita. And thus, Matt and gang, along with Yesl, her crew and their rescuers launch a mission to return to Antrobi to liberate the Balkien race from the evil force’s tyranny.< Less
Apollo City By John P. Warren
Hardcover: $33.49
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On the domed artificial lunar habitat called Apollo City, where a repressive elite rule, freedom fighter and scientist Jim Callaghan plans to attack the society’s key AI infrastructure and... More > sends a young woman to carry out the attack. When she dies in the blast, guilt ridden Jim attempts to use time travel to go back a day earlier to prevent it from happening. He fails and unbeknown to him he accidentally discovers a portal that enables him and his friends to traverse parallel realities only by this very moving between universes causes an upset in the subatomic nature in these realities. This virus which becomes a conduit for a sick sentient entity that threatens to cause instability all over the multiverse. Jim must find a cure before physical melding between all living matter and psychological mayhem are rampant while also sorting out his corner of the universe too.< Less
The Reality Trust By Lydia Marcell
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Toria Gensai, a terminally-ill assassin, is determined to use her blade to cut the world free in the time she has left, but can she start a revolution before her disease claims her? In summer of... More > 2086, dissent brews in Vancouver, home to both the Helios megacorporation headquarters and the Pity Market, a tented slum for economic refugees. Helios’ de-facto world government has created a vast divide between their own wealthy employees and the rest of society. The Vanguard, a special corporate police force, tirelessly pursues Toria and her employers, the Reality Trust. Toria’s team, Eclipse, has been tasked with the critical job of eliminating the opposition. Only a few executives stand between the Trust and their goal: the subversion of Helios from within and the release of the corporation’s secret research project to the world.< Less
The New Atlantis (Classic Books of Enlightenment Philosophy) By Francis Bacon
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The New Atlantis by Francis Bacon details the ideas and vision of the scientific utopia conceived by the author. This story sets out a process of discovery whereby sailors, lost somewhere off the... More > Peruvian coastline, stumble across Bensalem. While the opening passages hold only the bare bones of plot, the emphasis once the explorers arrive in Bensalem is its university - Salomon's House. Promoted tenets include kindness, compassion and honesty, aesthetic beauty in public buildings and civic life, an intellectual spirit fostered among the population, a university named Salomon's House where sciences are studied and developed, and a strong sense of religious piety held by the entire population. Today, The New Atlantis is most significant for its statement of the ideals of the nascent Enlightenment era, in which Francis Bacon was an influential thinker. The text is also interpretative, with Bensalem's conversion to Christianity and the nature of its hierarchy poignant elements in the fiction.< Less

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