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Sineria: The Great Kingdom By Dave J. Williams
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Immerse yourself into an adventure through one of the greatest Medieval kingdoms known; Sineria. Here, you'll meet 10-year-old Hayden Grace, who although very young, is capable of proving that he... More > doesn't let his age or being poor get in the way of being heroic when he must. While he goes on a risky journey to find riches for his family, his kingdom is soon threatened by an unhinged sorcerer who wreaks havoc on them. Hayden and Sineria, both at different places, both struggling to survive. Will Hayden get what he needs to help his family, or will the fire-breathing dragons, ogres, or wild animals get to him first? Will the great kingdom of Sineria escape the sorcerer's wrath unharmed and prove to be a truly great kingdom, or will the Sinerians have to get used to the reign of a mad magic-maker? Go on this great Middle Age adventure to find out.< Less
The Abominable Snow Woman And Other Stories By Teejay LeCapois
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Yeti. Bigfoot. Abominable Snow Man. Sasquatch. You humans have many names for my kind. You've probably seen us without knowing it. We hide in plain sight, thanks to our shape-shifting powers. I live... More > in the Ghorki-Terelj region of Mongolia, near the Himalayas, and work as a tour guide. Two unusual clients walked into the shop recently. Harold Rosenthal, a South African big-game hunter, and Omar Kensington, an African-American Muslim scholar and Howard University student. They seek Abominable Snow Men. I'm to take them into the Himalayan wilderness, to find a brood of mythical creatures...of which I happen to be a member. This ought to be interesting. To the mundane world, I am Mariam Bagabandi, Mongolian businesswoman and tour guide. You may call me...The Abominable Snow Woman. Let the games begin...< Less
A Company of Heroes: The Stonecutter By Ron Miller
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She is beautiful, lithe and swift: as deadly as the blade flashing in her deft grip. The blood of kings runs strong in her veins---but her weakling brother wears the crown. She is Bronwyn. And her... More > name strikes fear in the hearts of the depraved courtiers feasting like jackals on the corpse of her father’s kingdom. Her brother may rule the land, but a ruthless maniac is the puppet master behind the throne. And he has put a price on the head of the fugitive princess, who alone knows the secret to his power. To save her kingdom, Bronwyn must enlist a rebel force of gypsies and giants, peasants and pirates, mountebanks and changeling spies... With illustrations by the author.< Less
Hoards of the Great Fire Wyrms By TC Phillips et al.
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Immensely powerful and ancient beyond measure, dragons have captured the imagination of story tellers from all corners of the globe for countless centuries. Creatures of legend, from the wise and... More > benevolent, through to corrupt and tyrannical, the mighty wing beats of these most awe-inspiring beasts still continue to reign majestically over our own dreams to this very day. With a flash of teeth, and breath of flame, the Great Wyrms are truly kings of the heavens and the rightful rulers of our wildest fantasies. In this collection fourteen original stories from some of Australia’s most exciting authors, join a 19th century classic from pioneering fantasist E. Nesbit, as they pay homage the greatest lords of both fire and sky.< Less

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The Flower Blooms The Flower Blooms By Stephanie Aguirre Paperback:
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The Realm The Realm By Gregory McLauchlin
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