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Tomb of the Everstar Sisterhood

Everstar Saga Gamebook #1

BySersa VictoryTeresa Guido

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Deep beneath the swamp lies the tomb of the Everstar Knights: a long-lost band of Elvish women who swore to protect the sacred forests of their goddess. Armed with little more than a bow and the wisdom of your foremothers, YOU must enter the tomb in search of your destiny among the sisterhood. Choose carefully, young half-elf, as your decisions in this gamebook will determine if you’re able to overcome the many tricks, traps, and monsters that haunt the ancient catacombs! Tomb of the Everstar Sisterhood is the first in a series of solo fantasy gamebooks for readers ages 8-12. A gamebook is not like a regular book that you read cover to cover. Instead, a gamebook puts YOU in the role of the heroine! At the end of each section, you’ll be given a choice of what to do or where to explore next. Depending on which choice you make, you’ll be asked to turn to a page somewhere else in the book. There is no single “right” path through the adventure that leads to the best ending. The Tomb of the Everstar Sisterhood is a vast underground place. You’d have to read this book at least three times to see every area and find every treasure! Many choices you make will lead to exciting new levels filled with wonder and danger. Other choices will reveal magical treasures you can use to overcome monsters, traps, and evil magic. Some choices, of course, will lead to the unhappy end of your adventure.


Publication Date
Jun 14, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Sersa Victory, Cover design or artwork by: Teresa Guido, Illustrated by: Dean Spencer, Edited by: Miranda Stinson


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
Pocket Book (4.25 x 6.875 in / 108 x 175 mm)

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