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Suuh Kingdom By the Perfect Wisdom of Holy Revelation of Holy Quran

BySheikh Yasin Muhammad Yaqeenullah

Science and Technology in transport and communication has turned the world into a kingdom that lived before with remains as sacred Dome of the Rock of Agsa Mosque know to others as temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. The was Suuh Kingdom of Prophet David(Dawud) whom made everything from steel only by command of his words,while his son King Solomon (Prophet Sulaiman) was the first to fly in air without a plane but by a command of his words,.The Bird was his envoy to the Queen of Shiba(Shabae), he communicated with queen ants who was inside the soil from a distance without a telephone, The throne of Queen of Shiba was brought to him in his Palace in less than a blink of an eye on his command,same kind of kingdom will live again hereafter for eternity only for believers. Read about Suuh Kingdom,the Kingdom of God(Allah) to attain certainty of this life and life hereafter. This is a book of wisdom with light upon light that opens eyes of your heart and soul to know the certainty of God ( Allah)


Publication Date
May 24, 2019
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Sheikh Yasin Muhammad Yaqeenullah



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