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One Day in Bergamo Alta from Milan By Enrico Massetti
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Bergamo Alta is a gem of medieval architecture, that has been preserved to the present days. It is very easily reached from Milan with the train. Piazza Vecchia is the symbol of the city of Bergamo.... More > Built in 1300, it reaches its actual structure during the Venetian domination. On the southern side of the square faces the Palazzo della Ragione, which is the symbol of the Communal Age; on the right side the Civic Tower (XII-XV) rises, well known as Il Campanone, and here there is also the antique Domus Suardorum (XIV-XV), that now is the seat of the University of Bergamo. This is a guide to Bergamo Alta, the town near Milan with medieval historic monuments. There are extensive descriptions and color photos of the attractions. There are also detailed info on the services available in the city. It has also listing of many reviews for the best recommended restaurants that are at walking distance from the train station.< Less
He Departs: Travel Journal #1 - Ireland By Cullan McNamara
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Imagine going on a weeklong father-son bonding trip to Ireland with only one concrete plan. To go to the namesake bar your grandparents took a photo in front of 30 years before. That is how... More > photographer Cullan McNamara and his father planned their trip to Ireland in September of 2017. On this trip, there would be no pre-booking of hotels or transportation, and they barely had any idea of where they would be going. In each new town visited, McNamara planned the next destination based on local recommendations. The father-son duo wanted an authentic trip throughout Ireland, preferring community input instead of guide books or websites on the “must-see” places in the country. The only thing they knew for sure was they’d get a photo in front of the P. Mac Namara & Son Bar. While this journey explored the writer’s relationship with his father, it also paved the way for a deeper understanding of what it means to travel.< Less
Headfirst Thrills on Wheels (wheelchair globetrotting & dealing with the consequences) By Max Mteliso
Paperback: $8.40
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For me solving problems is key to our social well-being. After my accident I wanted to sustain an active life and keep solving problems which gets my adrenaline pumping. All too often, with the... More > exception of a few (rip Stephen Hawkins), disabled people are viewed as incompetent. With that in mind I wanted to live out side my bubble, to once again experience constant challenges and problem solving. Some incidents were a do or die situation but I always had faith. Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin of the LDS church said “Come what may, and love it”. Therefore I find challenges and finding solutions fun. Before embarking on my solo travels I would have liked to know if the accessibility was all rosy for disabled people but some information was very difficult to find and occasionally expected the unexpected. The book also contains some invaluable insights about the accessibility issues.< Less
Ace Your First Marathon - Run Like a Pro With the Best Marathon Training Program, Running Tips and Tasty Meal Plan By Mariana Correa
eBook (ePub): $8.99
ACE YOUR FIRST MARATHON is the perfect book for anyone who is planning on running a Marathon for the first time. With an amazing Marathon training plan, marathon tips, nutrition, preparation and so... More > much more you will be zooming past the finish line. By using a unique approach you will gradually improve each week until your marathon success. Not many individuals can say they have run a full marathon, in fact according to statistics less than 1% of the world population will run a marathon in their lives. Enjoy being among that awesome top 1% in the world that has completed a full marathon race! Running a Marathon will: - Help you live healthier ,Be in the best shape of your life , Improve your Self- Confidence, Enhance your Mental Strength, Lose Weight You will prepare your body and mind to run past the wall and straight to personal records with an amazing and simple schedule of just 12 weeks. The secret is in the details, this book will tell you how to be a healthier, faster and fitter runner.< Less

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