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Umm Taimyyah's Second Book of Islamic Nursery Rhymes

ByUmm Taimyyah MacQuarrieShaykha Halimah Bint david MacQuarrie

Extremely well-chosen and exquisitely translated hadeeth and Quran, this masterly rendition resonates with spiritual qualities of the original understood and agreed upon methodology of ahlus sunnah wal jummua dawa (salafi or salafee) message utilizing those truthful texts however the stories themselves generally are all false or fabricated. Elleven poems or nasheed written for elementary school students that must be informed that each nursery rhyme themselves are fabricated however the text from Quran and Sunnah is authentic. These nursery rhymes are rich with a general lie for children's imaginations and early readers. With each popular re-written nursery rhyme, children, adults, Muslims, and non-Muslims will get a glimpse of what faith is in Islam and should work to differentiate between the truth and the fabricated tale generally. ★ Umm Taimyyah's Second Book of Islamic Nursery Rhymes ★ introduces Prophet Muhammad salla allahu alayhi wasalatul wasalam teachings in an easy, fun, and educational way so our kids develop and are instilled with love for our Prophet salla allahu alayhi wasalatul wasalam teaching: Ruqyah Dental Hygiene Sura al Fatiha, al Kahf Description of dajjal Tongue twisters Islamic Marital advice to men and women Remembering purpose of creation after a heartbreak Kindness to animals Dhikr & Dua Rewards for Justice Bounties up to 100 Million USD


Publication Date
Jan 13, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Umm Taimyyah MacQuarrie, By (author): Shaykha Halimah Bint david MacQuarrie



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