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Send Help! Robots and Aliens By Various
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Gathered here are 13 stories about robots and aliens and their often catastrophic and bizarre interactions with human kind. From aliens looking for the best real estate to robots coming to terms with... More > their designations, these stories have never been so relevant to the inhuman condition.< Less
SYNTROPY The Holographic Virus By orazio pirrone & claudio fornasari
eBook (ePub): $4.08
In 2028, an extraordinary scientific discovery is likely to undermine the security of the Western societies controlled by a single disquieting government which leverages its members in the... More > governments as well as a giant quantum computer called Horus. To accurately investigate the nature of this amazing discovery, before the news goes into the public domain, a quantum biologist dealing with consciousness and a computer genius are recruited by the central government. They do not know each other, each of them has their own personal reasons to pursue the truth not only by means of scientific studies and experiments. Paul, the computer genius, is interested in esotericism and carries out an investigation out of time and outside the strict scientific patterns together with Alicia, a beautiful Japanese scientist, in the attempt to accomplish their mission with consequences expected neither by Horus nor by them.< Less
Sparked Into Life By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Seventeen year old Cassidy Mitchell was a strong and healthy young man. His mother, Stacy, was a 4th Grade School teacher, and his Australian-born dad was a Robotic’s Engineer at Robotic... More > Prosthetics Research and Development. When Cassidy was thirteen years of age, he was struck by a car as he was moving through an intersection. The woman sped through the red light at hit him; causing him to become paralyzed from the waist down. So it was no wonder that Cassidy would be the Guinea Pig to wear the first Robotic Exoskeleton. The Tobius Unit was designed to fit conformably beneath the pants, and the small computer inside controlled the stride and the balance of the wearer. Tobius had all the benefits of a smart phone Personal Assistant in that it could speak, give directions, find information on the Global Net, and manage his personal schedule. However, what Tobius could not do was be a mobile phone. This story takes the reader on a journey of self-exploration for Cassidy and his exoskeleton.< Less
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The Dome City The Dome City By Nichole Haines Paperback:
Gold River Canyon's Dead Gold River Canyon's Dead By Daniel Parks Paperback:
$19.32 $14.49
Enigmatic volume 1: Ignition Enigmatic volume 1:... By Daniel Nuttall Paperback:
$3.31 $2.98
The Dragonfly The Dragonfly By Thomas Myers Paperback:

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The Dome City The Dome City By Nichole Haines
Hardcover: $19.94
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