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Shrine of the Jaguar Princess (Shadowdark RPG)

ENnie Award-winning dungeon crawl

BySersa Victory

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SEEK FORBIDDEN TREASURES OF GOLD Those who sail merchant vessels along the civilized waterways of the Hyborian kingdoms all speak of one pirate who fills them with terror: the Queen of the Black Coast. Renowned for her cunning and infamous for her cruelty, the corsair-queen’s flag spells death for all unfortunate enough to spy it on the horizon. However, the Queen of the Black Coast tires of plundering jugs of ale, bundles of wheat, and spears bound for trembling conscripts. With her crew of criminals, outcasts, and exiles, she sets sail for the mouth of the forbidden Zarkheba river. It is on those treacherous banks that the hidden shrine of a long-lost civilization is rumored to house a relic cast by malevolent gods: the Golden Jaguar of Princess Nochtli. ADVENTURE SUMMARY Shrine of the Jaguar Princess is an ENnie Award-winning 4th-level dungeon delve for use with the Shadowdark RPG. In this adventure, the characters will enter the trap-filled ziggurat of an ancient princess in search of a golden idol. Along the way, they will discover a miniature city of gold within the ziggurat—and potentially a doorway to the malevolent stars themselves. ADVENTURE FEATURES - 54 pages - 4th-level characters - 26 deadly chambers—backup characters recommended - 8-12 hours of dungeon-crawling gameplay - Ziggurat/jungle theme inspired in part by the classic module The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan and the works of Robert E. Howard - Unique monsters including tarantula-filled jaguar mummies, a giant jaguar-shaped gibbering mouther demigod, and the thralls of vampire priestess Tlacaetica Who Beheads in Smoke - New treasures including the lycanthropy totem, the preserved eyes of Mictlan the Star-Eater, and the sacred piercing kit of Nochtli


Publication Date
Jan 7, 2024
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By (author): Sersa Victory


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Black & White
A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm)

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