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The Weedy Mead Chronicles 130 Looking Down On Creation By Timothy Mead
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We do not feel our habits, EXCEPT when we are in the process of ‘correcting’ them. So why should it be different when we are installing what we hope will become NEW habits? Answer:... More > because we are so good at believing things that happen not to be true. Before OR after breakfast .... And so, therefore, NOW, how to change a belief that happens to be untrue? And here there are other considerations, to do with POWER, and FAMILIARITY, and SAFETY. And some of this will seem a little SILLY .... Things familiar are safe BECAUSE they are familiar, not because they are SAFE. So ARGUING with them on the grounds that they don’t really make sense ... doesn’t really make SENSE. In the same kind of way, arguing with someone who takes EVERYTHING to be a matter of ‘safety’ that there are large swathes of life that are not to do with safety, doesn’t really make sense.< Less
Playground Player By Roger James Greer
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My collection of self-study essays reflect my perceptions, impressions, and descriptive interpretations recorded in written memoir form. As a personal resource tool, my writing contents highlights... More > action word descriptive keywords, guidelines, keys, and a formula that serve as a memory visualization aid. My essays are not predetermined to be instructional, persuasive, or journalistic, but a self-study presentation guided by basic science principles and personal experiences.< Less
Goodbye Leederville Oval: History of West Perth Cheer Squad 1984-86 (large print) By Kieran James
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This (large-print edition) book is the memoir of Kieran James, and details his experiences as co-founder of West Perth Football Club’s unofficial cheer squad (hardcore support) from 1984 to... More > 1986 (Western Australian Football League / WAFL). Using Marsh’s theory of the “illusion of violence”, the author links the cheer squad to the academic literature on British soccer hooligans, Italian ultras, and other soccer supporter groups from around the world. The book details “traditional”, “hot” support for West Perth Football Club among teenaged supporters from middle-class and working-class backgrounds. The findings conform to Armstrong and Hughson’s idea of fluid “post-modern” “neo-tribes” where affiliations are very loose and people can easily adjust their degree of commitment to a group and / or leave the group when their personal priorities change. The book also allows the reader to relive great WAFL matches and meet again key players from the era.< Less
Cuchillo Corvo Combat Knife of Chile By James Loriega, Fernan Vargas
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The traditional Corvo is a bladed weapon that is popularly regarded as the national knife of Chile. As such, it ranks alongside the Navaja of Spain, the Kukri of Nepal, and the America Bowie as a... More > blade that was pivotal in the wars—and ultimately, the history—of its nation. The Corvo knife was so uniformly carried by Chileans that it saw wide use in Chile's 19th century War of Tndependence from Bolivia. So significant was the Corvo's prevalence in the war that the knife was officially adopted by the Chilean military. Today, the Special Commandos adhere to a uniquely-developed curriculum for the combative use of the Corvo, which includes its proper deployment in confronting enemy opponents, whether unarmed, or wielding knives, entrenching tools, or bayonets. In this book two edged weapons Masters, Fernan Vargas and James Loriega take you on a journey to explore the history, culture and use of the Corvo.< Less