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Even for Anarchists and Cowboys

BySeth Giolle

We’ve reached an age in our development as a society where, thanks to our advanced mechanical, scientific, and astrophysical pursuits, the human race has walked on the moon. We’ve sent our probes beyond the farthest reaches of space, and we seem to be only footsteps from Mars. If you believe the news reports, we’re only years away from commercial space flights, and scientists are working hard to make our greatest feats of science fiction a reality from teleportation to warp drive. Here planet-side, we develop new cars, dazzling computer technology, and revolutionary medicines as well as food technologies and plant strains that can grow in the harshest environments, but along the way, we’ve lost what some might say was our soul. These advancements are shared by the wealthy with only the extras being offered to those less fortunate. Whole populations face drought and starvation. In order to move into this new age before us as one human race, we need to get back to our roots. We need to reshape our thinking and move into the future as one. No one left behind. This book is going to delve into subjects like Tribe and Community through the mind of Maker Millwright. We’re going to explore his foundations, where he builds his walls, how thick, and we’ll explore how there really is no roof for someone who doesn’t know when to stop dreaming. For any who are open for change, the possibilities are endless! Everyone is welcome. Yes, even the Anarchists and Cowboys.


Publication Date
Dec 9, 2020
Social Science
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Seth Giolle



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