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Vet Your Prospective Business Partner: Collaborating for Brand Success

ByShelia Huggins

How to Vet a Business Partner: Collaborating for Brand Success Collaborating for Success THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT! How to Vet a Business Partner isn't just for business owners. It is the must-have book for anyone collaborating on projects with other people, institutions, and yes, businesses. This book shows you how to research prospective partners, and it shares the pitfalls to watch out for when you are conducting your due diligence. The beginning of the book provides an oversight of partnerships, the formal and informal types and also the legal and tax implications of these types of arrangements. Then it specifically guides you on conducting your research. Each chapter ends with a wrap-up, and there are notes pages for you to capture your thoughts so that this book can assist and meet your needs. This is the book you need to read before agreeing to partner with another party. As an attorney, I've worked with clients who wish that they had used this book before working with another party. So, save yourself from frustration, worry, and possible legal bills. Get this book today. DETAILS 45-page ebook 8 Chapters Notes page for each chapter CHAPTERS Opening: A Few Thoughts Chapter 1: What is a Partnership? Chapter 2: Three Types of Formal Partnership Arrangements Chapter 3: Advantages and Disadvantages Chapter 4: Vetting Part One - What You Can Do Chapter 5: Vetting Part Two - What You Can Agree to Do Chapter 6: Business Considerations Chapter 7: Legal Considerations Chapter 8: Tax Considerations The Finale NOTES The purchase of this book does not create an attorney-client relationship. The contents of the ebook are provided for informational and resource purposes only. Please consult a licensed attorney in your state for answers to specific legal questions. TERMS OF USE AND COPYRIGHT RULES: Your purchase provides you with a non-exclusive limited license for your personal or professional use. Your purchase does not include the right to resell the documents alone or as a package or bundle, in whole or in part, as a sublicense, grant, or through any other agreement. Ms. Legalista shall remain the exclusive owner of any and all rights, including copyright, for its products. DISCLAIMER: The use of this form does NOT create an attorney-client privilege, and there is no attorney-client relationship. These are do-it-yourself forms, but they are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney licensed to practice law in your state.


Publication Date
May 28, 2022
Business & Economics
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By (author): Shelia Huggins



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