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Self Career Driven Hairstylist

Self Career Driven Hairstylist

BySheila Crittenden

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Here is her story of the ups and downs of her Cosmetology career and becoming a salon owner that she started in 2006. The last few years of her life were tough. Her childhood dream was to become a successful salon owner. Her father surprisingly helps made her dream come true that she did not expect, but becoming an entrepreneur was not as easy as she thought. She spent a few years in despair, worries, and depression, questioning everything; There were some moments that she felt like giving up on proceeding with this business due to all those traumas and stresses that she encountered that made it very difficult to achieve success. During her failures and struggles, she learned a lot about who was her real supporters, who were doubting her, who were waiting for her to fail, and also some who understood her vision and who would like for her to “Win.” She found motivation within herself with prayers to keep pushing and turn all things around. She overcame all difficulties with self-confidence and hard work. Although it was a long and tiring task for a woman like her, she honestly did it with pride and grace. After 16years of being in business until now, she wouldn’t trade it for anything; she thanks God for her strength and her ability to do for so long. She had learned a lot of new skills and new business projects that she had silently worked on and brought to reality; she was a visionary, a non-procrastinator, a risk-taker, and a self-made up-mind person when some people still doubted who she was.  She showed them better than she could tell them. Throughout all, she has met a lot of loyal, truthful, genuine, and spiritual guidance clients that turned into friends instead of customers. ​​​​​​​ She appreciated everyone for keeping her business going strong.


Publication Date
Jul 30, 2022
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Sheila Crittenden


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