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NFN Coaching Notebook

ByShaun Svensdotter

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Simple Scales, and so in this idea, I've created this simply for you I’m Shaun Svensdotter, and I am a Entrepreneur, Inventor, Property Developer, Author, Coach, and much more. To be an Entrepreneur with the ambitions that I have, requires being able to learn; To learn from disaster, To learn from trial and error, To learn from failure, To learn from success, To learn from all those around you, To learn from our feelings, And most of all to learn about ourselves in order to serve others better. I’ve held my wife’s hand as she almost died in front of me, twice now, I’ve watched my kids be ripped away from us from a locked room from a corrupt organisation I’ve been beaten and abused by my parents, I’ve had the mother in law and my mother conspire to pay someone to kill me I’ve had failed businesses and successful businesses, I’ve had $250 Million be ripped from our grasp I’ve been crushed behind the knees between two cars, I’ve had to make myself homeless a few times and rebuild from scratch multiple times, And much more To be here in the calm loving confidence to help others in the way that I do, requires grit, stamina, and ultimate knowledge of yourself, our choices and how we relate to others. I help people grow through these challenges and more to bring calm, confident clarity to what they wish to achieve, without the messy detours that I had to grow through. With the current projects continued successes that I’m having, I will reach my 2026 goals early, and these are being built in a way that prevent the need to ‘build from scratch again.’ I’m Shaun Svensdotter, and through NFN Coaching, I am also here to help you build your legacy whilst I build the best parts of mine.


Publication Date
Aug 15, 2022
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Shaun Svensdotter


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